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BTOB Reaction To You Having A Fever And Almost Passing Out

Sungjae: Sungjae would panic. Period. He would be so scared over you almost passing out and would go into complete doctor mode. He would make sure to get you all the essentials and would take care of you for as long as you needed him to. While he was around, there was no chance of you getting as sick as you were again.

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Minhyuk: At first Minhyuk would be a little upset that you didn’t let him know about your fever sooner, but those feelings would vanish completely the moment you began to pass out. He, like Sungjae, would go into full on doctor mode. He would make sure to call the local doctors office to see if he should bring you in, but after they reassure him that you would be fine and that he just needed to keep your fever down, he would make sure to do exactly what they recommended. He would keep a cool cloth on you, make you take a lukewarm bath, and would even make sure you would drink all the fluids you possibly could. It would be like being in your own personal hospital.

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Ilhoon: Although he may not show it, Ilhoon would be super concerned about your health. He wouldn’t take as much action as some of the other boys, but he would always make sure you were being taken care of. He would constantly check to be sure you were taking your medicine and drinking fluids, and would even sit with you and stroke your hair until you fell asleep. He would worry about you, but he wouldn’t want you to worry, so being calm and quietly making sure you were comfortable would be the best approach for him. 

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Peniel: Peniel would be so concerned for you that he wouldn’t even be able to hide it. He would hate the fact that you were so sick and would freak out the moment he realized you had almost passed out. He would immediately take you to the doctor and, despite them saying you were okay, would almost force them to run additional tests just to be sure. After you arrived back home he would be completely at your service, constantly checking on you and making sure that you had everything you needed to get back to your normal, healthy self. 

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Changsub: At first Changsub would think you were fine and that you just had a small fever. It was flu season after all. But the moment he noticed you stumbling through the kitchen, barley able to hold yourself up, he would freak out. He would immediately make sure that you weren’t sick enough to go to the doctor and would then proceed to take care of you on his own. He would bring you hot chocolate, warm blankets, and would even force one of the guys to go out and get your favorite movie so that he wouldn’t have to leave your side. He would feel so bad about not taking action sooner and would make up for it by taking care of you 24/7.

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Eunkwang: The moment Eunkwang realized that you were sick enough to possibly pass out, you would be on complete bed rest. He would be willing to do anything you asked of him and would constantly be by your side. He would always be making sure that you were comfortable and would constantly tell you how sorry he was that you were sick, almost as if he felt as though it was his fault. He would take care of you 24/7, earnestly making sure that you would get better as soon as possible.

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Hyunsik: Hyunsik would be more heartbroken than anything. Of course he would be incredibly worried at first, but the moment the doctors reassured him that it was just a bad fever and that he had nothing to worry about, he would be relieved and devastated. He would hate seeing you so sick and would do everything in his power to make sure you got better. He would constantly have a smile on his face as he brought you water or watched a movie with you, but he would also be super protective and would constantly question you on how you were feeling.

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