btob scenarios

BTOB’s Google Search History


  • “how to talk to girls”
  • “how to ask your managers to let you join rap line”
  • “can i still get taller at 26 years old”
  • “why dont my kids respect me as their hyung”
  • “is there really a shirtless scene in hamlet”


  • “what is a furry and why is everyone calling me one”
  • “the lion king disney online free”
  • “matching outfits for dogs and owners”
  • “what is the best selfie angle”
  • “minhyuk btob abs”


  • “what is the loudest noise a person can make”
  • “is there a dumplings only diet”
  • “musicals near me looking for roles”
  • “how to become a professional skateboarder”
  • “how to look chic while sleeping”


  • “where is the nearest supreme location”
  • “kpop idols best eye smiles”
  • “how to get legal custody of a cat”
  • “what is my perfect aesthetic”
  • “how are you today google”


  • “how to become a licensed youtuber”
  • “dope video editing techniques (no star swipes)”
  • “can i unlearn a language so i dont have to talk to my hyungs”
  • “can i sneak a bedlington terrier on a plane”
  • “btobs month to month calendar schedule”


  • “i think gucci stole my bank account number”
  • “is there a way to delete every gwiyomi video on the internet”
  • “who’s the hottest member in btob”
  • “ten facts you didnt know about jung ilhoon”
  • “is jung ilhoon the number one rapper in the industry”


  • “why isn’t eleven pronounced onety-one”
  • “fishing memes”
  • “fishing memes FUNNY”
  • “i think i just sold my soul for a klondike bar”
  • “is anyone in all of S Korea looking for an actor to sell a product”

have fun stanning them bc you’ll have a constant headache and an inexplicable amount of love for these dorks 💖💖💖

Okay so meet: BTOB aka **snap** Born to Beat

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  • a 7 member group that debuted under Cube Ent. on 2012 w/ their hecka catchy and upbeat track, ‘Insane’
  • they have many ballad songs that are overlooked by their pop singles and they will make you cry 11/10 times, ‘it’s okay’ is my favorite and the MV alone makes me wanna reenact a kdrama
  • they’ll make ugly faces and inhumane noises @ everything and everyone……….you’re their next target
  • probably the shortest kpop group atm, they’re literally elfs (besides Sungjae ofc)

Meet: Eunkwang aka grandpa wang

Originally posted by ddonggeun

  • such a supportive grandparent / leader
  • he’s a sunshine and just being around him makes everyone smile
  • he might be the person who’s teased the most but tbh he should’ve seen it coming wth is that bug impersonation eunkwang
  • smiles and laughs at everything and it’s impossible to make anything awkward to him
  • V O C A L S snatched my wig and I have yet to recover from all those high notes excuse me while I go cri

Meet: Minhyuk aka the mom

Originally posted by gotinspirit

  • aegyo KING
  • hella competitive and sporty and gotdamn he’s got one of the best bodies in any male kpop group rn ngl
  • is married to Hakyeon from Vixx and Ilhoon is their lovechild
  • a rapper??? a vocalist???? what can’t this legend do tbfh (ummm imma need yall 2 look up videos of him singing if u want ur day 2 be blessed thanks)
  • he loves melodies so much and he gives us the best fanservice god bless

Meet: Changsub aka the one who’s gonna give u nightmares

Originally posted by ilhoonftw

  • (don’t let that gif fool u he’s a weird one) if it ever gets awkward, count on subbie to make ugly faces and confuse you
  • loves Peniel so much I can’t believe we get to witness true love at this day and age 
  • V O C A L S pt.2 fucc!!!!!! his husky voice makes me cry esp when it cracks just a lil during performances I’m a changsub stan and I didn’t even know it
  • actually despite him being really weird overall he’s a sweetheart……….he cares a lot for the other members
  • king of throwing shade @ the maknae line

Meet: Hyunsik aka eye smiles!!!!

