btob scenarios

optional bias scenario?… you always avoid him because you are really shy and don’t know how to act in front of him… but one day, you two get stuck in a elevator ^.^ thank you!

Bias = (_____)
You = _____

There was this one boy in the entertainment that you had your eyes on. You adored him, he was beautiful. Pretty much everyone in the building was beautiful, but he was just a little bit more beautiful, you never understood how and why.

He was part of (band name) and you adored him a lot more than the other members. Even if you enjoyed talking with his bandmates, you never actually talk to him. Your heart couldn’t do it if he wasn’t right in front of you, his lips moving at the same times words coming out. Your brain couldn’t focus on both if he was the one talking to you.

“______! Can you go give this to (bias’s band name) please? I forgot to give it to them.” Jani asked.

You really wanted to refuse but a part of you insisted to do it. Your arms grab the bag and get out of your dorm, walking to your crush’s.

You knock on the door and waited several minutes. You knocked more than ten times until it opened, showing (_____)’s face. You were about to scream as you saw him, but kept your mouth shut to avoid trouble.

“H-hi…” You stuttered like usually.

“Oh! _____! Thanks! Do you want to come in?” He asked.

You shook your head and smiled before leaving. You went back to your room as soon as you got to the dorm and threw yourself on to your bed.

“Ah! Stupid stupid stupid stupid!” You shouted in your pillow.

You looked at the sky that was already dark. You knew it was soon going to be your entertainment’s six month trip, meaning all of the artists in the company were all together going to go to the same country and have a concert called ’(name of the entertainment)’s 6 months with fans!’. You knew you would be with (____) for the 6 months, in the same plane, in the same hotel, but not in the same room of course.

A few weeks passed and soon you were to wake up at 4 AM to get to Canada. You were in the plane that was full with staffs, soloists, groups and managers. It was big enough to get a hold of all of you.

“Can I sit near the bathroom incase I need to vomit?” Suji asked, half asleep.

“I’ll switch places with you.” (____) said.

Shoot please no… you told yourself.

You closed your eyes as soon as his presence was next to you. You heard him telling you ‘hi _____!’ but you didn’t answer.

“I guess she’s asleep.” He says, laying back on his seat.

While the airplane was moving, you felt someone grab your head and lay it on his shoulder. It was (____).

The trip was quite embarrassing since he would keep talking to you that was faking to be asleep for 10 hours. You could hear a bunch of 'clicks’. You knew he was taking pictures of you two. You woke up and looked outside, you tried very hard to avoid talking with him or anything, but it was complicated since he would talk to you and you tried your best to answer without giving weird voice tones.

“You’re really cute, ______.” He says, pinching your cheek.

You smiled at his compliment. “Thanks…”

“For once you’re not stuttering! Is it because we’re in the plane?” He teases you.

You smirk and tell him proudly. “No, I’m just in a good mood right now.”

“Ah, really? Did you know that you’re even cuter when you sleep?”

“If you want to see my sleeping face, why not sleep with me at the hotel?” You joked.

He looked surprised at your sentence. Did you really just say that? Did it sound wrong? You cover your mouth and turn away, regretting what you said. During the ride, you didn’t say anything to him, only thanking him when he let you get to the bathroom or when the waitress gave you your snack.

You felt guilty during the ride to the hotel. You knew it was really wrong to ask that to your colleagues, especially when he was like a brother to you. A brother you loved and worked with. Like you were in the same entertainment tree.

You entered your room with Suji and started unpacking. The bedroom was beautiful and the bed was really comfortable. You visited each room, excepting (_____)’s. He was sleeping with one of his members, you didn’t know which.

“Alright guys, time to go eat supper!” Your manager says, knocking on the door.

You arrived at the buffet of the hotel. It was beautiful, like those fancy restaurants. You walked around and looked for your favourite foods. You spent more time in the dessert section more than the other ones. You kept staring at the cake that was sitting on a silver plate. It was beautiful and no one touched it.

You look at the hand that grabs a piece with the spatula and puts it on your plate.

“Oh! Thank—” You looked up to see who it was.

(____) was standing next to you and smiled. He nods and grabs a piece for himself. Before he got the chance to tell you something, you heard (name of a bandmate) run to him and grab his arm. He left you at the counter.

“Are you already done, ______?” Jani asked.

“Yeah… I’m going to go shower.” You said, pushing the chair.

