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Short optional bias fluff thing.

Your fingers danced lazily over the smooth skin of his arm. As always, you had woken before dawn which granted you the time to marvel over the beautiful boy who slept before you. Despite the piercings that lined his ears, in sleep, he looked innocent, serine, peaceful. His flawless face seemed to glow as the morning light began to drift through his window, illuminating his perfect features. You found that your hand had made its way up his arm to his face where it was gently exploring each dip and line. Your small fingers traced his sharp jaw line and cheekbones, around the sockets of his eyes and over his soft cheeks, tip-toeing their way to his lips. Those you outlined most gently, your fingers sweetly caressing every centimeter of the perfect facial feature. You couldn’t help yourself as you leaned in to press a light kiss to those beautiful lips. They rested there for a moment before you moved up, pressing another to the tip of his nose and other to his forehead. You placed one to each eyelid before your fingers curled around his right wrist, bring it up to meet your lips. Your breath ghosted over his palm as you brought his fingertips to your lips and pressed those sweet kisses to each one.

Suddenly, you were interrupted by a hand. You looked up, away from his slender fingers, to see that he had woken. His other hand rested gently on your cheek, his eyes on yours. A smile was etched onto his lips as you dropped his hand, your arms snaking their way around his waist, your head snuggling into his bare chest. His arms wrapped around you in turn, crushing you to him lovingly as he pressed a gentle kiss into your sweet smelling hair. If love had a scent, that would be it.


     He was laying down on his bed, browsing through a design book as you sat at his desk searching up recent movie releases on the laptop. Your eyes scanned the web page as you scrolled down. However, you kept tuned into his voice as he told you about his recent projects. The sound of a band played through his iPod speakers in the background and the smell of his cologne enveloped your nose with a sentimental warmth. 

     Your back ached as you had been sitting in the chair for awhile and you reached your arms above your head, stretching them and letting out a whimper as the tension in your muscles relaxed. Swivelling the chair around, you looked at him laying on his side on the bed flipping through the pages of the book.

Find anything?” he asked, his gaze leaving the book and finding you for a moment. 

Nope” you sighed as your attention drifted to the window as the breeze moved the curtain and the descending sunlight reflected off the window frame. 

     You stood from your seat and walked over to the bed, laying on the other side of it - facing him as he continued to flip through pages, slowly now. You looked up at him, his gaze focused intently on the book in front of him. You felt a pull inside your chest, urging you to get close to him and you couldn’t stop yourself.

     You delicately slid into his arms, nuzzling yourself into his chest. He smiled to himself, taken aback for a moment before placing the book down and shifting his own position so that he could fully surround you. You breathed in his cologne and a pleasant warmth fluttered through your body. 

It felt like being in a car with the sunlight providing the perfect warmth as it was shining down on you through the windows. Or like laying in the grass on a warm summer’s day. 

     You felt a sudden sleepiness take over you as you became even more comfortable. You completely snuggled into the crook of his body and he curled himself closer around you - his arms wrapping around your body, and gently stroking your hair. 

You closed your eyes as you listened to the sound of his breathing become shallow in tune with your own. Before you knew it, you had both drifted to sleep as the daylight waned and you were filled with the sweetness of snuggling up so comfortably next to him. 

It's all in the body language

It’s dark but in the flashing lights you see him.

His eyes say You’ll be screaming my name very soon

His body says I’ll make sure you feel me for days

His fingers say Just wait

His teeth say You’re mine

He’s licking into your mouth, tongue tangling with yours and all you can think is

Fuck me

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optional bias scenario?… you always avoid him because you are really shy and don’t know how to act in front of him… but one day, you two get stuck in a elevator ^.^ thank you!

Bias = (_____)
You = _____

There was this one boy in the entertainment that you had your eyes on. You adored him, he was beautiful. Pretty much everyone in the building was beautiful, but he was just a little bit more beautiful, you never understood how and why.

He was part of (band name) and you adored him a lot more than the other members. Even if you enjoyed talking with his bandmates, you never actually talk to him. Your heart couldn’t do it if he wasn’t right in front of you, his lips moving at the same times words coming out. Your brain couldn’t focus on both if he was the one talking to you.

“______! Can you go give this to (bias’s band name) please? I forgot to give it to them.” Jani asked.

You really wanted to refuse but a part of you insisted to do it. Your arms grab the bag and get out of your dorm, walking to your crush’s.

You knock on the door and waited several minutes. You knocked more than ten times until it opened, showing (_____)’s face. You were about to scream as you saw him, but kept your mouth shut to avoid trouble.

“H-hi…” You stuttered like usually.

“Oh! _____! Thanks! Do you want to come in?” He asked.

You shook your head and smiled before leaving. You went back to your room as soon as you got to the dorm and threw yourself on to your bed.

“Ah! Stupid stupid stupid stupid!” You shouted in your pillow.

You looked at the sky that was already dark. You knew it was soon going to be your entertainment’s six month trip, meaning all of the artists in the company were all together going to go to the same country and have a concert called ’(name of the entertainment)’s 6 months with fans!’. You knew you would be with (____) for the 6 months, in the same plane, in the same hotel, but not in the same room of course.

A few weeks passed and soon you were to wake up at 4 AM to get to Canada. You were in the plane that was full with staffs, soloists, groups and managers. It was big enough to get a hold of all of you.

“Can I sit near the bathroom incase I need to vomit?” Suji asked, half asleep.

“I’ll switch places with you.” (____) said.

Shoot please no… you told yourself.

You closed your eyes as soon as his presence was next to you. You heard him telling you ‘hi _____!’ but you didn’t answer.

“I guess she’s asleep.” He says, laying back on his seat.

While the airplane was moving, you felt someone grab your head and lay it on his shoulder. It was (____).

The trip was quite embarrassing since he would keep talking to you that was faking to be asleep for 10 hours. You could hear a bunch of 'clicks’. You knew he was taking pictures of you two. You woke up and looked outside, you tried very hard to avoid talking with him or anything, but it was complicated since he would talk to you and you tried your best to answer without giving weird voice tones.

“You’re really cute, ______.” He says, pinching your cheek.

You smiled at his compliment. “Thanks…”

“For once you’re not stuttering! Is it because we’re in the plane?” He teases you.

You smirk and tell him proudly. “No, I’m just in a good mood right now.”

“Ah, really? Did you know that you’re even cuter when you sleep?”

“If you want to see my sleeping face, why not sleep with me at the hotel?” You joked.

He looked surprised at your sentence. Did you really just say that? Did it sound wrong? You cover your mouth and turn away, regretting what you said. During the ride, you didn’t say anything to him, only thanking him when he let you get to the bathroom or when the waitress gave you your snack.

You felt guilty during the ride to the hotel. You knew it was really wrong to ask that to your colleagues, especially when he was like a brother to you. A brother you loved and worked with. Like you were in the same entertainment tree.

You entered your room with Suji and started unpacking. The bedroom was beautiful and the bed was really comfortable. You visited each room, excepting (_____)’s. He was sleeping with one of his members, you didn’t know which.

“Alright guys, time to go eat supper!” Your manager says, knocking on the door.

You arrived at the buffet of the hotel. It was beautiful, like those fancy restaurants. You walked around and looked for your favourite foods. You spent more time in the dessert section more than the other ones. You kept staring at the cake that was sitting on a silver plate. It was beautiful and no one touched it.

You look at the hand that grabs a piece with the spatula and puts it on your plate.

“Oh! Thank—” You looked up to see who it was.

(____) was standing next to you and smiled. He nods and grabs a piece for himself. Before he got the chance to tell you something, you heard (name of a bandmate) run to him and grab his arm. He left you at the counter.

“Are you already done, ______?” Jani asked.

“Yeah… I’m going to go shower.” You said, pushing the chair.

You walked to the elevator and pressed on the 'up’ button. You waited for the door to open. As soon as it opens and you step in, you click on the 12th floor and you hear someone shout 'wait’. You stop the elevator and let the person in.

Oh no you told yourself

(_____) smiles again at you and clicks on a button to close the door. No one else came in during the trip to your floor. You looked at the screen that was showing which floor you were at. You could see (_____) reflection on the mirror that was next to you.

“Eek!” You shouted, falling on to him.

The elevator suddenly stopped at the 8th floor, leaving the two of you stucked in it. You felt his hand grab yours strongly and his other arm around you. Your face was glued to his chest, you could feel his heart beat.

You wiggle your hand to make him let go of you, which he does. You push his arm off and sit at the other corner of the cabin. You stayed there quietly and looked around.

You saw the same walls, mirror, door and buttons for the 10 minutes that passed. You didn’t bother saying a word to him, you knew you would mess up.

“_____…” He says.

You turn your head to him. “Y-yes?”

“You know we can still talk even if we’re not in the plane, right?”

You nod and look down at your shoes. He approaches to you and sits next to you. You couldn’t move away since your body was next to the wall and him. Unless you walked to the other corner, which would be pretty rude to him.

You waited long enough, suddenly realizing that he was looking at your lips.

“W-what do you want?” You asked.

“There’s a piece of cake of your lips.” He laughed.

He slams his lips on to yours. You could feel his lips suck yours. You felt weird, your heart was going crazy, your head too. Before you realized that you were putting your arms around his neck, he pushes you slowly and asks you.

“What are you doing?” in a low and sexy whisper.

“I…” You removed your arms. “It was your fault for kissing me!” You blushed intensely, feeling crazy inside.

“I wasn’t kissing you! I was taking the piece of cake! You asked me what I wanted, I wanted the cake!”

You felt embarrassed now. Great, the kiss was going well until you just really had to put your arms.

“But the kiss was great.” He whispers, moving his lips near yours. “I’m dying for another make out session.”

A couple minutes after kissing each other in many different ways, the elevator moves again. You finally arrived at the floor you had to get to. As the doors open, you see Suji and Jani standing there. They looked down and saw your hands locked together.

You moved it to let go but he didn’t release you. He turned to you and smiled, keeping your hand in his. He bows to your friends and walks out of the elevator.

“Am I allowed to come in to your room?” He asks, looking at you unlocking the door.


“Then do you want to come to mine?”

“No?” You answered. “Why would I come?”