Originally posted by wodejongdae

  • chocolate abbbbbbbbs I mean damn boi is thicc and he knows it
  • writes the majority of their songs so ofc he’s a soft boi who doesn’t know how to stop giving us heart palpitations
  • he does that thing where he smiles and his eyes crinkle so tightly at the sides and it’s the CUTEST thing ever you won’t survive
  • kinda chill compared to the other members but he still laughs at everyone and encourages them lmao why
  •  sungjae’s cat loves him more than sungjae is2g

Meet: Peniel aka Amber’s bestie

Originally posted by jungilhoon

  • everyone loves to rub his head bc duh it’s peniel and it’s good luck
  • nah but fr I love this boy so much……….he was diagnosed w/ a condition that made him lose his hair and it was mostly due to stress………so now he shaves it and he looks hella badass like how can someone look so cute yet threatening at the same time
  • he’s from Chicago so he isn’t fluent in Korean…..which means lots of rapping in English ayyyy!!!
  • spoiled by all the members and everyone loves him
  • broke a whole watermelon w/ his head one time, and the other time w/ just his fist……get u a man who can do it all

Meet: Ilhoon aka our British kingsman 

Originally posted by batoosteu

  • the devil himself disguised as whatever tf that kid is
  • has worked lots w/ label-mate Hyuna aka my wife, I swear he’s such a fanboy and he loves her 
  • one of the best rappers in the kpop community tbfh………
  • don’t catch me being n*ce to ilhoon but he’s got a unique style of writing lyrics and rapping wow
  • the REAL maknae 

Meet: Sungjae aka Goblin’s best actor 

Originally posted by puppyprincesses

  • his smile can cure depression and save lives
  • he was on We Got Married w/ Joy from Red Velvet and tbfh it’s the only time I’ll ever watch that show bc hashtag goals af I love my parents 
  • he might be the youngest but he’s sure as heck not the maknae lmao ????
  • has a love/hate relationship w/ changsubbie but they’re low key actually married
  • acts like a mom towards peniel only bc he wants to be taught English lmfaoooo

Sungjae Wallpapers/Lockscreens

Hope you like it :D

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Making up with Kwangmin after a fight (Requested)

Reminding Jeongmin that you love him

Finding Jeongmin and Yegeon adorable

Appreciating Donghyun’s blonde hair

Excited for Christmas


Boyfriend as Magical Creatures!

Witch!Au (Jeongmin scenario)

S/o is cuddly when sleepy



Boyfriend!Ilhoon jealous of the attention your dress is getting

Changsub texting his girlfriend after her comeback. (Requested)

Missing Peniel when he’s away

Missing Ilhoon’s It’s Okay Hair

Wishing an angel Happy Birthday

Excited for Christmas

Friendship with Btob

Asking them to buy you pads/tampons

Everyday texts with boyfriend Peniel

Setting you up with Peniel

Accidentally sending an NSFW

Ilhoon getting your name tattooed

Ilhoon vs Minhyuk

Changsub gets another tattoo

Scenarios and Reactions

BTOB as Magical Creatures!


Birthday Kiss (Minhyuk) 

When their s/o wears cute little lingerie as a surprise (requested)

When their s/o is an amazing baker (requested)

They get turned on when you’re swimming (Requested)

They propose (Requested)

Jealous that their girlfriend is touchy with her male bestie (Requested)

Fighting with Hyunsik

When their pregnant s/o is hospitalised (Requested) 

First time with BTOB

You catch them cheating and break up Eunkwang Hyunsik Minhyuk Changsub Ilhoon Sungjae Peniel



Bestfriend!Joshua complaining that he wants to date. (Part two

Messing with hyung line.

Dark Seventeen. Coups reaction.

Inspiring Woozi when he has writer’s block. 