You walked to the elevator and pressed on the 'up’ button. You waited for the door to open. As soon as it opens and you step in, you click on the 12th floor and you hear someone shout 'wait’. You stop the elevator and let the person in.

Oh no you told yourself

(_____) smiles again at you and clicks on a button to close the door. No one else came in during the trip to your floor. You looked at the screen that was showing which floor you were at. You could see (_____) reflection on the mirror that was next to you.

“Eek!” You shouted, falling on to him.

The elevator suddenly stopped at the 8th floor, leaving the two of you stucked in it. You felt his hand grab yours strongly and his other arm around you. Your face was glued to his chest, you could feel his heart beat.

You wiggle your hand to make him let go of you, which he does. You push his arm off and sit at the other corner of the cabin. You stayed there quietly and looked around.

You saw the same walls, mirror, door and buttons for the 10 minutes that passed. You didn’t bother saying a word to him, you knew you would mess up.

“_____…” He says.

You turn your head to him. “Y-yes?”

“You know we can still talk even if we’re not in the plane, right?”

You nod and look down at your shoes. He approaches to you and sits next to you. You couldn’t move away since your body was next to the wall and him. Unless you walked to the other corner, which would be pretty rude to him.

You waited long enough, suddenly realizing that he was looking at your lips.

“W-what do you want?” You asked.

“There’s a piece of cake of your lips.” He laughed.

He slams his lips on to yours. You could feel his lips suck yours. You felt weird, your heart was going crazy, your head too. Before you realized that you were putting your arms around his neck, he pushes you slowly and asks you.

“What are you doing?” in a low and sexy whisper.

“I…” You removed your arms. “It was your fault for kissing me!” You blushed intensely, feeling crazy inside.

“I wasn’t kissing you! I was taking the piece of cake! You asked me what I wanted, I wanted the cake!”

You felt embarrassed now. Great, the kiss was going well until you just really had to put your arms.

“But the kiss was great.” He whispers, moving his lips near yours. “I’m dying for another make out session.”

A couple minutes after kissing each other in many different ways, the elevator moves again. You finally arrived at the floor you had to get to. As the doors open, you see Suji and Jani standing there. They looked down and saw your hands locked together.

You moved it to let go but he didn’t release you. He turned to you and smiled, keeping your hand in his. He bows to your friends and walks out of the elevator.

“Am I allowed to come in to your room?” He asks, looking at you unlocking the door.


“Then do you want to come to mine?”

“No?” You answered. “Why would I come?”

“Because we’re both really good a kissing and there’s another reason why hotels are made.” He winks.

pls don’t expect me to write the rest of the scenario with you two fucking lol but you could ask another really good blog that can do smut scenarios really well lmao :-)

Relationship Goals (Optional Bias)

Honestly, a cliche scenario, but I haven’t written or posted a scenario in 124218952 million years so fml. 
I’ve been thinking too… what if this became a BTS scenario blog AHAHAH ‘cause I’ve been writing a lot of scenarios on Jungkook or the male bias is based off of Jungkook HAHAH (he’s my ultimate wdye sorry not sorry Jackson)

aNYwAys, just a little warning, my rated mind has made a reappearance so just like know that it’s implied love dovey making.

Fuck. You wake up with a start, head spinning and a soreness in between your legs. Damn, what a way to wake up in pain. And naked…..

Glaring at the wall across from you, the events of last night don’t settle in until you feel the arm around your waist shift and promptly pull you back into a bare chest.

Feeling your boyfriend bury his face into your neck and mutter a bunch of garble crap that you can’t make sense of, you smile softly and reach your hand over to tangle with the one that’s splayed across your stomach.

Memories come rushing back like a tidal wave, the gentle touches, the scorching kisses, the soft whispers of sweet nothings, and the loving gazes while getting lost in each other eyes.

It makes your smile widen as you turn over to your sleeping boyfriend. His lips are parted as he breathes steadily, his messy hair a curtain over his closed eyes. It’s always a wonder how you managed to snag such a perfect man as this doofus lying in front you looking like a complete angel.

Untangling your fingers, you carefully comb his bangs back but only for the strands to bounce back over his face.

His hand shoots ups, fingers wrapping around your wrist as his eyes slowly open to reveal deep chocolate orbs gazing lovingly down at you. Bringing your hand towards his lips, he presses feather-like kisses to your knuckles as he smiles groggily.

“Morning princess.”

You return the smile with a sweet peck to his cheek and then his lips.