“Because we’re both really good a kissing and there’s another reason why hotels are made.” He winks.

pls don’t expect me to write the rest of the scenario with you two fucking lol but you could ask another really good blog that can do smut scenarios really well lmao :-)

Special (M)

      The lights were dim and the faint sound of a smooth beat was playing in the background. The light reflected your silhouettes onto the wall, and you could hear his breath catching as he pressed his entire body against yours. His fingers gently pulled on the strap of your dress, trailing down your arm as the silk fabric started to slip off. He stopped and looked into your eyes as the rest of your clothing fell, gathering at your feet. His face inched close to yours, his hot breath caressing the crook of your neck. 

Will you be mine?” his voice was rich and soft. 

He left sweet pecks along your neck before he looked back into your eyes searching for the answer. You could feel your heart jump in your chest and inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. He ran his warm hand against your now rosey cheek, pushing the hair out of your face. You nuzzled yourself against his touch, nodding slightly. 

Tonight… you’re my special lady” he spoke before taking your lips. He stepped into you, leading you backwards towards the bed - never breaking away from you as he did.

     You felt the mattress against the back of your legs. He held you close, tenderly kissing your lips, as he slowly laid you down making sure you were as comfortable as possible. You felt the cool mattress against your bare skin, easing the warmth at first touch. He climbed over you, resting himself against your body. Your heart beat quickened as you felt his chest resting on yours. 

Sit back - ” he whispered, softly kissing the tender spot below your ear.

relax your mind” he continued as his kisses trailed down your neck, stopping between your breasts. He looked back up at you, his deep chocolate brown eyes melting your body. You rested your hands on his back, a fluttering feeling sweeping over you. You let yourself sink deeper into his arms.

     Slowly, and with detail, he touched you. Each touch leaving a tingling sensation on your skin. His fingers worked inside of you and your body trembled. You felt him smirk against your skin, loving even the small trembles with which your body reacted. 

      Your bodies became moist with sweat, your chests rising and falling with each deep breath you took. He softly brushed your damp hair out of your face, leaving a sweet kiss on your lips before plunging into you. Your bodies moved in sync. Rhythmic and slow, but with an undeniable force. You let out a pleased whimper as he reached you in places you never thought imaginable. Your body became hotter and your head was clouding over. You closed your eyes and arched your back, taking him in completely. You could feel yourself getting closer to the high. 

Say my name” he breathed against your ear as he continued to thrust himself into you.

     Closer. You ran your fingers through his hair, grabbing at it. He quickened his pace. Closer.  You could feel his heart racing against yours and you became overwhelmed with heat and passion. You called out his name as you released.

      He followed shortly after and your bodies became limp, falling into each other. You could still feel his heart beating as the weight of his chest draped against yours. He rested his forehead on yours, his breathing softer now.  He broke away to leave a tender kiss on your forehead before laying beside you, pulling you into his body - your back pressing against his chest. He traced circles around your shoulder and neck, soothing your mind, as you both drifted to sleep. 

Ilhoon: When He Hits You During A Fight

Author’s Note: Here are my angsty feels for the night. Don’t worry—there’s a happy ending! I feel much better after writing this. :)

This is dedicated to the anon who requested this scenario. <3


You stayed on your side of the room while he stayed on his, the two of you glaring at each other maliciously. Your arms were folded over your chest in a defensive stance, your feet rooted to the spot. He stood there with his arms at his sides, his hands balled into fists where they hung. He pulled his eyes away from yours, his jaw setting as he turned his attention to a photo on the wall instead—a photo of the two of you. You followed his gaze and scoffed, turning to glare out the window just to give yourself an excuse not to look at him.

You shut your eyes, clenching your teeth together as a tear slipped silently from your eye. You tapped your foot in aggravation at yourself for letting him get to you. You ran your hand over your face in an attempt to make it look casual—you couldn’t let him see you cry. You were too late, however, as you heard him let out a hollow laugh from across the room.

“Why are you crying?” He hissed. “I’m the one who should be upset.”

You turned on your heel to glare at him, approaching him in a few easy steps. He stood his ground, glaring down at you without moving one inch from his spot. You stared up at him, unsure of what to say now that you were there. You settled for just shaking your head, your eyes closing in defeat.

“I can’t make you believe me,” you said quietly.

“You’re not even going to try?” He asked, his voice angry. You opened your eyes again, a look of confusion falling upon your features.

“I’ve tried, Ilhoon. I don’t know what else I can do–”

“Don’t mess around with other guys. That’s what you can do.” His words were harsh as his steely gaze bore into yours. You shook your head once more, turning away from him and running a hand through your hair in frustration. Word had been released to the press somehow that you were seeing other men behind Ilhoon’s back. Your relationship had been made public a few months back and you knew that he had gained antis because of it, but you didn’t think it would really get this bad. His fans had been understanding, for the most part, and told him how happy they were that he had found you.

You didn’t think it was the work of his fans, necessarily—it was more just that there was nothing else in the news and it was about time BtoB had some sort of scandal. You assumed that your relationship was the one that had to suffer because of it.

Photos had been leaked of you with other men—mainly in front of your place of employment. You worked with several male employees, and a few had made some passes at you but you always let Ilhoon know who and when. You never kept anything from him. On the other hand, a lot of the men you worked with were gentlemen and would do things such as holding doors open for you, bringing you back coffee on bad days—you didn’t think it would get this out of hand. Everything was being taken way out of proportion and Ilhoon wasn’t giving you a chance to properly explain yourself.

“So, that’s it then?” He said, snapping you out of your thoughts. “Are you not going to defend yourself? Say something.

What.” You snapped, rushing forward so fast that your head was spinning slightly. You were nose to chest with him, your head tilted up to look right in his eyes. “I’ve told everything I could. I told you that I wasn’t cheating—you’re refusing to believe me. Are you really that insecure about our relationship, Ilhoon?”

You knew that you were crossing some lines but you couldn’t stop the words that were coming out of your mouth. “I have tried so hard to please you and it always turns into a damned fight! I’m sick of it!”

“Then leave!” He shouted, his face hovering over yours and his eyes crazed with anger.

“Maybe I will!”

It was at the moment that you felt the sting of his hand crossing your left cheek, causing your entire body to turn as you lost your footing and hit the ground. You managed to catch yourself on your hands but kept your face down, you hair shielding your horrified expression. Ilhoon had never hurt you before—at least not intentionally.

The room was silent for several seconds, neither one of you daring to speak as you silently assessed the seriousness of the situation.

“.._____…” He said your name softly. You felt him kneel down next to you and flinched, jerking away from him. You didn’t say anything as you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, cringing when you felt the sting on your cheek. You looked at him finally and for the first time that night, he looked genuinely concerned.

“I can’t believe you just did that…” You said quietly. He stared at you, opening his mouth to say something but no words came out. You stood shakily. He reached out to help you but you jerked away at his touch for the second time. You didn’t want to be anywhere near him.

“I need to leave..” You said, your voice void of emotion. There were so many things that you wanted to say at the moment, but you were so much in shock that you couldn’t pick the right ones.

“I’m sorry–” You heard him say but you held your hand up, stopping him.

“I’m going,” you said, your voice flat. “I’m really going, Ilhoon. Don’t you dare come after me.”

“Baby—please..” You shook your head, your eyes brimming with tears. You hurried back to your room and shut the door behind you, locking it before backing away. The back of your legs hit the bed and you felt your knees give out on you, your body falling against the mattress as you curled up into a ball. Yor curled in on yourself, grabbing the blanket and pulling it over you completely. You wrapped yourself in your cocoon as you let the tears you had been holding back so diligently finally fall. You cried hard, knowing he could hear you but you wanted him too. You wanted him to see exactly how he was making you feel.

You had planned to pack your things and leave that night but your body was too weak for you to move. Everything that the night had built up to lead you to where you were now, and you weren’t sure that you could even leave your spot due to the emotional crash. You knew Ilhoon was sitting outside of the door—you could hear him hitting the back of his head against the wall lightly. You imagined him sitting there, his eyes closed as he thought back to the events of the past few hours.

You hoped he felt bad. You hoped he regretted it.

You stayed that way for most of the night. You never slept, allowing yourself to stare at the wall with a blank expression. You didn’t even think—you couldn’t. You didn’t keep track of time and before you knew it, the sun was rising and the rays shined through your window. For the first time in hours you moved, turning your head against the mattress as the rays made your eyes burn. You pushed yourself up on your hands, your body weak from the lack of energy before you let your gaze slide from the mattress to the bedroom door. The only thing that was separating you from Ilhoon.

You sat up, running a hand through your hair before standing. You stumbled across the room slightly, putting your hand on the dresser for support as you regained your composure. When you were sure that you could stand properly, you made your way to the door and unlocked it slowly. You could hear him before you saw him, the sound of him moving on the other side of the door. You heard him scramble up from his spot on the floor before you heard his voice.

“____-ah..” He said. You closed your eyes, letting out a deep sigh as you pressed your forehead against the door.

“I don’t know if I can talk to you,” you admitted through the door, still not willing to open it just yet.

“I know…” He said. “Just…. hear me out? Please?” You didn’t respond so he took that as his cue to continue.

“I’m sorry, ____. I-… I don’t know what came over me. I know it’s not an excuse.. I know. I just–.. God, I don’t know. After hearing all of that stuff on the TV.. not even hearing anything from you… I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I know. I don’t know why I didn’t believe you…”

You opened the door finally, staring up at him blankly. He stared back, his eyes wide from the shock of you coming out of the room so quickly. You watched him, knowing that if you stood there for much longer that you would give in. “Let me make it better,” he said, his gaze locked on yours.

You felt your throat swelling up and you broke eye contact, looking away from him as tears began flowing once again. You could see the expression on Ilhoon’s face out of the corner of your eyes and you knew that it was breaking his heart to see you like this. Despite his harsh words from the night before, he hated to see you cry. You glanced at him, seeing his hand twitch like he was about to touch you but refrained.

“When did we become like this?” You asked quietly. He shook his head.

“I don’t know..” He pulled you to him suddenly, unable to take it for much longer and cradled the back of your head against his hand. He repeated apologies in your ear over and over, not giving you any chances to answer him back. He pulled back long enough to kiss your forehead, your cheek, your nose, jaw.. anywhere that he could get to without you pulling away. His lips found yours suddenly and you knew you were done.