Breaking up with leader line (S.Coups Part one Part two Part three Part four) (Woozi Part one Part two Part three) (Hoshi Part one Part two)

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BTOB: dating Ilhoon would include

▪ will try v v hard to get you to notice him at first
▪ like he’ll try and make himself look smart and hard to get
▪ but he’d only make himself look like a smart ass and a dork smh
▪ he would unintentionally be rude to you or someone else and he’ll kick himself for that bc he only wanted to make a good impression
▪ but you’d be able to see what he’s trying to do and mess with him a little
▪ and the flirting would go back and forth until eventually yall can’t take the tension anymore and someone has to make a move
▪ but it would actually be Changsub who does it bc yall are so annoying when you’re trying to be cute and play hard to get
▪ “yahhh, get a room already. Nobody wants to hear Ilhoon talking about y/n whenever she’s not here. Just ask her out you dummy” *eye roll*
▪ so without even blushing or stuttering a word, he’d ask you to be his and to let him have the pleasure of being your bf
▪ lol and you thought the teasing would stop there
▪ yall can’t be seen together in front of them unless you want to see Sungjae and Eunkwang pretending to suck faces and moaning Ilhoon’s name
▪ but they can’t help it, he talks about you 24/7 and he’s so smitten and it’s so gross and they just wanna have that kinda love but they’re all alone and aw
▪ so you two would be alone often obv
▪ this bookworm will read to you whenever you ask him and he’d be low key excited if you do
▪ bc he loves sharing his love for whatever he’s reading and loves hearing your thoughts about everything
▪ but sometimes you’ll lay down and listen to music as he’s softly stroking your hair and kissing your temple
▪ cuddles with him are the best ofc
▪ he won’t do it often, but when he does, it’s mama bear mode
▪ as in he wraps his whole body around yours and listen to your heartbeat as you lay quietly
▪ dates with him are always fun and exciting bc you’ll never know what’s gonna happen
▪ someone passed out? Someone chasing after you? A clown getting arrested? Who knows with Ilhoon tbh
▪ always needs to have his hands on you somewhere  (doesn’t like skinship my butt lmao)
▪ well ok yeah he might’ve been hesitant at first but later on he’s so cheesy and wants to have his arms around you every chance he gets
▪ honestly fights with him might be very bad, but very rare
▪ as I’ve said before, he won’t care about hurting your feelings at first bc he’s trying to be logical and avoid further arguments
▪ so later he’ll have to do lots of apologizing and give you lots of sweet kisses
▪ he spoils you so much smh
▪ he loves hearing your laugh and will act a fool just to hear it one more time
▪ definitely the jealous type, beware (will try not to show it tho)
▪ like he won’t hesitate to kiss you hella hard or grab you hella close in front of whoever he’s feeling threatened by
▪ his heart will beat so fast when you kiss all over his tattoos and admire them
▪ will jokingly say that he wants to get your name tattooed on him, but he’s low key not joking lmao
▪ he’ll always be your problematic fave 💞

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Btob Hyunsik Smile Appreciation

Hope you like it :D

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Getaway Pt.2


The Other Side


Jimin Freak Out X_X

Golden Tongue: Epilogue (M?)