“Good morning to you too,” you giggle as he begins to press kisses all over your hands, chapped lips skimming over your soft flesh until he moves to peck your cheeks and eventually your mouth.

“I love you,” he mumbles against your hair, inhaling your intoxicating scent, “You’re so beautiful.”

Shifting your legs, you winced slightly at the ache before nestling closer to him. However he noticed and immediately has his hand massaging your thigh gently as he presses kisses to your temple, “D-does it hurt, sorry w-was I too rough.. oh God did I hurt you?”

You giggled as he rambled on endless apologies. Silencing him with a brief kiss, you moved to tangle your fingers with his - his squeezing yours gently in turn.

Pulling away, you smiled softly and rested your forehead on his.

“You were perfect, and I love you too.”

Damn, relationship goals right there.”

There’s a noticeable shutter click and your attention is turned to the male standing at the door with his phone camera pointed in your direction, (band member) standing there while grinning widely.

Your boyfriend groans and chucks his pillow towards the door, but his band mate is already half way across the hall flaunting around the picture he just took to the other members.

Extended Ending:

*Already plotting band mate’s murder*

Can you write a scenario with optional bias and he’s shooting for his comeback and you see him get really close with the girls? So you start to feel less confident and all? Thanks!

Your boyfriend = (_____)
Your name = ____

“Hey, are you listening?” Your boyfriend asks, while you fold the laundry with him.

“Yes, of course… But… What is the concept about? Can’t you tell me?” You asked, thinking he would give you a hint since you were a special person.

He smirks and sticks his tongue out. “No, you’re still a fan, you can’t know what the concept is without the others knowing!”

“Ah, oppa! Please! I’ve been good to you!” You said, with a pout.

“No you weren’t, I asked you to come with me to the mall once and you said you didn’t want to because you were ‘too busy eating chips’.”

“But that was long ago…”

“Just last week you didn’t want to sleep with me because it was ‘too hot’! You slept in the bathtub that you filled with cold water and you got sick!”

“That was last week.” You said, trying to not laugh.

“Last night, you stood up late and tried to make me stay awake while I was about to die of tiredness! And I’m still tired!” He said, laying down, putting his head on your lap.

“You don’t deserve sleeping on my lap, then!” You said, poking his cheeks.

He laughs and helps you fold the rest of the clothes. After supper and showering, you spent the rest of the evening watching TV. The next morning, you woke up in your bed without your boyfriend next to you. You roll on the bed until your feet falls on to the floor. You get up and head to the bathroom to get ready and buy things for your boyfriend.

You adored making surprises, especially when they’re fun ones. You arrived to his entertainment and opened the door where you heard one of his best friends voice.

“Hello everyone!~” You shouted with a cheerful voice.

They all turned to you and smiled.

”____! You’re here!” A member says.

“Hey, hey, don’t hug my girlfriend! You’re all sweaty!” Your boyfriend says, approaching to you and putting his arm around your neck.

“But you’re sweaty too!” The boy sitting on the floor says.

“Yeah but I’m her boyfriend.” He replies, kissing your forehead.

You gather around and share the snacks you bought. You later cleaned up and looked at him practice. You loved seeing your (____) sweat like crazy. He was even more attractive. Especially when his shirt sticks to his chest and his muscles shows off, his veins too.

By the end of the day, the members thank you once more for your visit and you go back home with your boyfriend. You went to visit them each day. A few weeks later, you walk to the room where they used to be, just like yesterday. But today, they weren’t there. You check the time and the schedule that was on the door. The name of the band wasn’t there, the square was blank. You walk around the building and find a staff.

“Oh, hello! I’m (____)’s girlfriend and, um, do you know where they are right now?” You asked.

“They’re at the studio, filming for the music video. Let me show you.”

You follow the man down the stairs and get in to a car. He drives you to a certain place where it was written the name of the group. You leave the car and look around. It looked like you were in a lost place with only a few buildings. You enter the place that apparently your boyfriend was in and saw a few boys standing near the camera. You smiled and looked around, trying to find your boyfriend.

“Oh! _____?” A familiar voice says.

You turn around and see a member of the band walking towards you.

“Are you looking for (____)? I don’t know where he went, either, honestly.”

“Oh, it’s alright, I—”

“Places! Take your places!” The director says.

You finally got to see your boyfriend gathered with the other boys. They were dancing with other girls. It felt like a little light in your body started to light up. You felt jealous, scared, angry and sad. A mix of the four.