You knew he was sorry and a part of you knew he would never do it again. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling away from his kiss in favor of a hug instead. You closed your eyes, your cheek resting against his chest. You could hear his heart beating fast, probably from the anxiety of waiting for you all night.

He definitely had some making up to do, but you knew the two of you could get through it.  

Closing the Distance (Optional Bias)

“You can do this. I know you can.” Your friend massages your shoulders as if you were preparing for a big fight. “You two are kind of friends. You’ll be okay." 

"We sit next to each other during class." 

"You talk to each other outside of class too. Ah, whatever. Here he comes. Go, go!” Your friend turns you around and pushes you in his direction. You slowly make your way over and try to act as naturally as possible, pulling your phone out and coincidentally walking into him. 

“Oh, hi.” You smile at him nervously and put your phone away. “Are you on your way to class?" 

"No? It’s lunch.”

“Right, right. Silly me.” He laughs and the two of you start walking down the hall.

“You should be more careful, you’re going to hurt yourself if you walk around while using your phone." 

"Yeah, I will." 

"Good, I don’t want you getting hurt.” He pats your head and you feel your heart flutter. “Do you have lunch plans?" 

"Nope. I was actually going to ask you that too. I have something to tell you." 

"Perfect timing then! Let’s go out for lunch.” You couldn’t believe the situation you were in. You weren’t sure if he was just being polite, but you swore to make the most of your golden opportunity. 

You made your way to a restaurant near the school and took a seat. You order your food and watch the waitress leave. You’re suddenly left in an awkward silence. 

“You said you wanted to tell me something. What was it?" 

"It’s nothing important. I’ll tell you later." 

"Don’t do that! The anticipation will kill me.” You refuse to tell him and you’re saved by the waitress returning with your food. “Okay, tell me after we eat. Okay?” You nod. 

It came too quickly. You both finished eating faster than usually and now he was leaning on the table, his eyes full of expectation.

“What are you staring at?" 

"You. You said you’d tell me after lunch. Don’t tell me you were lying. I’ll never trust you again.” You looked around anxiously and took a deep breath. You had the perfect opportunity and if you let it slip by, you would never forgive yourself. 

“We’re friends, right?” You asked him cautiously, constantly watching his expression.

“Yeah, did you think we weren’t?”

“I don’t know. We sit next to each other in one class." 

"True, but we get along. Besides, would people who aren’t friends go out for lunch together?" 

"I guess not." 

"Is that all you wanted to ask me?" 

"No, I actually wanted to say something. It’s been on my mind since I met you.” He leans back in his seat, crossing his arms, and you’re mortified as you see his smile disappear. But you continue, “I like you a lot, and not as a friend.” You sneak glances at his expression. He purses his lips and stands up. His smile returns and he pulls you up from your seat.

“We should get back to school." 

"Huh?” He puts his arm around your shoulders and you walk back to school with a confused look on your face. “I don’t–" 

"Did you finish that assignment for math?”

“What? Yes, but–" 

"Can I see it? I didn’t understand some of the problems." 

"Yes, but I don’t–”

“Do you want to watch a movie this weekend?" 

"Sure, but–" 

"Oh, I totally forgot–" 

"Hey! Let me talk!” He’s shocked by your sudden outburst, but continues walking. “Are you just going to ignore the fact that I just confessed to you? You’re not even going to give me an answer?" 

"But I am." 


"You said that you like me and I’m returning the feelings. What has to change between being friends and dating? Can’t we just continue talking like we used to? Isn’t there already a huge change? I wouldn’t have pulled you this close if we weren’t dating." 

"Since when were we dating?" 

"Why? Don’t want to now that you have me?" 

"You’re not just taking advantage of my feelings, are you?" 

"You know me, I’m not that kind of guy." 


"Ouch, I’m hurt. My girlfriend doesn’t even trust me.” His girlfriend? You liked the sound of that. 

“Then why didn’t you just say that you liked me too? Why am I the one who has to live in the dark?” You shake his arm off and frown. “I want to hear you say it before I let this relationship continue." 

"You want to hear it? Loud and clear?" 

"Yes. I don’t want to be the only one who has their feelings out in the open for you to abuse. I need a proper confession of how you feel about me." 

"Fine.” The moment you walk past the school gates he clears his throat and puts his hands up to his face. “This is my new girlfriend! She finally confessed to me and I just have to let the whole school know that I love her too!" 

"Oh my God! Stop that!” You grab his wrists and look around frantically. 

“You just said you wanted me to confess and now you don’t want to? Boy, you’re a confusing one.” You slap his arm and he has a stupid grin on his face. “Satisfied?" 

"I don’t get you." He kisses you on the cheek and puts his arm back around your shoulders. 

"Well, now that we’re dating, you’ll have plenty of time to figure it out." 


Just going in order you guys~ I intend to get through half the scenarios… But that means like 30… So we’ll see how this goes. lmfao

B1A4, Exo, and BTOB: Meeting Your Parents For The First Time

Requested By: Anonymous ~ How would b1a4, exo, and btob react to meeting their girlfriend’s parents for the first time?

Jinyoung: “I’m so nervous, what if they don’t like me”

CNU: “Hopefully they love my fabulous hair like you do”

Sandeul: “Do they know I’m an idol?”

Baro: “I’m gonna show them my amazing rap skills”

Gongchan: “I’ll surely win them over with my cuteness”

Suho: “Darling don’t worry I got this, being a leader comes in handy”

Kris: “Hope they didn’t see anything on TV about me, I want them to think I’m cool”

Xiumin: “I really hope they don’t think I’m younger than you or anything”

Luhan: “They’re gonna think I’m a girl aren’t they?”

Chen: *note to self Don’t say anything sexual about Y/N”

Baekhyun: “Y/N don’t bring up anything embarrassing…like how we met I don’t want your dad to kill me”

Lay: “Ah you’re parents are coming over better get dinner started”

D.O: “Ooh I’ll bring some food they’ll surely love my cooking”

Tao: “Should I tell them that I know how to do wushu or will they think that’s too scary?”

Chanyeol: “They’re gonna be surprised at how cute I am with such a deep voice”

Kai: “They’ve seen me on TV?!” No no I have teo tell them that I’m just a little boy not a sex machine”

Sehun: “Babe don’t worry I know the right words to say” 

Eunkwang: “I’m so excited to meet them to see how you used to act and look”

Minhyuk: “Your dad likes sports, I think we’ll get along just fine”

Changsub: “I’m nervous but happy to see my future in laws”

Hyunsik: “This eye smile captures hearts of many, I got this”

Peniel: “Your family speaks English, I speak English, this is a connection

Ilhoon: “I’m sure I’ll do fine” *secretly scared as fuck that your dad will find out you guys had sex on the first night*

Sungjae: “If they ask if we had sex, what am I supposed to say”

Can you write a scenario with optional bias and he’s shooting for his comeback and you see him get really close with the girls? So you start to feel less confident and all? Thanks!

Your boyfriend = (_____)
Your name = ____

“Hey, are you listening?” Your boyfriend asks, while you fold the laundry with him.

“Yes, of course… But… What is the concept about? Can’t you tell me?” You asked, thinking he would give you a hint since you were a special person.

He smirks and sticks his tongue out. “No, you’re still a fan, you can’t know what the concept is without the others knowing!”

“Ah, oppa! Please! I’ve been good to you!” You said, with a pout.

“No you weren’t, I asked you to come with me to the mall once and you said you didn’t want to because you were ‘too busy eating chips’.”

“But that was long ago…”

“Just last week you didn’t want to sleep with me because it was ‘too hot’! You slept in the bathtub that you filled with cold water and you got sick!”

“That was last week.” You said, trying to not laugh.

“Last night, you stood up late and tried to make me stay awake while I was about to die of tiredness! And I’m still tired!” He said, laying down, putting his head on your lap.

“You don’t deserve sleeping on my lap, then!” You said, poking his cheeks.

He laughs and helps you fold the rest of the clothes. After supper and showering, you spent the rest of the evening watching TV. The next morning, you woke up in your bed without your boyfriend next to you. You roll on the bed until your feet falls on to the floor. You get up and head to the bathroom to get ready and buy things for your boyfriend.

You adored making surprises, especially when they’re fun ones. You arrived to his entertainment and opened the door where you heard one of his best friends voice.

“Hello everyone!~” You shouted with a cheerful voice.

They all turned to you and smiled.

”____! You’re here!” A member says.

“Hey, hey, don’t hug my girlfriend! You’re all sweaty!” Your boyfriend says, approaching to you and putting his arm around your neck.

“But you’re sweaty too!” The boy sitting on the floor says.

“Yeah but I’m her boyfriend.” He replies, kissing your forehead.

You gather around and share the snacks you bought. You later cleaned up and looked at him practice. You loved seeing your (____) sweat like crazy. He was even more attractive. Especially when his shirt sticks to his chest and his muscles shows off, his veins too.

By the end of the day, the members thank you once more for your visit and you go back home with your boyfriend. You went to visit them each day. A few weeks later, you walk to the room where they used to be, just like yesterday. But today, they weren’t there. You check the time and the schedule that was on the door. The name of the band wasn’t there, the square was blank. You walk around the building and find a staff.

“Oh, hello! I’m (____)’s girlfriend and, um, do you know where they are right now?” You asked.

“They’re at the studio, filming for the music video. Let me show you.”

You follow the man down the stairs and get in to a car. He drives you to a certain place where it was written the name of the group. You leave the car and look around. It looked like you were in a lost place with only a few buildings. You enter the place that apparently your boyfriend was in and saw a few boys standing near the camera. You smiled and looked around, trying to find your boyfriend.

“Oh! _____?” A familiar voice says.

You turn around and see a member of the band walking towards you.

“Are you looking for (____)? I don’t know where he went, either, honestly.”

“Oh, it’s alright, I—”

“Places! Take your places!” The director says.

You finally got to see your boyfriend gathered with the other boys. They were dancing with other girls. It felt like a little light in your body started to light up. You felt jealous, scared, angry and sad. A mix of the four.