Golden Tongue: Pt.16

Golden Tongue: Pt.15

Golden Tongue: Pt.14

Golden Tongue: Pt.13

Golden Tongue: Pt.12

Golden Tongue: Pt.11

Golden Tongue: Pt.10 

Golden Tongue: Pt.9

Golden Tongue: Pt.8

Golden Tongue: Pt.7

Golden Tongue: Pt.6

Golden Tongue: Pt.5

Golden Tongue: Pt.4

Golden Tongue: Pt.3

Golden Tongue: Pt.2

Golden Tongue: Pt.1 

Bad Boss: Epilogue

Bad Boss: Pt.13

Bad Boss: Pt.12

Bad Boss: Pt.11

Bad Boss: Pt.10

Bad Boss: Pt.9

Bad Boss: Pt.8

Bad Boss: Pt.7

Bad Boss: Pt.6

Bad Boss: Pt.5

Bad Boss: Pt.4

Bad Boss: Pt.3

Bad Boss: Pt.2

Bad Boss: Pt.1

Strong Gazes

Little Thoughts: Epilogue

Little Thoughts: Pt.11

Little Thoughts: Pt.10

Little Thoughts: Pt.9

Little Thoughts: Pt.8

Little Thoughts: Pt.7

Little Thoughts: Pt.6

Little Thoughts: Pt.5

Little Thoughts: Pt.4

Little Thoughts: Pt.3

Little Thoughts: Pt.2

Little Thoughts: Pt.1

Rumor Has It: Pt.2

Rumor Has It: Pt.1

No Pressure: Pt.2

No Pressure: Pt.1

We’re Okay

Now or Never: Epilogue

Now or Never: Pt.15

Now or Never: Pt.14

Now or Never: Pt.13

Now or Never: Pt.12

Now or Never: Pt.11

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Now or Never: Pt.9

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Now or Never: Pt.5

Now or Never: Pt.4

Now or Never: Pt.3

Now or Never: Pt.2

Now or Never: Pt.1

Sweater Weather

Tough Love: Epilogue

Tough Love: Pt.13

Tough Love: Pt.12

Tough Love: Pt.11

Tough Love: Pt.10

Tough Love: Pt.9

Tough love: Pt.8

Tough Love: Pt.7

Tough Love: Pt.6

Tough Love: Pt.5

Tough Love: Pt.4

Tough Love: Pt.3

Tough Love: Pt.2

Tough Love: Pt.1

Thanksgiving Clapbacks

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

It Isn’t Real

Thot7 Appreciation Post

Paper Kisses: Pt.2

Paper Kisses

Game Time

Long Time No See

Mild Serendipity 

A Heart to Feel

Spoil Me

A Little Accident

Don’t Ignore Me

If You Do

Stormy Goodbyes

Unexpected Preferences: Epilogue

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.13

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.12

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.11

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.10

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.9

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.8

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.7

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.6

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.5

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.4

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.3

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.2

Unexpected Preferences: Pt.1

Lost and Found: Epilogue

Lost and Found: Pt.15

Lost and Found: Pt.14

Lost and Found: Pt.13

Lost and Found: Pt.12

Lost and Found: Pt.11

Lost and Found: Pt.10

Lost and Found: Pt.9

Lost and Found: Pt.8

Lost and Found: Pt.7

Lost and Found: Pt.6

Lost and Found: Pt.5

Lost and Found: Pt.4

Lost and Found: Pt.3

Lost and Found: Pt.2

Lost and Found: Pt.1

Dating Blues: Pt.9

Dating Blues: Pt.8

Dating Blues: Pt.7

Dating Blues: Pt.6

Dating Blues: Pt.5

Dating Blues: Pt.4

Dating Blues: Pt.3

Dating Blues: Pt.2

Dating Blues: Pt.1

Bad Communication: Pt.2

Bad Communication: Pt.1

Rough Morning

Scenario Masterlist (UPDATED)


It’s my job as your big brother (Myungsoo+Infinite)

The 2nd law (Hoya)

No rush right? (Sunggyu)

Don’t Worry (MYUNGSOO)

One Two Three(Poly Relationship w/Donggyu)


Sometimes we grow apart (Kai)

Meet My Baby (Lay)

Something sweet (D.O)

Park Army (Chanyeol)

Bad Romance (Baekhyun)

Too Sexy (SEHUN)

The Proposal (LAY)

Zoo (Chanyeol)

Awkward (Poly! Relationship w/Chenhun)

Group Cuddle (Poly Relationship w/Baekyeol)

Picture Day (XIUMIN)

Comfortable (Poly Relationship w/Krisyeol)

Future Talk (Baekhyun)

Spreading Love (Poly Relationship w/Xiuhan) 

Mixed Tones (KAI)

Keep You Warm (Xiumin)

Monthly Care (Kris)

Lotto (Sehun)

You’re fine (Poly Relationship w/Kaisoo)

A Trip (Poly! Relationship w/Chanlay)

We’re Okay (Harry Potter!AU: Tao)

House Collision (Harry Potter!AU:Sehun)

That Nerd Girl, She’s My Love (Harry Potter!AU: D.O)


Don’t Stress (Hoshi)

Bump (Woozi)

Naesarang (Seungkwan)

Cramps (The8)

Jealous (Mingyu)

Half of you and half of me (Fallen Angel! Jeonghan)

The forever child (Vampire!Hoshi)

Precious Secrets (Jeonghan)