You take a closer look to your boyfriend. His hand was sliding down another girl’s body, his smile was pretty shiny and he didn’t bother moving his body as the same rhythm as hers. She was pretty skinny, not extremely. She was 100% a S line. Boobs and a nice butt, her face was like perfection and her hair was extremely well done. She barely had any make up on, a little bit of mascara and lipstick, she was pimple free. Her legs were shining and hairless, her arms too. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt and a mini shirt that showed her cleavage and her stomach.

You tired to not scream and make a huge drama in the studio. As the director shouts ‘cut’, your boyfriend didn’t bother walking towards you. He was talking to the girl.

”_____! What are you doing here? Are you looking for (____)?” Another member asks.

“Not anymore…” You said, trying to keep your tears away from rolling down.

You hand him the bag and leave from the set.

Your boyfriend’s POV

We were about to get back to the scene where (name of a member) sits down and attempts to get the girl. I walk to a chair and grab a water bottle. (Member that has the food) came to me.

“Hey, you. Here’s your food.” He said, throwing a plastic to me.

“Uh? How did you get this?” I asked, opening the bag.

“Your girlfriend came, don’t act stupid.” He answered with a cold tone.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?” I asked, opening the lunchbox.

“She came and you didn’t even go talk to her. You were talking with one of the noonas.”

“That’s because she was talking to me so I couldn’t just cut her off like that. I didn’t even see ____ there.”

He leaves and walks to the other members. I don’t really get to his reason to be angry, honestly.

For the first time, _____ didn’t text me. There wasn’t any “Good luck, baby >

Your POV

Your phone vibrates for the hundredth time. It was still your boyfriend texting you. Things likes

(____): Are you there, baby?
(____): I’m outsidee aaaaahhh
(____): Are you at home?
(____): Why aren’t you answering me?? ㅠㅠ
(____): Did I do something wrong? D:
(____): Sweetiiiie~~~ are you there?
(____): I’m nervous, are you alright?
(____): You’re angry, aren’t you?
(____): Hahah I knew it
(____): No actually it’s not funny sob sob what’s wrong? :(
(____): Honeyy!!!!!!!!!!!
(____): Did you hear my scream?
(____): Seriously, what’s going on, why aren’t you answering?
(____): (your family name and name) if you’re not opening up I’m going to enter by the window
(____): No but seriously, what’s wrong, _____?
(____): Are you even at home? I’m worried

Your hand was shaking when you were debating on either answering or leaving it. You took the second option and fell asleep since your eyes were too tired to stay open.

The next day, you wake up to eat well and start exercising. You weren’t fat or anything. You just couldn’t stop comparing yourself from the girl of yesterday. Days passed slower without your boyfriend around. You weren’t sure if you were still dating, but you read on the Internet that the comeback was released and the promotion was done. And yet, he never came home.

You leave to get to the gym like you do each week. While you were running on the treadmill, you spot your boyfriend walking on the sidewalk. His eyes were red, his face too. He had dark circles under his eyes and he looked disgusting. His head slowly turned to the gym’s window like a zombie’s head and it stares at you. The boy’s body suddenly starts to run. You see the door of the gym open.

Oh no you whispered.

You get off the machine and run to the girl’s washroom. You start to shower and get ready to leave without him seeing you. You achieved the first mission, but on the way to your house, you hear him scream your name.

You started to run and get to your apartment.

“Wait! _____!” His voice shouts.

You run to your apartment and unlock the door as fast you could. You hear his footsteps getting closer as you tried to find the right key. His face appeared and he started to run to you. You open the door as fast as you could and close it. You didn’t even get to close it. He pushes the door open and hugs you.

”____…” He whispers.

You didn’t answer. All you could do is just cry silently.

“Why didn’t you answer me?… Why? Why?! What did I do wrong?! Tell me, please!! Just tell me!! I was about to die! Do you know who hard it was for me to live 5 whole months without you?! And it wasn’t even my choice?! It was hardest thing ever, do you understand how hard it was on me?!”

You couldn’t answer. You mumbled a few words but continued shaking and crying.

“Do you know how much I missed you?” He whispers.

He still didn’t let you go of his hug. He holds you tighter and start to open his arms.

“W-what’s this? What’s with your body?” He asks, confused of the changes.

You walk to your room and he follows you in. He asks you once more and you look at him.