You take a closer look to your boyfriend. His hand was sliding down another girl’s body, his smile was pretty shiny and he didn’t bother moving his body as the same rhythm as hers. She was pretty skinny, not extremely. She was 100% a S line. Boobs and a nice butt, her face was like perfection and her hair was extremely well done. She barely had any make up on, a little bit of mascara and lipstick, she was pimple free. Her legs were shining and hairless, her arms too. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt and a mini shirt that showed her cleavage and her stomach.

You tired to not scream and make a huge drama in the studio. As the director shouts ‘cut’, your boyfriend didn’t bother walking towards you. He was talking to the girl.

”_____! What are you doing here? Are you looking for (____)?” Another member asks.

“Not anymore…” You said, trying to keep your tears away from rolling down.

You hand him the bag and leave from the set.

Your boyfriend’s POV

We were about to get back to the scene where (name of a member) sits down and attempts to get the girl. I walk to a chair and grab a water bottle. (Member that has the food) came to me.

“Hey, you. Here’s your food.” He said, throwing a plastic to me.

“Uh? How did you get this?” I asked, opening the bag.

“Your girlfriend came, don’t act stupid.” He answered with a cold tone.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?” I asked, opening the lunchbox.

“She came and you didn’t even go talk to her. You were talking with one of the noonas.”

“That’s because she was talking to me so I couldn’t just cut her off like that. I didn’t even see ____ there.”

He leaves and walks to the other members. I don’t really get to his reason to be angry, honestly.

For the first time, _____ didn’t text me. There wasn’t any “Good luck, baby >

Your POV

Your phone vibrates for the hundredth time. It was still your boyfriend texting you. Things likes

(____): Are you there, baby?
(____): I’m outsidee aaaaahhh
(____): Are you at home?
(____): Why aren’t you answering me?? ㅠㅠ
(____): Did I do something wrong? D:
(____): Sweetiiiie~~~ are you there?
(____): I’m nervous, are you alright?
(____): You’re angry, aren’t you?
(____): Hahah I knew it
(____): No actually it’s not funny sob sob what’s wrong? :(
(____): Honeyy!!!!!!!!!!!
(____): Did you hear my scream?
(____): Seriously, what’s going on, why aren’t you answering?
(____): (your family name and name) if you’re not opening up I’m going to enter by the window
(____): No but seriously, what’s wrong, _____?
(____): Are you even at home? I’m worried

Your hand was shaking when you were debating on either answering or leaving it. You took the second option and fell asleep since your eyes were too tired to stay open.

The next day, you wake up to eat well and start exercising. You weren’t fat or anything. You just couldn’t stop comparing yourself from the girl of yesterday. Days passed slower without your boyfriend around. You weren’t sure if you were still dating, but you read on the Internet that the comeback was released and the promotion was done. And yet, he never came home.

You leave to get to the gym like you do each week. While you were running on the treadmill, you spot your boyfriend walking on the sidewalk. His eyes were red, his face too. He had dark circles under his eyes and he looked disgusting. His head slowly turned to the gym’s window like a zombie’s head and it stares at you. The boy’s body suddenly starts to run. You see the door of the gym open.

Oh no you whispered.

You get off the machine and run to the girl’s washroom. You start to shower and get ready to leave without him seeing you. You achieved the first mission, but on the way to your house, you hear him scream your name.

You started to run and get to your apartment.

“Wait! _____!” His voice shouts.

You run to your apartment and unlock the door as fast you could. You hear his footsteps getting closer as you tried to find the right key. His face appeared and he started to run to you. You open the door as fast as you could and close it. You didn’t even get to close it. He pushes the door open and hugs you.

”____…” He whispers.

You didn’t answer. All you could do is just cry silently.

“Why didn’t you answer me?… Why? Why?! What did I do wrong?! Tell me, please!! Just tell me!! I was about to die! Do you know who hard it was for me to live 5 whole months without you?! And it wasn’t even my choice?! It was hardest thing ever, do you understand how hard it was on me?!”

You couldn’t answer. You mumbled a few words but continued shaking and crying.

“Do you know how much I missed you?” He whispers.

He still didn’t let you go of his hug. He holds you tighter and start to open his arms.

“W-what’s this? What’s with your body?” He asks, confused of the changes.

You walk to your room and he follows you in. He asks you once more and you look at him.

“I just didn’t want to lose you.” You answered, your lips shaking with the words.

“Lose me? How? To who?” He asks.

“To her. The girl you were holding during the filming. The girl that had a perfect body. The girl that had perfect face, hair, legs, arms, everything.”

“Oh no, she’s older than me and she has a boyfriend.” He said.

You stare at him and tried to not scream. You suffered 5 months to be pretty and perfect, and turns out, the girl already had a guy.

“You don’t need to worry about those things. Either the girl I’m filming with is older or younger, in a relationship or not, I won’t leave you for them. It will never happen, understand? You just made a stupid act of thinking like that.” He says, wrapping his arms around waist.

“Don’t try to tell me that you’ve been good to me, you’ve hurt both of us for the past 5 months. This shouldn’t happen anymore, especially when we’ll get married.” He says, with a smile.

Stay The Night

     The smell of the roast chicken and potatoes tickled your senses. You took a deep breath in and smiled. Getting up from your seat, you wrapped your sweater around yourself to keep warm. You crouched down in front of the oven, staring in through the little window at the food sizzling in the heat.

is it doneeee yet?” you questioned, examining the brown and crispy skin of the chicken shining beneath the oven’s lights.

Yahhhhh, so impatient” he rolled his eyes, laughing, before bumping you aside. His scent tickled your nose as he moved past you and you felt at ease. When he opened the oven, your eyes lit up and your stomach growled as the smell of the food pleasantly overwhelmed your nostrils. 

You skipped away and helped get some plates and utensils, softly placing them on the table.

     Your mouth watered as you took the first bite. You had forgotten to eat all day and the chicken was moist and full of flavor. It was as though the food was dancing with your tastebuds. Good food and good company was just what you needed after the hectic week you’d been having. It was nice to be in the comfort of your friend’s home. You always felt more comfortable over at his than you did at your own place. You took another bite of your food as he took a sip from his drink. You watched him tentatively as he did.

You didn’t realize how closely you had been paying attention to him lately. You’d been friends for awhile but for some reason you always craved to be near him. Maybe it was as a result of your life being messy and him being the only comfort and sanctuary you had. When you were with him you felt at ease, forgetting all your other problems. But something in the back of your mind always stopped you short. He’s your friend. He sees you as a friend. I’m sure there’s other girls. It’s too late to go from friends to something more now. You don’t have a -

was it good?” he asked, waving his hand in front of your face to regain your attention. You shook your head pushing what you were thinking about away from consciousness.

mmm” you replied, smiling with a mouth still filled with food. You finished your plate and helped wash and dry the dishes. After going to the washroom, you walked out to find him searching through a cabinet for a movie. He picked out a few, fanning them for you to pick one. Right away you picked the romantic comedy, causing him to laugh and roll his eyes a little. 

      He popped the movie in as you made the popcorn. Again, you found yourself distracted, watching him as he settled in his spot to watch the movie. The microwave beeped and that was when you realized the smell of popcorn had filled the kitchen. You poured it into a bowl and walked over to the couch he sat on. Suddenly you had a ball in your stomach, unsure of what to do with yourself. You placed the popcorn between the two of you and took your seat. Settling into the movie.

      Time seemed to fly by faster than you wished. You had already watched 2 movies but you didn’t want the night to end. You let out a resignated sigh looking at your watch. It was already past midnight.

I should get going” you stood up to gather your things.

Stay the night” his voice was soft. You stopped in your tracks, unsure if you had heard correctly. You turned around to face him but his eyes were still glued to the TV.

Eh?” you questioned, to confirm your suspicions that you were losing it and imaging the things you wished for were finally happening. Slowly, he turned to you. The look in his eyes made your heart catch a beat. It was different. It was pleading, wanting.

Do you want to stay the night?” he asked this time. You froze up for a second, every part of your body tingling. He patted the cushion next to him and you urged your feet to move towards him. Slowly, you settled back down, this time right next to him. He pulled you into his chest, his scent overwhelming you, and you closed your eyes easing yourself into him.

I thought you’d never ask” you said softly.

Ilhoon: Pabo

Author’s Note: AHHH! TURBULANCE! I’m on a plane as I write this. People are looking at me weird.

I don’t care. No regrets. Haha!

Here’s a scenario for anon who requested some more of our little Ilhoonie and his skinship. Enjoy!



Ilhoon stared ahead of him, his attention focused on the wall across the room. He propped his elbow up on the table allowing the palm of his hand to support the weight of his head.

You sat next to him, frowning when he didn’t respond to you actions and waved your hand in front of his face.


He blinked, sitting back in his chair quickly and looking at you.

Mianhe.” He grinned at you apologetically. You returned his smile.

Tired?” you asked. He nodded.

I haven’t slept yet.”

You gave him a stern look and he blinked at you innocently. “You need your sleep, oppa.” you lectured him.

I know,” he said simply. “But I wanted to see you.”

You blushed at his words and looked away, taking a sip of your shake quietly as a form of distraction.

It only took a few words from Ilhoon before he could render you completely speechless. You hadn’t believed it yourself when he asked you to officially be his girlfriend only two months ago. He had to repeat himself several times, in fact, leading him to believe that you were stalling as a way to reject him.

As if.

You glanced at him once more, watching as he picked at his food in exhaustion.

The two of you occupied a booth in the corner of a small cafe on the outskirts of Hongdae. It was rarely busy, therefore it was the perfect hideout spot for dates for the two of you to share.

Ilhoon sat back against the bench occupying your booth before yawning, trying to cover it up by running his hand over his face discretely but you had already caught him in the act.

Oppa.. you should go home if you’re tired..” you said, looking him over in concern.

He glanced at you, his eyes scanning over your face once before sighing in defeat.

He nodded in agreement and you smiled, taking one last sip of your shake before sliding out of the booth, allowing him to slide out after you. His hand brushed against yours as the two of you made your way towards the exit causing you to instinctively fold your arms over your stomach in order to keep your arms securely in one place.