Footwork (Wonwoo)

The Bright Red Dinosaur (Dino)

Not so scary (Wonwoo AU)

In Charge (S.Coups AU)

To Hold My Heart (Dino AU)

How to train your boyfriend (DK AU)

Ask Her to dance (Woozi AU)

My Brother’s Prefect Best Friend (Joshua AU)

No one is safe (Vernon)

Jealousy is a nice thing on you (DK)

Bonus Award (Seungkwan)

Thank the lords the walls talk (S.Coups AU)

HVC aka Vernon (Vernon)

I told you she was real (Seungkwan)

Is it weird that my boyfriend howls (Mingyu AU)

Una tazza piena di amore (Wonwoo AU)

A true work of art (The8 AU)

Don’t worry I’m a professional…..fanboy (DK AU)

The honeymoon phase (Woozi AU)

Goofball (Dino)

Thanks to Zeus (Vernon AU)

Right to be hellish (Hoshi)

Pleasant Days (Vernon)

Routine (Woozi AU)

Day Spent Well (Mingyu)

Sweet As Sugar (Joshua)

I Want A Billion (HOSHI)

Tonight (HOSHI)

You’re Not So Bad (Woozi)

I Can Be Good (Badboy! Woozi)

To The Thought (DK)

It’s Bad (WONWOO)

Marks (DINO)

Cliche (Poly Relationship w/Meanie)

Round Framed Baby(Poly Relationship w/Soonhoon)

I’m still young (Dino)

Sass Flow (Seungkwan)

Happy Tears (Mingyu)

Reality (Woozi)

Perfection (Wonwoo)

I’ve Missed You And Your Cooking (VERNON)

Dating Noona (DINO)

Big Spoon (Poly Relationship w/SoonSeok)

We’ll Be Okay (Poly Relationship w/JunHan)

Bubbles (Poly Relationship w/Jicheol)

Growing Family (Poly Relationship w/Jeongcheol)

Best Friends and More (Poly Relationship w/Meanie)

First day home (Mingyu)

Sharing (Poly Relationship w/Jihan)

First Birthday (Poly! Relationship w/Jeongcheol)

Twisted Love (Jeonghan as Harley Quinn AU!)

Gryffindor’s Charming Smile (Harry Potter AU: Mingyu)

Faker (Harry Potter!AU: Vernon)

The New Boy (Harry Potter!AU: Vernon)

In My Fifth Year (Harry Potter!AU: Woozi)

That Muggle Story (Harry Potter!AU: Woozi)


It’s not forever (CNU)

My sweet girl (Sandeul)

Just like old times (Sandeul)

Meeting her (Gongchan)

Ninja-like attempts (Sandeul)

Romantic Fool (Jinyoung)

How To Feed A Baby (Poly Relationship w/Jindeul)


Jealousy brings truth (Mark)

100 to 0 and back to 100 real quick (Mark)

My sweet yeobo (Jaebum)

I don’t think I’ll be good enough (Jaebum)

When you wear my clothes (Jackson)

Cheater Cheater (Jr)

Bet (Jaebum)

Props (BamBam)

Rude (Mark)

Make a move (Mark)

Panic Mode (Jackson)

Here’s to the past (Mark)

It’s more cute this way (JB AU)

When you can’t sleep at night (Jackson AU)

You know it’s love when… (BamBam)

Little Jackson (Jackson)

Papa Tuan 2 (Mark)

Doggy Parents (MARK)

Being With You (Jackson)

The Next Step (Poly! Relationship w/Jingyeom)

Make It Up To Me (Poly Relationship w/ Jackmon) under both BTS&GOT7

Movies (Poly! Relationship w/Jaeyeom)

Puppy (Poly! Relationship w/Markjae)

Love (Harry Potter! AU: Mark)

Since Day One (Harry Potter! AU: JB)

Our Bond (Harry Potter!AU: Youngjae)


Big brother knows too well (G-Dragon)


Long List (GD)

To those who just like the cover (GD)

For 1000 years (T.O.P)

“My only love sprung from my only hate” (GD)

Hey none of that now (T.O.P)