“I just didn’t want to lose you.” You answered, your lips shaking with the words.

“Lose me? How? To who?” He asks.

“To her. The girl you were holding during the filming. The girl that had a perfect body. The girl that had perfect face, hair, legs, arms, everything.”

“Oh no, she’s older than me and she has a boyfriend.” He said.

You stare at him and tried to not scream. You suffered 5 months to be pretty and perfect, and turns out, the girl already had a guy.

“You don’t need to worry about those things. Either the girl I’m filming with is older or younger, in a relationship or not, I won’t leave you for them. It will never happen, understand? You just made a stupid act of thinking like that.” He says, wrapping his arms around waist.

“Don’t try to tell me that you’ve been good to me, you’ve hurt both of us for the past 5 months. This shouldn’t happen anymore, especially when we’ll get married.” He says, with a smile.

B1A4, Exo, and BTOB: Meeting Your Parents For The First Time

Requested By: Anonymous ~ How would b1a4, exo, and btob react to meeting their girlfriend’s parents for the first time?

Jinyoung: “I’m so nervous, what if they don’t like me”

CNU: “Hopefully they love my fabulous hair like you do”

Sandeul: “Do they know I’m an idol?”

Baro: “I’m gonna show them my amazing rap skills”

Gongchan: “I’ll surely win them over with my cuteness”

Suho: “Darling don’t worry I got this, being a leader comes in handy”

Kris: “Hope they didn’t see anything on TV about me, I want them to think I’m cool”

Xiumin: “I really hope they don’t think I’m younger than you or anything”

Luhan: “They’re gonna think I’m a girl aren’t they?”

Chen: *note to self Don’t say anything sexual about Y/N”

Baekhyun: “Y/N don’t bring up anything embarrassing…like how we met I don’t want your dad to kill me”

Lay: “Ah you’re parents are coming over better get dinner started”

D.O: “Ooh I’ll bring some food they’ll surely love my cooking”

Tao: “Should I tell them that I know how to do wushu or will they think that’s too scary?”

Chanyeol: “They’re gonna be surprised at how cute I am with such a deep voice”

Kai: “They’ve seen me on TV?!” No no I have teo tell them that I’m just a little boy not a sex machine”

Sehun: “Babe don’t worry I know the right words to say” 

Eunkwang: “I’m so excited to meet them to see how you used to act and look”

Minhyuk: “Your dad likes sports, I think we’ll get along just fine”

Changsub: “I’m nervous but happy to see my future in laws”

Hyunsik: “This eye smile captures hearts of many, I got this”

Peniel: “Your family speaks English, I speak English, this is a connection

Ilhoon: “I’m sure I’ll do fine” *secretly scared as fuck that your dad will find out you guys had sex on the first night*

Sungjae: “If they ask if we had sex, what am I supposed to say”

Btob when your horny. (request)

Eunkwang: *looks at you very much in the mood too*

Minhyuk: well then lets not waste any time *smirks at you*

Changsub: *smiles at you* oh well then lets take care of that

Hyunsik: come under the covers baby *smiles at you*

Peniel: well if that’s what you want *says getting the whips*

Ilhoon: you me bed now

Sungjae: *smirks at you saying nothing*

~Admin Zee~

BTOB and iKon: Someone Calls You Fat

Requested By: Anonymous ~  how would btob and ikon react if someone calls their gf fat because she isnt super model skinny.

***note*** My apologies for some of them (/-\)

Eunkwang: “Don’t say that to her! She’s perfect the way she is”

Minhyuk: “It’s called buffness beacuse we work out together”

Changsub: “If you call that fat then I don’t know what skinny is”

Hyunsik: *laughs* “Her fat, your’e joking right”

Peniel: “She’s far from fat”

Ilhoon: “What are you talking about, she’s skinny”

Sungjae: “Are you jealous? Is that what this is?”