You had heard early on in your relationship with Ilhoon about his aversion to skinship so you made it your mission to make him as comfortable as possible when he was with you—which meant as little physical contact as possible. You didn’t want to risk your relationship with Ilhoon because you couldn’t keep your hands to yourself.

You heard him sigh as the two of you exited the cafe and made you way down the sidewalk but you ignored the sound.

The two of you continued your walk to the bus stop, your footsteps moving in sync over the sidewalk. You felt his shoulder bump softly against yours and you turned your head in order to glance up at him.


He looked down at you and shook his head, indicating that he didn’t have anything to say, causing you to shrug once and look forward once more.

He sighed again.

Frowning, you turned once more to face him. “Is something wrong?” you asked. He shook his head in response.

No,” he responded. “Why?”

You frowned at him, your eyes narrowing slightly at him before letting the situation go once more.

Nothing,” you said, your voice skeptical. “Nevermind.”

You saw Ilhoon shrug and you turned your attention away from him for the second time.

The two of you arrived at the bus stop and you stood underneath the cover, your toes moving up and down against the pavement in order to give yourself something to keep you warm. It was a snowy night in Hongdae and you had failed to dress appropriately for the occasion. You ran your hands over your arms once before you felt a jacket slip over your shoulders.

You glanced up at Ilhoon and saw that he had shoved his hands in his pockets, his jacket now covering you as he looked down the street for sign of your bus. You smiled lightly to yourself, pulling the jacket more securely around your shoulders.

His next movement caught you off guard as his arms suddenly wrapped around you from behind, his lips pressing against the top of your head when he pulled your back against his chest.

You blinked, leaning forward slightly to look back at him in alarm.

What?” he asked, stubbornly not looking at you.

What are you doing?” you asked.

What does it look like I’m doing?” he answered, his expression sliding into a familiar scowl as he spoke.

..–I thought you didn’t like this kind of thing..” you voiced uncertainly.

What are you talking about?” He sounded annoyed.

Y'know…” you started. “Skinship.”

He rolled his eyes once but he still refused to look in your direction.

That’s what everyone told me!” you said defensively, turning in his arms to look up at him. He didn’t let go of you. “And that’s what you said on Weekly Idol!”

His eyes narrowed once more at the mention of the popular variety show before speaking.

I don’t like skinship with Peniel. Or other guys, ____.” He spoke as though it were the most obvious thing in the world—his world, at least.


That was all you could say. You felt your cheeks heating up in embarrassment so you quickly slid your hands over your face to hide the blush creeping upon your features. He laughed at this before pulling you tightly against his chest, his hands moving over your back lightly before resting his cheek against the top of your head. You slid your arms securely around his waist after several minutes, allowing yourself to relax against his hold.

Pabo.” he whispered teasingly against your hair before dipping his head down for a sweet kiss.  

It Only Takes a Step....

THE TIME HAS COME!!!! I hope you enjoy the time I put into this. Remember, a persons writing only gets better by doing it a lot, so send in requests and I’ll hope to impress you more!!! To be honest, I would request a piece like this, so I apologize it it’s “not your style” <– bad joke

This is an optional bias piece, somewhat fluffy and  long length.

Hope you enjoy!!!


For some reason your training seemed to be taking a bigger toll on you than you expected it to lately. Your debut was something you were supposed to be excited about, and yet everything seemed to be all over the place. You debuted with a group you had mixed feelings about, you worked so hard to get so little recognition, and because of this, you hardly had any time to make any friends within your own company. It was a complete shame, and you were glad to hear the CEO was rumored to have a big company party because it was getting close to MAJOR comeback season, so he felt it would lighten the stress everyone had currently going on. After you heard the rumor, you tried your best to keep a straight face while mentally plan what you could even wear without feeling insecure about yourself.

 It was close to debut, but you still feel like not a lot of care was put into the care of your training.  You were the “biggest” girl in your group, but by almost any other countries standards, you would be considered healthy and beautiful. You still felt like the odd one out of your group, your own company even. The company was growing in popularity lately, and being recruited so soon to debut was a very abrupt thing for you, but it was a moment you were training for.

But a party is exactly what you need. To finally feel some relief after working so hard. But, it was just a rumor, after all. So you’d have to see if it would become real.

A meeting was called for everyone to come to immediately in the break room. The news of this party you heard about was revealed then. Guess it wasn't just a rumor after all, you thought. The CEO droned on more and more about how he still expected everyone to be on point for their debuts/comebacks, but something caught your eye. It was a fellow company member, of course, but he seemed familiar. You tried to put your finger on it, but you thought it couldn’t be………

 In fact, it was him.

There was a handsome stranger that kept stopping by to see how your group was doing with your debut stage. It was weird to you, having someone just watching you and your group, even when they weren’t involved. Being the main dancer, you of course got a small dancing solo, and he seemed to be distracted until you took center stage with your small contribution to the amazing stage everyone helped create. He’d always disappear after you returned back into your position and continue to let the music flow through your body alongside everyone else. He also would steal the practice room when your group left to go back to the dorms. Every single night, just sitting outside for the practice room to be empty so he could do God knows what. You would imagine to, you know, practice something, but you weren’t sure what. You never got to stay long enough to find out. You decided not to dwindle on it, you would see the end result at some point, since sitting around watching comeback/debut stages from the company were a common occurrence, so you could just see if you could make time to join that to see, maybe make some new friends. It was a better plan than waiting to see what he does then walk to the dorms by yourself. It was too long of a walk and the night trains always had perverts who’d do anything to “accidently” cop a feel. Besides, you had your own stuff to worry about.

All of this thought you processed must have been a LOT longer than you thought it would, because when you finally came back from thought, a fellow member from your group, the visual, tugged back so harsh you toppled over on the floor.

“________, what are you doing? You don’t just creepily stare at hot guys, you admire from a distance. You’re gonna scare a fellow label mate away.  I want everyone to watch our debut, and you are not helping with that at all!” This was followed by a smack on the top of your head. You fell flat on your back. You rose back into a seiza position. You apologized to the member hollowly, and she just walked off without helping you back up. Your attention went back to your head. It started to sting really badly. For a visual, she sure did know how to make it hurt.  As you soothed your know burning scalp, you looked back up to, what you would have expected, everyone else laughing at you. But it seemed you’re prone to being invisible to everyone, because it seemed as if no one saw. Everyone was still listening to CEO about more information about his get together. Except for the guy that caused it to happen in the first place. He wasn’t laughing though. He just stared and seemed concerned. He whispered to another guy standing next to him. The other guy was in another male member group, but the group was really nothing special. They just didn’t spark interest to you. The stranger whispered something to the member, slightly pointing in your direction. The member started shaking his head then they both looked back in your direction then back to CEO. Just then, another one of your members reached out her hand to help you get up. She was the leader of your group. She wasn’t the oldest, she was actually closer to your age, but she was the best person for the job. She screams leadership from the day you two met. She always had the backs of her members, and she was about to help you out. She whispers something in your ear

“Start rubbing your head again. He might bring you some ice.”

What was she getting at? She must’ve noticed how you were ‘staring’ at him, but not like it was on purpose! You just tend to get VERY lost in thought. It was never intentional. But, as she made the request, your head did seem to start hurting again, so you chose to start rubbing it. It kinda helped, but the pain wasn’t too bad to start off with anyways. She nodded her head slightly, but enough for you to know she did, then quickly walked away. The guy that was that was the big problem today was standing by a big table of refreshments, with a big bowl of ice next to it. You were surprised how quickly he noticed you’re your actions. He seemed hesitant at first, but he grabbed a plastic bag from the nearby kitchen and started to fill it from the nearby bowl.  The tied up the bag real tight and looked over to you again. Your leader was making a deal with some other groups for carpooling, leaving you wide open for him to just walk up and start placing the ice on your head.

 That was exactly what he did.

 He lightly placed it then dropped it on top of your head all at once. It felt amazing having some cold on the heat of your head, but you found it odd when you realized he was still holding it. He was a few inches taller than you, so you had to look up to see his face. To your surprise, you met his gaze. You felt his stare practically burn into you, so you decided to action. You lifted your arm to take grip on the ice bag, brushing his hand in the process. God, his hands were soft. He lingered before he brought his hands back to his sides. He suddenly got all shy and retreated a few steps back, but he was still about arms width apart from you. Now was the moment you were expecting; to finally hear him speak. You have never heard his voice before, but it was silvery at first hearing it

“I’m sorry about that. I know working with members can be rough, are you alright?”

You pondered whether to either say you’re fine & just move on or to take advantage of the situation. You needed more friends at the company, that was for sure. And if he’s willing to be so helpful at a moment’s notice, then why not enjoy his company? Your head suddenly stings for a moment, so you start your sentence stammering, but eventually got a sentence out.

“Yeah, I think I’ll make it. Visuals, am I right?” You chuckle some, even though you know deep down not all visuals are that bad.

“You know that I’m a visual too, right?” he said in a teasing but harsh way. Oh shit, I've barely said anything to this guy and I've already pissed him off. You were starting to just feel like an awful person from what happened before, but now you just couldn’t take it anymore. You quickly regained composure and stopped yourself from having a total breakdown in front of someone you’ve just met. You then bowed down and mumbled an apology. You felt a surprising sensation when his fingers reached under your chin and brought you back to a standing position so you could were close to seeing eye to eye. His hand stayed under your chin.

“It was just a joke. You need to lighten up some.” He didn’t say it in a hurtful way, but just trying to lighten the mood that he didn’t mean to create. You smiled slightly while he brought his hands down back down to his sides. This time he didn't step back, but stayed close to you. You began to feel his gaze toward you again, but it wasn’t blazing this time. It felt gentler and warmer. Like he was inviting you to continue the conversation. You quickly regained your senses and responded

“Sorry about that, visuals aren’t all that bad, I suppose. Just the one I’m stuck with. And thank you, for the ice, and everything. I’m sorry I have nothing to give you as my thanks. I’m sorry about that too.” You bowed your head down slightly to show your respect, but he laughed and starting to shake his hands

“Oh, don’t worry about it, consider it a debut gift.” You just beamed because this was the first “gift” you’ve received since the start of your training. Even if it wasn’t a real gift, the kindness behind it was well beyond anything anyone ever did for  you. You must have rubbed off on him because he beamed right back at you. There was an awkward moment then, but you didn’t care. You were having a nice time with this guy and you wanted it to last a little longer, but as fate would have it, it was time for the meeting to dismiss and everyone to get back to practicing. The stranger looked at everyone begin to leave and back to you, giving his condolences and hoped your head was feeling better before debut came around. Then he left out with everyone else, with a small look back to you before he left for good. Your leader walked around to face you with a mischievous grin plastered across her face. You could just tell she was satisfied with herself with what she had done. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were happy she did what she did. But you had to play it off cool. You didn’t want to give her too much satisfaction. Your leader than finally attacked you with questions while grabbing your shoulders and shaking you crazily.