Jealous Boy (Seungri)

A lifetime together (GD)

Letters for years (Daesung AU)

Fandom chosen, Idol approved (GD AU)

K.O (T.O.P)

What Are Friends For? (Seungri ft. G-Dragon)

I’ll Be Here (Taeyang ft.G-Drangon)

Fear (T.O.P)

Just Your Average Sexy Teacher (Harry Potter!AU: G-Dragon)


Baby Steps (Taemin)

It’s A Dirty Job, So I’ll Call Mommy (Taemin)

Fluff With Interruptions (Taemin)

To My Baby Girl (Key)

Stitches (Taemin)

Daddy mode (Key)

Pure (Taemin)

Just A Few Drops (Jonghyun)

Whata Crush (ONEW)

Don’t Leave (Poly! Relationship w/Jongtae)

Home (Poly! Relationship w/Jongtae)

Hands (Poly! Relationship w/Jongtae)


You’re cute when you’re mad


It’s Official

Busted (Ft. Markson)

Hard to focus

Papa Eric

To shut you up

“Shut Up Eric!” (Ft. Markson)


Double Trouble(J-Hope)

Little Feet (V)

Suga Daddy (Suga)

The Help (J-Hope)

The Sweetest Klutz in the land (V AU)

Child of Apollo (V AU)

The one place I didn’t look (V AU)

Perfection (Jin)

Favorite student (Jin AU)

My puppy boy (V AU)

Tastes of heaven (Suga AU)

Sorry I’m a bad boy (Suga)

Sweet Sight (Jungkook)

Maknae with move (Jungkook)

Hobi-Wan (J-Hope)

To the moon and back (V AU)

Be Smart And Listen (Jimin)

Yum Yum (V)

Junior (Rap Monster)

The Dreams And The Stars (RAP MONSTER)

Wet Kisses (SUGA)

SNS Reacts (J-Hope)

Cold Snacks (Poly! Relationship w/VMIN)

Less Distraction (SUGA)

One Day You’ll Get It Til Then There’s Always Take Out (SUGA)

No Training Wheels (RAP MONSTER AU)

Ways To Say Goodbye and Not Feel Bad (Rap Monster)

Bath Bomb (Poly! Relationship w/Namjin)

Fatherly Duties (Poly! Relationship w/Sugamon)

Perfect Surprise (J-Hope)

Greenbean (Jin)

Surprise (SUGA)

Needy (SUGA)

Hidden Love (JIMIN)

Be Smart And Listen (Jimin)

The Help (J-Hope) Pt. 2ish

Ugly Duckling (JIMIN)

The Light Of My Eye (JIMIN)

A Day Well Spent (Poly Relationship w/JungHope)

Make It Up To Me (Poly Relationship w/ Jackmon) under both BTS&GOT7

Childish (Poly Relationship w/Taegi)

Team Work (Poly Relationship w/Taejin)

Tattooed Love (Poly Relationship w/Sugamon)

Stray Love (Poly Relationship w/Vkook)

Miles Away (Poly Relationship w/Jikook)

Hard Love (Poly Relationship w/ Junghope)

Two Sides (Jimin)

Family (Poly! Relationship w/ Sugakookie)

I Love You(Poly! Relationship w/Taekook)

The Special Guest (Poly! Relationship w/Taejin)

Panda Baby (JUNGKOOK)


A Bobby In Training (Bobby)

Bobby Daddy (Bobby)

Misunderstanding (Chanwoo)

All Hell (B.I)

Big Daddy (B.I)


Not a Big Deal (Youngmin)

What A Family (DONGHYUN)


No Pain no Gain (P-Goon)


Men And Their Bunnies (Poly! Relationship w/Hanjoo)

Days In (Jenissi)


Jealousy is a dark green (Xiao)

00:00 (Xiao)

Teddy Bear (Kuhn)


I don’t care how old he is (Hyunsik)


Risky when frisky


Screw Norm (Taeil)

Her (P.O)

I swear you were here yesterday (Taeil)

It was cute at first (Taeil)

The only brother who’s cool with you dating his sister (P.O)