B.I: You wouldn’t like it if someone called you fat so don’t say it to her”

Jinhwan: *ooh I want to slap the shit outta this bish right now* “Can you like go away”

Yunhyeong: “Y/N isn’t fat okay don’t go around saying lies”

Bobby: “Are you serious right now? You know what I’m not even gonna wate my breath on you”

Donghyuk: “My Y/N isn’t fat and personally I don’t want a skeleton as a girlfriend”

Junhoe: “No honey that’s called curves something you don’t have”


Chanwoo: “Word of advice, green is an ugly color on you”


ANON Request: A fluff scenario with your bias and you video skyping till late night and making sarcastic jokes to each other :) (you both are in school). Thankyouu i really love your writings ♡
A/N: I’m a little rusty since this is my first scenario in awhile so please bare with me. I hope you enjoy it still! 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

     The dim blue light radiated against your skin as you scrolled through pages and pages of text. Gnawing at the tip of your pen, your eyes fixed on the laptop screen, only breaking away when you jotted down important notes and questions. Nearing the end of your assignment you relaxed a little, suddenly realizing just how tense you had been the past half hour.

Raising your arms into the air you stretched, relieving the tension, before falling back into the soft cushioning of your chair. Your eyes shifted to your clock where 11:00pm was displayed in bold red numbering. Your heart skipped a little knowing he’d be calling soon. Every few days, without fail, he would video call on Skype and you always looked forward to being able to see him again. 

     Before you knew it, the familiar sound of Skype was ringing from your laptop. Your eyes shot to the screen where his information popped up and you quickly clicked to accept the call. You watched as the call loaded and your smiles both grew across the screen as soon as you saw each other in the video window. 

His deep, soothing voice immediately embraced you and he began asking what you were up to. It hadn’t been that long since you last spoke but you still loved hearing his voice and seeing his bright smile. You were focused on each other completely as you spoke about your assignments, how school was for you both, and whatever else came to mind. 

     Soon he had you laughing until you were almost in tears at some stupid joke he made. You caught your breath a little, noticing that he was now quiet, staring intently at you. Even though you were talking through screens he still had such an effect on you - making your heart race a little.  There was a moment of silence and just before you were about break it he beat you to it. 

I never get tired of hearing you laugh” he breathed, a shy smile spreading across his face. 

You smiled wide as you felt your cheeks grow warm and, you wanted to relish in the feeling but a moment of realization hit you when you caught glimpse of the time. Your eyes widened and your mouth fell agape. You still had to finish your assignment!

     It felt like it had only been 10 minutes since you started talking and you were taken aback when you saw it was now almost 2:00AM. 

Ya! You’re such a bad student, finishing your work this late” he teased when you told him you forgot you weren’t quite done your assignment. 

Hey! I was working very hard until I was rudely interrupted by someone” you cracked back sticking your tongue out at him. 

You laughed at his feigned hurt expression, asking him to give you a second while you finish up.

     Wanting to wrap up your work quickly so you could go back to focusing on him you began rereading your notes. He watched as you focused intently on your work, mesmerized by the way you looked, so calm and dedicated, your hair looked soft and smooth as it fell over your face before you tucked it behind your ear and went right back to work. He could still see the flush of pink on your cheeks from earlier and he wanted nothing more than to place a kiss on them. 

______” his voice came softly, breaking your concentration. You looked up from your notes with a questioning gaze. 

you look really beautiful right now” he continued, with an affectionate tone. Even through the computer you could feel the honesty and adoration in his voice.
oh my god I’m trying to focus can you not” you responded a little dumbstruck at first. You both broke into laughter before you were back to focusing as he watched over you lovingly. 

     Soon you finished up your assignment, letting out a sigh of relief and closing your books. You returned your focus to him, noticing he had dozed off on his keyboard - half of his sweet sleeping face taking up most of your screen now. You realized how late it was and knowing you both had school tomorrow you decided to just let him go.

Goodnight ______, I love you” you whispered and just as you were about to end the conversation you saw him stir. He rubbed his eyes a little before groggily replying. 

He voice was soft and raspy, still half asleep, but he managed to muster out “I love you too” before you ended the call and got ready to climb into bed wish he was there with you. 

Vixx and Btob Scenario: You're His Best Friend And He Catches You Watching Porn

Requested by: garyaleninja

N: “Ugh I’m disgusted. Why don’t you just have sex with me instead”

Leo: “Y/N what the fuck are you doing on my computer”

External image


Ravi: *has gotten horny from the porn and can’t look at you*

Hongbin: “What are you doing” *leans over* “Are you serious”

Hyuk: “OOoh lemme watch”

Eunkwang: “Your secret is safe with me”

Minhyuk: “Oh Y/N didn’t know you were into bondage”

Changsub: “Yass girl I’ve seen that one”

Hyunsik: “Y/N wha- What the hell?!”