“Well, how did it go? Did he say anything charming? You should be thanking me, you know!” She loosened her tight grip on your body to check the group phone. She grabbed your arm and started to bolt toward the practice room with you dragging but keeping pace behind her. “We need to get back to practice fast before someone starts smacking heads again.” She was stifling laughter when she said this, and you just scoffed and let her have her fun until you both reached the room.

Practice lasted a few hours longer after the meeting, and everyone in your group began to pack for the car ride back to the dorm. Except you. You were told you could stay a while longer and work on your solo if wanted to. Your choreographer said that she wanted you to redo the choreography yourself, since she saw great potential in you, and wanted to see what you can do. You were relieved that someone around her started to see what you were capable of doing to make the group amazing. You were beaming even more but not as much as the stranger made you. You weren’t all that excited to stay up later than you already had been lately, since your lack of sleep has not been healthy for you. But, it was at a request, so you decided to take the opportunity. Besides, you had some ideas for changes in the choreo anyways, so might as well make some good use out of the time. You waved goodbye to your other members s they left for the dorm.

“I left the driver’s number on the chair back there. Just call him and he’ll come get you and we’ll leave a key for you under the mat so you can let yourself in. Don’t spend all your time in here, alright?” your leader teased. Your leader was always playful, but you were happy about her comment this time. You two bonded today, and no one could take that away from you. You finally felt accepted by a fellow member. You agreed to at least be home in a few hours, and they left. You turned back to the mirror, and gave yourself a small pep talk

“You’re the main dancer for a reason! Everyone is starting to notice you! Give yourself 2 hours and that’ll be more than enough. Alright, you got this? Hwaiting!” You then walked over to the stereo to plug in your iPod which had the debut song you were excited to present to the world. You got a fair share of lines, for being the main dancer, and you really starting to believe in yourself after today. You were glad. For once. You skipped to the song and chose to work straight from the beginning. Working through the whole song, you felt, would help you see what moves looked best with which tempo.  You walked back and faced the mirror and started to work. You felt that some moves were perfect and started to piece them together in your head for a later attempt. Fluid motions worked best, so you tried body rolls and actions that seemed like electricity sending volts through your body, these would be incorporated now. After trying some floor work, you got back up off the floor and stared in the mirror when you noticed someone standing in the door frame with a duffle bag in their right hand and white ear buds dangling from his ears and rested against stomach and into the jack of his smartphone.

It would only be him, wouldn’t it?

He had a shocked look on his face. He was a deer in headlights, wondering what to do. You were confused as to why he was so scared until you turned around and saw his whole person better. A lot better. Before you stood a shirtless man and you were impressed by what you saw. He then registered what was happening and ran out of the frame with the duffle bag banging against the hall walls and you heard his footsteps stop very shortly afterwards. He must’ve just wanted to get out of sight of you, but you kinda wished he’d come back. You jogged to the stereo to stop the music and you snuck through the door frame and peaked around it to see if he was still in the hall. You saw his bag unzipped and some things thrown out of the bag so he must’ve been looking for something important. He now had at least a shirt on but fumbling with the buttons to get them all closed. He must’ve been searching for his shirt in the bag. You didn’t quite get why he was acting so nervous, though. He was brimming with confidence earlier. You decided it was your time to make the first step and be helpful. It only takes a step, you tell yourself as you walk quietly to his bag and start picking up objects and putting back them in his bag. Phone charger, wallet, extra pants, wife beater, extra socks/dancing shoes, laptop, all normal stuff anyone would bring for practicing. You chose to let him have his privacy while he popped the last button through the hole. After you zipped the bag back up, you rose to your feet and gave him a small smile to try to lighten the mood like he did for you earlier. It was your turn to be the nice one, after all. He took the bag from you and looked to his left very awkwardly.

“Sorry about that, my music was loud, and I saw your group leave already, I thought it would empty……” he trailed off with his free hand rubbing the back of his neck. You tell that he felt uncomfortable, the silence made that apparent. So you just nodded your head and started to walk back to the practice room. You were about to walk through the doorway when he chose to say something.

“Wait, you’re actually staying?” He seemed a little disappointed when you shook your head yes. He hung his head down but he looked back up to you waving your hand toward your direction. He seemed confused but still obeyed your orders. When he reached you, you asked him why he came.

“There’s been some issues with a practice room for me, so I decided to just use someone else’s while they weren’t using it. With all of these groups debuting and making comebacks soon, I’m kinda getting left out since I’ve made my comeback already.” Funny. CEO had a strict rule about not using someone else’s room, but that probably wasn’t all that enforced. But, you’d imagine you would do the same if you were in that situation. After giving it some thought, you decided to be even kinder and say

“I mean, I was just working on my dance solo but you can stay and work on your stuff too. The room is big enough, like you said. I need some rest anyway.” You signaled for him to go into the room. You took his bag and placed them on the couch by the water fountain and sat next to the bag with your head in your hands, waiting for him to do something. He looked around in disbelief that all of your attention was on him. You were willing to give it, at least. You chose to tease him some.

“If you’ve been borrowing my room, I want to see what you’ve made of your time here. Show me something.” You normally weren’t this bossy, but you had the upper hand, so it only felt appropriate to act as such. He gave you a small smirk and went to the stereo to plug in his phone and a beautiful song started playing. It had to be his voice, because only someone like him could make a song like that. It was almost sensual, and his moves proved this true. The way he ran his hand down his body was a work of art. And the way he kept attention to himself in the mirror, making eye contact with you every now and then was only making you more on edge. You knew deep down inside that you could outdo him if you wanted to. After he finished, he turned right around to you and bowed cheesily. You giggled while clapping your hands because you thought he genuinely did a good job. He reached out his hand and walked closer to you. He then he extended his hand to meet yours. He then pulled you toward the front of the mirrors and stole your spot on the couch.

“Now it’s your turn.” He was real innocent about it, but he was obviously teasing you to get revenge from before. But, it was only fair to show what you’ve got, so you went to plug your iPod back in before he chimed in

“And I, uh, I kinda don’t want to see your solo again. I’ve, uh, I’ve seen it too many times already. I want  to see something different,” His stuttering was cute, but he made a good point; he was always around whenever you did your solo, so his statement made sense. But what could you do? You haven’t really had any time to focus on anything else but the debut material. You decided to play the same song but do something different like he wanted. You went with the normal choreography, but when your time came, you whipped out what you pictured in your head. It seemed to be running very smoothly, just like how you wanted it to be. Even with focusing so hard, you stole a couple looks to see his reaction through the mirror. This time all of his attention was on you. He was almost a gasp by what you were doing. You continued to just enjoy the little show you were giving. And his reactions of amazed and baffled. He seemed to like being the only one to see it. For right now, anyways. When the solo ended, you chose to end the song there, and he gave some very energetic applause on your walk to the stereo to turn off the music. You grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off any open skin you had. More awkward silence endured, it was nice, but you chose to explain the dance to him. After saying you were given the opportunity to stay after to work on it, he nodded.

“Explains why you’re still here. I’m glad you were, though. I haven’t shown anyone that dance yet. It’s gonna be a thank you gift to the fans. I wrote the song and choreographed it myself. It’s really not all that good is it?” You quickly shook your head no and complimented it, saying it is “a good fan service dance that they’ll all love”. This quickly made him grin real big and thank you again, but you did suggest some other ideas to him. You walked back to the front and asked him to do this one move you thought felt out of place. You showed him a move you thought was better. He was excited and tried it out, and said he “likes it much more than what he was doing before.”

“Well you are an amazing dancer; maybe you could spare some time to help me?” And that’s exactly what the two of you did for what seemed like forever but the clock only told you it had been an hour and a half. He seemed exhausted, as were you, and he walked back to his bag. He picked it up and headed toward the exit. You were quick to ask the burning question that you’ve been meaning to ask.

“Wait! I was wondering, why do you always use this room? There’s plenty of other ones to use.” He stopped dead in his tracks and turned back around to face your direction. He spoke as he walked until there was very little distance between you both.

“Well, you always keep the room clean, so I don’t have to worry about that. Plus this is the biggest room to work with so I can try doing whatever moves I want and not worry about injuring myself. Plus, I’m your Sunbae, so you have to be respectful. Besides, the most attractive person in this company work in this room, so why shouldn’t I?” He bit his lip and smiled again with a slight blush on his face. He was a couple of inches from your face now. You could feel him staring at you with desire.  You, on the other hand, were red in the face, wondering what that meant. It quickly registered that he’s showing interest in you and you began to mumble and stutter, but no coherent sentences came out. He immediately took a step back and kept to himself.

“I am so sorry. I… didn’t mean to come off too strong.  Look, I’ll leave, if you want. I understand.”

“No it’s fine; it just caught me off guard, that’s all. But I was thinking about getting back home soon. I still need rest, you know.” you teased. He agreed to call it a night and to head on home. He quickly offered to drive you home. You just stared at him, pondering to take the offer or not. He quickly said

“Right, too strong, right? You don’t have to, but the opportunities there, if you want.” In all honesty, it sounded better than being with your normal driver, so you chose to go with him. The ride was kinda quiet but you two still chatted about how you got started in the company and getting a basic background of each other. You learned he had come a long way from being the only worker in the family to helping his mother get an education by getting her back into collage with money he raised for her. He learned about how you suffered a lot of torment in your school years, but finally made it to debuting helped you gain more confidence. He walked with you up to the door of your dorm. You looked under the mat to find the key your members promised to leave. You faced him again and said your final goodbyes before he spoke up, but tried to speak softly since all of your members were probably asleep. The walls at this complex were well known for being very thin.