Softie (Zico AU)

Lovely Lips (ZICO)

My Grace (Jaehyo)

My Dork (TAEIL)

My Family(Taeil)

Manly (Poly! Relationship w/2Ji)

A Bath With Bubbles (Kyung)


Words on paper (Donghae AU)

Ahh young love…hopefully not too young (Heechul)

Ahh Young Love…Hopefully Not Too Young (Heechul) Pt2

To Dance (Leeteuk)

“Ladylike” (SIWON)

Daddy’s Little Girl (HEECHUL)

Interruptions (LEETEUK)

I’ve Been Waiting (LEETEUK)

Seo In Guk

My “I’m Sorry”


Work Hard

Kim Woobin

Our Love


Surprise (Yixuan)


Daddy’s Girl (Leo)

Little Entertainment (Leo)

Koala Boy (Ravi)

Sick Days (LEO)

Daddy Play Date (Leo/Ken)

To The Cutest Thing In The Room (RAVI)

Lets have another (Leo)

And A Baby Will Grow (Ravi)


Clash (Taeyong)

Fourth Year Magic (Harry Potter!AU: Taeyong)

Flirt (Harry Potter!AU: Haechan)

He Likes To Stare (Harry Potter!AU: Mark)


She’s Not A Doll (Young K)

Feeling It (Dowoon)

Lee Chanhyuk

My Baby (Lee Chanhyuk)

I Like Your Brother (Lee Chanhyuk)


Daddy’s Bad Mouth (Yongguk)

The Biggest Fan (Jae)

Monsta X

(Poly! Relationship w/Hyunghyuk)

Some Ilhoon headcanons

•  wakes you up by nuzzling his face in your neck without really doing it on purpose
•  he’s so attracted to your warmth and the smell of your shampoo that you’ll find him doing this often
•  ‘I hate skinship’ my butt
•  this boy LIVES to have your hands all over him
•  Ilhoon will kiss your ears when you’re not paying attention to him
•  esp when he’s been wanting to tell you this story all day long
•  and finding you curled up on the couch watching ‘decendants of the sun’ was not how he was planning on spending his Friday night
•  sometimes he’ll grab your hand in his and sort of just run his thumb over your knuckles
•  then drag your fingertips over his lips
•  this happens when you’re both watching movies and he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it
•  like I said before, he’ll go crazy just watching you tracing his tattoos
•  reeeealllyyy wants to get one of your initials or at least something small
•  but you’ll remind him that he’ll regret it if anything happens
•  ofc then he’ll proceed to pull you onto his lap and scold you for saying such things
•  “y/n, I’ve said this a million times, stop being so stubborn. We’re gonna live together forever and have 20 mini me and you running around. Well grow old together and love each other like it’s the first time we met. Don’t say stuff like that, it really hurts my feelings.”
•  bursts out into songs when you’re cooking
•  and ofc he never lets you do all the cooking alone despite him not being any help at all
•  his way to stop arguments is to pull you into a hug
•  he won’t say a word, he’ll just hold you until you’ve calmed down and you’re both ready to forgive each other
•  bc yeah, sometimes things get heated sometimes and you’ll both hurt each others feelings
•  but he’d rather not let his ego get the best of him bc he loves you too much
•  and the feeling of you pressed against him is something that he’ll give up anything for
•  he likes his coffee with lots of sugar so his lips are always sweet in the morning
•  his hands are always locked around your waist while walking in public
•  on more than one occasion, yall ended up getting lost bc you were too entranced in your conversation and the sound of him laughing
•  he hooks his slim fingers into your jeans belt loops and gives you that mischievous look
•  “You wanna kiss me, I know y/n. Who am I to not give in to your wishes?”“
•  but….like his kisses will always take your breath away, I guarantee it
•  he starts by dragging his teeth over your lower lips and then out of nowhere his mouth is pressed fully against yours
•  he’s so vocal about it too like?? You’d think he’s all mighty and tough beforehand
•  but caress his neck and he’s done for
•  he’s such a gentle lover tbh, take good care of him for me 💛

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