Peniel: “OH MY GOD”

Ilhoon: “Let’s try those positions”

Sungjae: “I won’t say anything unless you promise me you’ll go on a date with me”

Merry Christmas, Pabo. (Optional Bias)

request: none :’)

genre: fluff

word count: 1039

synopsis: you’re spending christmas alone… or are you?

author’s note: more christmas scenarios heck yeaah !! i love christmas a lot, you guys. it’s my favorite holiday and i just wanted to write a couple christmas themed scenarios, and what’s better to start with than an optional bias one ?? so send me requests if you have any !! also all of my scenarios end in a tickle fight and i’m sorry, it just happens. anyways hope you cuties enjoy ^0^

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Honestly I don’t really know what this is …it’s a drabble - kind of a mess but I thought I’d share anyways, maybe you’ll all still like it? hahah 😕

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     You fumbled with the books in your hands as you reached for the knob of the door to the empty classroom quickly opening it and placing your things on the nearest table as the door shut behind you. The sound coming from the busy halls became dim, filled with the silence in the room. 

You found your way to your favourite spot, just by the window, and plopped down in your seat. Although studying was not your favourite thing to do, you enjoyed moments like this where you could be alone in the quiet classroom - The sun, now beginning to set, but still shining brightly through the window and warming your cheeks. You closed your eyes and took in a deep breath, enjoying the comfort that the warmth and the silence brought you, feeling at peace for a moment. 

     That was until you heard the handle of the door turn and foot steps approached. Your eyes shot open and you marvelled at the sight before you - of all people it had to be HIM. You felt a tingle of adrenaline but quickly pushed it away. Immediately your gaze turned to daggers shooting at him for disrupting your peace. 

What is my princess doing at school so late?” his voice was deep and arrogant and you felt chills creep up your spine. 

He had to be the sleaziest boy you knew, a true rebel without a cause. You two were always throwing snarky remarks back and forth and you knew it was best to keep away from him - the less you interacted, the better, but for some reason you always felt compelled to see what he had in store. You feigned disinterest but really you were beyond intrigued. 

     Your gaze shot up as his tall figure loomed over you, now standing by the side of your desk, his hand in his pocket and his posture slouched. His dark clothing, hair, and gaze made your heart skip a beat but you shook yourself out of the daze. 

I’m not your princess” you replied sharply trying to calm your breathing. 

Your attention went back to your books, trying to distract yourself from his presence hoping he’d get the hint and just leave. Instead, he pulled a chair beside your desk so that he could straddle it. Resting his arms on the back of the chair he gazed at you intensely through his fringe. You tried your best to ignore him but you felt your cheeks growing warmer. In order to avoid the situation you opted to be as cold as possible. 

Don’t you have somewhere to be? like not here? Do you even study” you asked sarcastically. 

What? Can’t I spend some quality time with my favourite lady? Maybe I can help you destress a little” he smirked, reaching his hand for yours but you quickly pulled away and his hand landed on your desk instead. Your gaze met his and he shot you a wink causing your head to spin a little. 

uh no thanks” you scowled. 

What’s the problem baby girl?” he said, his tone snarky. You rolled your eyes pushing his hand away from your notes. 

Right now? That would be you.” you spoke between gritted teeth, trying your best not to show any emotion. You stood from your seat, ready to leave to get a drink of water so you could clear your head and regain some composure. 

Suddenly his hand was on your chest as he gently pushed you until you felt your back come against the wall and it felt as though time stopped around you. Your eyes grew wide as he stared deeply into them and you felt your heart beat flutter. His face came close to yours. 

Don’t hide it” you could feel his breath against your ear. “Don’t tell me that you feel nothing between us.” A smile began to form on his lips and you were quickly brought back to reality. 

     Your gaze shot down to his hand over your heart and you quickly smacked it away hoping you did so in time before he could feel how much he made your heart jump - still in denial that he had that effect on you. Your knees felt weak now unsure of what to do with yourself. 

 ’I-’ you began trying to find the words, an excuse, anything. 

He grabbed your wrists pulling you into him, your chests warm and tight against each other. It felt as though your hearts were beating in sync and fluttering together. You pulled away but he wouldn’t settle for the distance between you. He cupped his hands around your face pulling it towards him and planting a passionate kiss containing every emotion he had been holding back but now was trying to convey to your stubborn shield. You felt your composure shatter to pieces. 

That was it. 

That’s all it took for you to crumble beneath him. 