“You remember that party CEO was talking about? Well, I was wondering, would you be my +1 for that? Maybe we could go together, get to know each other a little bit better or something…..” He was blushing again, not sure how you’d respond.

“Are you trying to ask me on a date?” You knew that he was, but you just wanted to hear him to say it. He nodded. You nodded back. He got so excited he picked up you in a big hug. He wiggled you back and forth in happiness. A little unexpected, but you were happy that you made him this excited.

“You’re kinda squeezing me. It’s hard to breathe.” You spurt out a little louder than you wanted to from lack of breath and he put you back down. He just stared into your eyes for a few seconds before you put the key in the lock. He said his final goodbyes as he walked away, assuring you he would come back to the room at some point tomorrow to see you. You nodded and said good bye to him too. He gave you a look back and walked down the stairs. After unlocking the door, you heard some shuffling inside, so you proceeded into the dorm with caution. You noticed all of your members sitting around on the floor, looking a little too casual. You decided to just ask

“Did you guys hear any of that?” The members nodded their heads. Your leader got up and wrapped her arm around you. She said she heard “enough to understand that you got a date.” Your other members ran up to you and rammed you with questions, but the main question was “Who was the guy?”

“Well who do you think?” your leader interrupted “The guy from the meeting. Why do you think he’s been stalking our room all the time? He does always leave after her solo is done” She just had to be a tad bitchy about it, but it did put you in a better mood, knowing that you weren’t the only one that noticed.

“Aww, and I thought it was because of me!” the visual said as she stomped her foot. Of course she thought that, but you were glad to prove her wrong.

“Well, sometimes you need more than just a pretty face” your leader retaliated. Every gasped and hollered, but your leader played it off as a joke and made everything calm again. She then told everyone to head on to bed for practice in a few hours.  You felt a sudden urge to talk to your leader, so you tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around, you immediately bowed down and thanked her. You looked back up to find her messing up your hair and said “You’re welcome” with the same devil grin from the meeting.

“I want more details on break tomorrow, if I can steal you from him, alright?” You nodded as you walked to your bedroom. You had a small corner by the window all to yourself in the dorm. You opened the window and stuck your head out to see your future date about to get in his car. You waved to see if he would see you. He noticed and waved back before he hopped in his car and drove off. Then you buried yourself in your bed for a few hours of sleep

A lot of steps took place that night, but it only takes one step to begin something new.

And you were glad you did


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Away From Home For Christmas

Well, I felt like I had to get a Christmas scenario in here somewhere. It’s optional bias because it was so last minute I didn’t know who to put in, so yeah. Also, it’s my first optional bias! Hope you enjoy it :D

You’ve been at it for 2 hours now, sitting on the floor and wrapping Christmas presents and stocking stuffers. It really isn’t a lot, you just get distracted easily. You straighten your knees, feeling the pain of them unfolding from their misery for what seemed like a really long time. You stretch out your arms and back, sighing from the relief. You hear your Skype going off on your computer, looking over to see that it’s your parents. You quickly grab the computer off the floor and set it on your lap. You answer their call and wait for the screens to pop up. There are smiles on both ends once seeing each other’s faces appear. “Hey guys.” You exclaim excitedly. When you moved to South Korea, Skype was the best means of communication between you and your family. “Hey sweetie, how are you?” You nod your head in response, “Pretty good. I am wrapping presents today.” You reply, turning your computer towards the mess in the living room. Your father laughs, “That’s what your mother did all day yesterday.” You giggle, knowing your mother probably wrapped all of them, even her own. “Hey, where’s ________?” Your father asks, glancing at the background and hearing the quiet apartment. “Oh, he and the others are recording today. He should be back soon actually.” Your conversation with your parents continue until the ending comes near. “We’ll have to talk on Christmas.” You say, forcing a smile to try and cover your sadness. Your mother and father nod, “We’ll try to get the whole family in to talk to you.” You nod your head, “That would be great. I’ll talk to you guys later, okay? I have to finish wrapping presents.” Your parents smile as they wave goodbye. You close the program, shutting your computer and putting it beside you. You bite your lip as you feel your eyes welling up with tears. You try to swallow them away. This is the first Christmas you will be away from your family and you’ve been hiding the fact that you are having a hard time dealing with it. You miss them so much. You bury your face in your hands, not noticing your boyfriend leaning against the wall entrance to the living room. Even if you’re hiding your feelings toward being away from home for Christmas, you don’t have to say anything to him, he knows you’re upset about it. You don’t notice him quietly walking over to you and sitting beside you on the floor until he wraps one arm around your waist and the other hand reaching the back of your head. He pulls you closer to him, your hands still covering your face. He doesn’t say anything, he just holds you in his arms and wants to comfort you as much as he possibly can. You sniff as tears continue to fall, making your hands slightly wet. You pull your hands away from your face, grabbing the sleeve of his t-shirt in a fist, “I miss them.” Your sobs are soft as you speak. His hand runs up and down your back comfortingly, “I know baby. I know.” You stay in his arms for a while, until he pulls away. He wipes the tears off of your tear stained cheeks, “I’ve been meaning to bring it up with you…come with me to my family for Christmas. I know it won’t be the same as it would be with your family, but it would be great if you could be there.” You smile and nod your head, “Thanks…I’d like that.” He places a kiss to your forehead, “Good, because my parents are already excited to see you again.” He replies placing his forehead against yours with a smile plastered on his face.

can do a scenario when he feel sad and worry because you are distant and cold with him, but that’s because you’re pregnant! and don’t know how to tell him, you are really scared about how he will react?? thankyou~

Hey kids! Optional bias scenario since no one’s name is written there!

Bias = (_____)
You = _____

You walk around the bathroom then move on to the bedroom, stress was running through your blood. Seeing a pregnancy test that belonged to you and that was positive was a nightmare, especially when you weren’t even married and your mate and you weren’t ready. You didn’t hate children, you just thought it was too early. You’ve been together for about six years but it didn’t mean that you were ready to get a child with your boyfriend from high school.

The sound of the door creaking and opening scared you more than it normally does. You hurry to the bathroom and close the door.

“______—” Your boyfriend started without getting the chance to finish his sentence.

You grab the little stick and throw it back into its box. You hide it in your make up bag that was laying on the counter near the sink. How exactly were you suppose to announce to your boyfriend the news? What if he ran away after you told him?

You hear a knock on the door and get up slowly, your hand shaking as it approaches the doorknob.

“_______? What are you doing?” You hear your boyfriend call you from the other side of the door.

“Nothing! Go away!” You shouted then whispered the word ‘please’.

Tears started to form and your scares were becoming bigger. You waited in the bathroom as long as you could, avoiding (_____) at all cost. There was no way you would tell him the truth, too many reasons that were hurtful to you were running through your mind.

Hunger soon came up, your boyfriend was still out there, waiting for you to come out and talk to you. For your sake and the fetus’s, you unlocked the door and gently opened it, hoping your boyfriend was in the bedroom. He was.

You managed to get your coat and leave the house without him knowing. You got to a restaurant, not a fancy one. You didn’t know what to eat, what kind of food would affect your child. But did you want to keep the kid? What if you didn’t want it? Wouldn’t it be better if you aborted it without him knowing and all your stress over it left but the fact that you aborted it would haunt you at night?

“May I help you?” A young lady asked, getting to your table.

“Uh, can I just get the chicken sandwich and some water?”

She left and came back with your order. After paying and eating, you walked back and forth, wondering if you should get back home. You didn’t have anywhere else to go, your friends were at their honeymoon and you wouldn’t dare tell your parents.

You walked back home, as you enter the living and take your shoes off, you find your boyfriend on the phone with a pale face.

“I’m sorry, she’s back… Thank you…” He ended the call. “Where did you go? Did you eat yet? Are you angry at me? Did you have a bad day? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

You bite your lip and lift your eyes up at him. Running away was the only thing you wanted to do right now, but you also wanted to admit your pregnancy. He walked closer to you and grabbed your hand.


You turn away and walk to your bedroom. Before he could enter, you close it and lock him out, looking at him was something you just couldn’t do for the moment. You got to your bed and wrapped yourself in your blanket, pushing your coat away and pulling your socks off. He taps on the door several time until you hear him hit on it.

“______! Open up! Please!”

“S-stop! Leave me alone!”

You started to cry again, probably the only thing you could do for the rest of the evening. You needed to shower and he needed to sleep, but you didn’t want to leave the bedroom. You knew he was sitting at the door and didn’t get up.

“Just get a hold of yourself, ______…” You mumbled to yourself.

You twisted the knob and saw him sitting there, his eyes were watery and he was trembling as much as you were. He got up as soon as he saw you looking down at him.

“______…” He whispered as he tangles his hand in your hair.

Without noticing your movement, you hit his arm away and walk to the bathroom, the place you needed to be. You showered pretty slowly then got out. He seemed upset and frustrated, like he was going to go crazy. You move your eyes to the door of the bedroom then get to it.

“Wait.” He tells you as soon as you got there.

You ignored his order and continued walking to bed and wrapping yourself in the blanket. He approached to you and put his arm around your waist, his breath touching your warm cheeks.

“What did I do wrong?” He starts in a warm voice.

“Nothing. It’s normal.” You pushed him away.

“What’s normal?” He asks.

“Just stop talking and go to shower.” You ordered him, feeling a bit angry.

“Did you eat yet?”

You elbow his stomach lightly as a sign that he should just go do whatever he wants to. He gets out of bed and prepares food while you think about different ways to tell him about the unborn person in your belly. He came back with drinks and bowls of rice with meat and vegetables.

“Here, eat.” He hands you chopsticks and a bowl.

“I already ate.” You told him truthfully but felt hungry again.

“Just eat again, I just want to make sure that you really ate.” He pushes them in your hands.

You silently eat with your partner without answering or talking to him. You kept glancing at him, he didn’t look happy like he normally does when he eats. You felt guilty for not telling him that he would possibly become a father, depending on what would happen to the child.

“Could you please talk to me?” He said, grabbing your hand.

