btob scenarios

me: you know what would be a really bad idea? watching random videos of kpop idols until 4 am in the morning when you got a test da next day

also me: do it.


Imagine these with your bias


“Babe.” He whispers in your ear. You smile at the sound of that. He knew you loved it when he called you babe or baby. You sighed and answered.

“Yeah.” You were both cuddled up on his couch laying down. Your back to him with his arms wrapped around your waist. It’s been a long day and you guys finally get to relax.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” He says. You laugh and turn around to face him. He opens his eyes and smiles at you.

“It’s your turn to decide. I chose last week.” You say running your hand through his hair. He closes his eyes.

You stop and place your hand on his cheek and rub your thumb across it. He takes your hand and puts it back on his hair. He loved it when you ran your fingers through it. You continue running your hands through his soft hair.

“Um.” He says closing his eyes and moving closer to you. “How about we wake up early go to the beach and watch the sunrise?” You smile up at him.

“That’s a perfect idea. But you’re such a sleepy head.” You say laughing. He pokes your stomach.

“I would wake up if you wanted me to.”

“How about that one time…” He looks up at you and cuts you off.

“Fine that was one time. But I promise I’ll wake up tomorrow to see the sunrise with you.”

“Ok we’ll see tomorrow.” He moves closer so his head is on your chest. He hugs your waist pulling you closer to him. You continued running your hands through his hair.

“I’ll even wake up earlier to make us breakfast to eat on the beach. And go out to your favorite cafe and get you your favorite coffee. Do you think they open that early?” You start laughing.

“You are not a morning person at all. So I guess we’ll see.” He looks up at you and pouts.

“So you don’t believe me? Babe?” You roll your eyes at him.

“Stop using babe to win.” He laughs and kiss you on the cheek.

“So I win?” He smirks at you. You look away and laugh.


     He was laying down on his bed, browsing through a design book as you sat at his desk searching up recent movie releases on the laptop. Your eyes scanned the web page as you scrolled down. However, you kept tuned into his voice as he told you about his recent projects. The sound of a band played through his iPod speakers in the background and the smell of his cologne enveloped your nose with a sentimental warmth. 

     Your back ached as you had been sitting in the chair for awhile and you reached your arms above your head, stretching them and letting out a whimper as the tension in your muscles relaxed. Swivelling the chair around, you looked at him laying on his side on the bed flipping through the pages of the book.

Find anything?” he asked, his gaze leaving the book and finding you for a moment. 

Nope” you sighed as your attention drifted to the window as the breeze moved the curtain and the descending sunlight reflected off the window frame. 

     You stood from your seat and walked over to the bed, laying on the other side of it - facing him as he continued to flip through pages, slowly now. You looked up at him, his gaze focused intently on the book in front of him. You felt a pull inside your chest, urging you to get close to him and you couldn’t stop yourself.

     You delicately slid into his arms, nuzzling yourself into his chest. He smiled to himself, taken aback for a moment before placing the book down and shifting his own position so that he could fully surround you. You breathed in his cologne and a pleasant warmth fluttered through your body. 

It felt like being in a car with the sunlight providing the perfect warmth as it was shining down on you through the windows. Or like laying in the grass on a warm summer’s day. 

     You felt a sudden sleepiness take over you as you became even more comfortable. You completely snuggled into the crook of his body and he curled himself closer around you - his arms wrapping around your body, and gently stroking your hair. 

You closed your eyes as you listened to the sound of his breathing become shallow in tune with your own. Before you knew it, you had both drifted to sleep as the daylight waned and you were filled with the sweetness of snuggling up so comfortably next to him. 

I invented something/Masterlist

I created something called boyfriend tag. There I’m going to upload editions that I make about what would you do with your boyfriend. Check it clicking the link down or getting into our tags.

You can totally request one of these, but it would take a little more time than an ask or an scenario.

I will leave you here the list of things we do:

And the bands we write for:

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It's all in the body language

It’s dark but in the flashing lights you see him.

His eyes say You’ll be screaming my name very soon

His body says I’ll make sure you feel me for days

His fingers say Just wait

His teeth say You’re mine

He’s licking into your mouth, tongue tangling with yours and all you can think is

Fuck me

Short optional bias fluff thing.

Your fingers danced lazily over the smooth skin of his arm. As always, you had woken before dawn which granted you the time to marvel over the beautiful boy who slept before you. Despite the piercings that lined his ears, in sleep, he looked innocent, serine, peaceful. His flawless face seemed to glow as the morning light began to drift through his window, illuminating his perfect features. You found that your hand had made its way up his arm to his face where it was gently exploring each dip and line. Your small fingers traced his sharp jaw line and cheekbones, around the sockets of his eyes and over his soft cheeks, tip-toeing their way to his lips. Those you outlined most gently, your fingers sweetly caressing every centimeter of the perfect facial feature. You couldn’t help yourself as you leaned in to press a light kiss to those beautiful lips. They rested there for a moment before you moved up, pressing another to the tip of his nose and other to his forehead. You placed one to each eyelid before your fingers curled around his right wrist, bring it up to meet your lips. Your breath ghosted over his palm as you brought his fingertips to your lips and pressed those sweet kisses to each one.

Suddenly, you were interrupted by a hand. You looked up, away from his slender fingers, to see that he had woken. His other hand rested gently on your cheek, his eyes on yours. A smile was etched onto his lips as you dropped his hand, your arms snaking their way around his waist, your head snuggling into his bare chest. His arms wrapped around you in turn, crushing you to him lovingly as he pressed a gentle kiss into your sweet smelling hair. If love had a scent, that would be it.

I don’t understand how fansites can get such clear photos of idols jumping all over the stage alongside being in a crowd of people like ????? I can’t even take a picture of myself alone sitting still without it looking like I had the most violent twitch of my life ???????

reblog if ur ready to fight ur bias for fucking being so disrespectful