Peniel: When you’re dating and he’s being “skinshippy” x’D Requested by anon. It’s a little short. Also, if you don’t catch the reference at the end of this scenario, watch Peniel’s latest vlog on the united cube youtube channel~ Enjoy^^ (oh and please send me some requests^3^)


You squinted your eyes at Peniel. Why was he giving Sungjae more attention than you? Today was the first day in weeks that you’d been able to hang out with Peniel. You figured now that you both had the day off, he’d want to spent some quality time with you, rather than messing around with his best friend. Yet here you were, planted on the floor in your boyfriends dorm, quietly sulking. 

Eunkwang plopped beside you, quietly laughing at your sulking. “Yah, if you want his attention, why don’t you just ask?” he asked, giving you a side glance. “I’m not the kind of girl to do that.” You muttered. Asking for attention? No way. You didn’t want to seem clingy. You let out a quiet sigh when you saw Peniel and Sungjae take a quick selca while hugging each other. You knewit was normal for Korean guys to share skinship with their friends, but you couldn’t help but fee a little jealous. Not because of Sungjae or anything, more because you wished you were Sungjae right now.

Eunkwang laughed again. “Stop sulking.” He said, before getting up, leaving you alone. You decided that, since Peniel wasn’t going to acknowledge you any time soon, you might as well play Temple run on your phone.

A little while later everyone announced that they were going out for a bit, giving Peniel and you some privacy. You greeted everyone, telling them to have a nice time. Soon the dorm was empty.

Peniel took a seat beside you. “Hey, what are you playing?”  You looked up briefly, sending him a smile, before returning to your game. “Temple run.” You answered. Peniel wrapped an arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to his side. He nuzzled your neck, giving you goose bumps. You knew he wanted you to stop playing and put all your attention on him, but you decided it was his turn to crave affection. So you kept playing, ignoring his subtle hints.

He started giving you butterfly kisses on your neck, and you felt your cheeks heating up. “Stop it, you’re distracting me.” He ignored you. Between the little kisses he gave you little love bites, causing you to shudder. He grinned against your neck, thinking you’d stop playing.  He let out a groan when you didn’t.

“Baby, stop playing. I wanna spend time with my girlfriend.” He whined, pulling you even closer. You paused your game, throwing him a look. “So now you want to spend time with me?” You sharply asked. Peniel pulled away from  you, eyes wide. “What do you mean?”  you let out a sigh.

“Peniel, I got here an hour ago. You could’ve spend time with me then. But you decided to go on a skinship fest with Sungjae instead.” You grumbled the last part. Peniel looked at you for a moment, before laughing.

“Ohh, so you want me to go on a skinship fest with you, is that it?” He teased. You blushed, biting your lip. “Mayb-” Peniel didn’t let you finish as he you scooped you up in a tight hug. “Hmm, you smell so nice.” He whispered, before pulling away slightly.

 He placed his hands on your cheeks gently, while covering your face with little kisses. Finally his lips settled on your own, placing his hands on your hips. Your own hands traveled up, on settling on his neck while the other played with the strands of his hair.  He kissed you gently, softly caressing his lips against yours. You let out a small sigh as you pulled away, resting your forehead against his. Peniel’s eyes remained close, savoring the moment. His hands went up to hold your face again while his breath softly fanned across your face.

“I missed you.” He whispered, eyes still closed. “I don’t like not seeing you for such a long time.”

You pulled away slightly, getting yourself in a more comfortable position. You laid your head on his chest. “Me neither.” You muttered. Peniel sighed contently, snaking an arm around your waist. He started drawing random little shapes on your hip, giving you goose bumps.

You felt silly for feeling ignored earlier. You knew Peniel didn’t mean anything by it, sometimes he was just a little oblivious. You closed your eyes, nothing could ruin this moment.

“Baby, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.” Peniel said, before erupting in a fit of giggles.

Nothing could ruin this moment, except for Peniel himself.

BTOB Reaction: When their non-Korean GF calls them Oppa

Eunkwang: *Cannot resist how cute you are* “Oppa, she called me Oppa! AAAH!!” 

Minhyuk: “OMG you’re so cute i wanna eat you “

Changsub:  “Say it again pleaseee?  “

Hyunsik: “And you only say that to me alright?”

Peniel:  *Cannot hide his happiness*

Ilhoon:  *Has no words just happy* Oppa.. Ahh I like how it sounds

Sungjae:   *Completely over the moon, but trying to play it cool*

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