“Let go of me. Please.”

“Why are you like this?? What do you want?! I can go buy you chocolate if you want to, or cake, ice cream whatever you want, could you please talk to me??” He asked desperately.

You held your bowl tightly and tried to remain calm. It was only your first day of pregnancy and you were already going crazy over it. “Please stop. It’s nothing.” You tried really hard to convince him and it didn’t seem to work. His worry was growing faster than your child and his hope for you to tell him why you were acting up was really small since he knew you weren’t that easy.

The days passed by quickly and he still hoped for you to tell him your secret and it never happened. No one knew except you and your doctor and you would check each week just to make sure if the baby was still alive. Your stomach grew and it was hard to hide it, so you wore very thick sweaters. You were happy that your boyfriend ignored how big your stomach got, it seemed pretty obvious that you got fat but he didn’t care. He would keep buying you flowers, clothes, sweets and whatnot and it actually relieved you, all the stress was gone.

He was probably already use to you not answering his questions and giving him the cold shoulder.

“______…” Your boyfriend started.


You never actually talked to him since the day you found out you were pregnant. He was upset, it was obvious, you tried hard to be a great girlfriend even if your moods would go up and down.

“I… I think that you…”

Please don’t talk about my weight, please don’t talk about my body, please… you pleaded in your mind.

“… Should become my wife…” He continues, handing you a ring.

At first you were surprised, then you were shocked. You didn’t even know what you were feeling, it was such an intense moment right now, you couldn’t even manage to say a single word. You were gasping and crying and just going through all those emotions like you usually do, but you weren’t crying of pain, you were crying of happiness.

“… Because our relationship should be serious if we’re going to have a child.” He finishes his sentence.

Your eyes widen at his words. He found out? Was it because of your body? Did he ask your doctor?

“How did you know I’m pregnant?” You asked as he inserts the ring.

“Well remember when you were giving me an attitude? I thought it was because you lost something and was very upset so I look through your things and found a positive pregnancy test. Anyways, is it a boy or a girl?” He says with a proud smile.

“When exactly did you find out???”

“A few weeks ago, I was pretty sure that was the reason why you were so mean. So? Is it a mister or a miss?” He pokes your stomach lightly.

“I wasn’t mean…” You tell him as you look down at your belly.

“You were, but it doesn’t matter because I still love you for not giving up on the child.” He kisses your forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You sat there quietly. “… I was scared of what your reaction would be.”

“Why would you be scared? Did you think I would stab your stomach to kill it?”

“No! I thought you would leave me and… I…” You started to get a blurry vision.

“Why are you crying?? Oh my god, ______! Don’t cry! I would never! I would never leave you, I love you too much to do that! Don’t worry about it, everything is going to be fine, I would never, never, never, never leave you!” He caresses your cheek affectionately and gives you little kisses on every spot of your face.

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Show Man (M)

      Lights flashed around, neon color streams. Red, blue, purple, green, yellow. The room was filled with a light haze and radiated with heat from all the bodies in motion. Music blasted from the speakers as everyone threw their hands into the air and moved their bodies in waves against each other. You had to admit Seoul sure knew how to party. The night life here was like something you’d never really experienced before.

     Your best friend handed you another drink as you both scanned the room. Ladies in high heels and short dresses. Guys dressed slick and smelling good with their hair done right. You took a sip of your drink, impressed by the view. The heat and the alcohol were starting to get to your head and you could feel your body tingling - Your head light and aloof. That was when he stepped close to you, speaking into your ear. 

Let’s dance” you looked to your side. He stood tall above you, dressed in black pants and a grey dress shirt. His hair styled combed up, his features dark and strong. His jawline was chiselled, you could tell even in the dim light. You were sure he was the finest man you had seen tonight. There was something different about his aura - he had a confidence…a presence…that made you want to see more of him. 

You nodded and he grabbed hold of your hand and you made your way to the dance floor. You looked back at your best friend and she just gave you a sly smile. You winked at her before making your way between the dancing bodies. 

     By now your head was really afloat. You were in a happy haze as the beats reverberated in your head. He pulled you close to him as you winded your body to the tune. Your dress, already short, had ridden up just a bit with your movements urging him to pull you closer. He moved his hips in time with yours, making sure to press himself firmly against you as you both moved. The scent of his cologne reached your senses for a moment and you were sure it was even more intoxicating than the drinks. You wanted, needed, more of it.

He placed his hands on your hips, curved and emphasized as the dress hugged every inch of your body. He pulled you even closer, urging you into him more and you craned your neck back at the feeling of the pressure. 

He got the scent of your shampoo and it set him ablaze. He tried to control himself but his thoughts started wandering and the only thing on his mind was getting you out of that dress. You bent yourself over slightly, trying to make the most of the feeling of him against your behind. That was it - that set him off and he no longer tried to control his urges or protect his image. 

Do you want to get out of here?” he spoke in your ear when you tilted your head to the side and snaked your hand through your hair. It sent shivers down your spine. You knew you wanted it and the atmosphere, or was it the booze, was dampening your inhibitions. You grabbed onto his hand, dragging him off the dance floor. 

     You both exited the club, the cold air biting at your skin and awakening your senses just a bit. You walked by a few girls standing outside the club smoking, and when they saw him their chattering got louder. The only thing you could make out were a few words here and there. Idol you heard slip off one of their tongues as they eyed him and then shot envious glares in your direction. You were confused but your mind was far too buzzed to make sense of it all. This time, he took your hand, guiding you to his car. You could see your reflection in the shiny black paint as you opened the door to get in. The cool leather seats greeted the skin on the back of your legs as you sat down. 

     Soon you reached what you assumed to be his place - A high condominium building. You got into the elevator, contemplating what you were doing. As the doors closed, he pressed you against the back of the elevator - engulfing your body with his as he left kisses down your neck. Your hands gripped onto the railing behind you as your body writhed at the touch. Just as you were losing your breath the elevator dinged and he straightened himself before walking out and taking you along by the hand. 

     He opened the door to his apartment and you stood in shock for a moment. The place was huge, and decorated perfectly. This guy must be packin’, you thought to yourself. Just then you remembered the words of the girls back at the club. Idol.

So, what do you do for a living” you asked as he went to open a bottle of champagne - pouring some in a glass for you and himself. He handed you the glass and you took a sip - bubbles running down your throat. He looked up at you, a smirk on his face. 

You really don’t know?” he asked, slightly amused as he leaned back against the couch. He exuded a bit of arrogance and you felt it your personal mission to crush his ego tonight. 

You shook your head, holding a completely unphased expression. The tingling from the champagne reached down your throat and into your head and you were sure your senses were clouding over even more. You sat on the couch placing your glass on the table in front of you after taking the last sip. Your dress was now riding up dangerously high. He sat beside you, placing his large hand over your bare thigh. The touch of his skin against yours made you burn. 

I’m an idol, or a show man should I say” he smirked, placing his glass next to yours before cupping your face and neck with his hand and planting passionate kisses beneath your ear. 

You laughed a little at him and slightly shoved him away, getting up from your position on the couch. You were feeling a little mischievous now. 

You leaned over, brushing your hair to one side.  You brought your face close to his, your body curved as you leaned forward. “Well let me put on show for you” you spoke before turning your back to him. He arched his eyebrow and smirked wondering what you were up to. 

     You slipped your high heels off, bending forward giving him a straight view of your sculpted behind. His eyes widened as he looked at you. You slowly slipped your hands under your dress, pulling your stockings down. He gulped hard. Once again, you began twisting your body for him, slowly unzipping the back of your dress as you did. You turned back to him, and smirked. He wanted nothing more than to help you take off that dress but he restrained himself, enjoying the little show a bit too much. You painstakingly slowly slid the dress off your body, letting it hit the floor. You turned around, vision slightly hazy, and sat yourself facing forward on his lap. He looked up at you, eyes set ablaze with a fiery desire. 

      You slowly ground your hips into him and you could feel him getting harder. You started unbuttoning his dress shirt as he left kisses across your chest. He bucked his hips, ever so slightly, into you and your hands gravitated down to his belt buckle in response. He placed his hands on your back, lifting you up off him and placing you onto the couch as he helped take off his own pants and briefs. The cool leather muted the heat of your body only for a moment.

He climbed over you, his dress shirt draping against your skin as you placed your hands on his chest. You dragged your finger down his torso and grasped onto his erection. You pumped slowly and then picked up speed as you watched him writhe with pleasure. He reached down, placing his hand over yours and bringing it up to his face before leaving a kiss on the back. 

      Now it was his turn to show you what a performer could do.

He hooked a finger on to your panties, dragging them down and tossing them across the room. He trailed kisses between your breasts and down your stomach before stopping and placing his hands on your thighs. He slowly spread your legs open and snaked a finger up your thighs. He gently massaged your entrance with two fingers. Your head was spinning as he moved his fingers in circular motions against your folds before he entered you. You felt him move inside you and you arched your back slightly. You needed more though, you needed all of him.

     You tangled your hands into his hair, pulling his head up to meet eyes with yours. He saw the pleasure in your eyes and felt the moisture between your legs. He removed his fingers and positioned himself over you completely. Brushing your hair back out of your face, he plunged himself into you. Sparks flickered in the back of your eyes as you felt every inch of him ease in and out of you. He brought his tongue out, trailing it up your body before planting a passionate kiss on your lips. His lips left yours cool from the moisture when they parted but only for an instant before he sharply dragged his thumb across your bottom lip before placing it inside your mouth.

You sucked on his thumb, wriggling your tongue against it as he continued to pump in and out of you. You bucked your hips wanting to feel every inch of him with every hit he took. You felt your walls clenching and the heat in your bodies rising. You wrapped your arms around him, digging your nails into his back as you felt yourself reaching your climax. 
You breathed in heavily and with another pump you felt yourself explode. Fireworks lit up as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.

Your hair and his were slick from sweat as he continued to slide into you. He kissed you once again, biting down on your bottom lip as he reached, letting out a deep grunt. 

     He slowly climbed off of you, reaching for his glass of champagne and chugging the rest. You sat up as he handed you your drink.

You know, I think you put on a better show than I do” he winked before wrapping his arm around you and nibbling at your ear.