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TVXQ/JYJ songs covered by other artists [Update]

Balloons [Yes, I know that TVXQ aren’t the original singers of this song]:

  • Seventeen: xx
  • Taeyeon (SNSD) & Kangin (Super Junior): x
  • Pureboy-L: xx
  • Oh My Girl: x
  • ASTRO: xx


  • BTOB: xx
  • LU:KUS/L.A.U: x; x
  • KNK: x; x

Forever Love: 

  • CHO-SHIN [Japanese Group] : x


  • 100%: x
  • Vixx: x
  • Chen (EXO): x
  • Jonghyun (SHINee): x
  • Jonghyun & Key (SHINee): x
  • MADTOWN: x
  • AOA: x
  • K.Will: x; + Bonus: demo version

I Believe:

  • Sungjae & Hyunsik (BTOB): x

Love in the ice:

  • 100%: x
  • Jonghwan, Minwoo, Rokhyun and Hyukjin (100%) [pre-debut]: x
  • DGNA/ The Boss: x; x
  • LU:KUS/L.A.U: x; x
  • Mr.Mr.: x; x
  • Alphabat: x; x
  • SPEED: x
  • KNK: x; x; x
  • Takuya & Jaity (Chrome Jacks) [Japanese Group, Jap. Version]: x
  • Boy’s Republic: x
  • FameUs [Japanese Version]: x; x
  • Velle.J [Japanese Group, Jap. Version]: x; x
  • CHO-SHIN [Japanese Group, Jap. Version]: x


  • 100% [pre-debut]: x
  • EXO-M: x
  • Sungjae, Hyunsik, Minhyuk & Changseob (BTOB): x
  • Hongki (FT Island): x; x
  • Epik High: x
  • ZE:A: x
  • Monsta X: x
  • Eunkwang (BTOB), Leo (VIXX), Daehyun (B.A.P) & Youngjae (GOT7): x
  • Seventeen: x
  • Infinite: x; x
  • SHINee: x
  • MBLAQ: x
  • LU:KUS/L.A.U: x; x
  • Heechul (Super Junior): x
  • Mr.Mr.: x; x
  • B.A.P: x
  • Daehyun (B.A.P) [pre-debut]: x
  • Baekho & Minhyun (Nu'est): x
  • NCT [pre-debut]: x

O”-Jung. Ban. Hap.:

  • 100%: xx


  • Sungjae (BTOB) [Pre-debut]: x; x


  • LU:KUS: x; x

Purple Line:

  • Seventeen: x

Rising Sun:

  • Seventeen: x; x
  • Joy (Red Velvet) & Sungjae (BTOB): x
  • Sungjae (BTOB): x 
  • SHINee: x
  • MBLAQ: x
  • B.A.P: x
  • Pentagon: x

Stand by U: 

  • Honey L Days [Japanese Duo]: x
  • CHO-SHIN [Japanese Group] : x
  • Minhyun (Nu’est): x 


  • BTOB: x; x

Why did I fall in love with you:

  • Takuya & Jaity (Chrome Jacks) [Japanese Group]: x
  • PURE: x
  • Pentagon: x; x
  • Velle.J [Japanese Group, Jap. Version]: xx; x

Wrong Number:

  • 100%: x; x



  • BTS: x

Found You (JYJ):

  • FameUs: x
  • 100%: x

W (JYJ): 

  • CHO-SHIN [Japanese Group] : x; x

You are so beautiful (Junsu):

  • Rokhyun (100%): x

Love is like a snowflake (Junsu):

  • Yunsung (ROMEO): x
  • Injun (DGNA/ The Boss): x

Yesterday (Junsu):

  • Sungjae (BTOB): x; x
  • Minhyun (Nu'est): x


I created this list because I love TVXQ and I love to see other, younger artists cover songs of my bias group. I think it’s interesting to see how they challenge all those songs and I think they all did a wonderful job. Yes, some are better than the others and some are more serious than the others. However one thing that they all have in common is that they all show how loved and respected TVXQ themselves are. And I hope you will respect the artists as well!

Of course no cover will be as good as the original, but really they all did a great job in singing such hard songs I blame Changmin’s high note tho. Remeber, many of them were really young when covering the song or haven’t even debuted yet. Most of them have developed better vocals by now.

I myself was really surprised how many TVXQ covers are out there. In the process I discoverd some new groups that are super talented (looking at you Lu:kus). Also, I love to see which groups/members are Cassies themselves. It’s pretty obvious (Sungjae, Minhyun, 100%). Guess TVXQ are really your idol’s idols lol

Well, I hope you enjoy the covers as much as me and please support all the artists and TVXQ a lot!

If you find any other covers please contact me so I can update the list!

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I'm just getting into myteen now, what's a good place to start learning about them? Besides this blog lol

Hey! Welcome!! Myteen is a great group!! okay, so this post is gonna be kinda long lol also sorry it took a while. Okay so to start with, they are under Music Works Entertainment (same company that has Minzy, Baek ZYoung and U SungEun) anyways, thanks to @saeoong (tbh my fave minjun stan i cri) here is a post with like every important video link, from their stages to individual fancams and their shows and stuff literally the god post. a very very important post tbh. 

saeoongs post will have these links, but these two are in my opinion the top two need to see videos 

here are all the offical sites and such:

the youtube channel FY!Myteen has subbed i think like the first 7 ep of myteen show but here is the link for that

and then i’ll just give you the basic run down for each member lol

Taebin  © 

  • Full name: Lee Saewoong
  • Position: sub-vocalist
  • January 22nd, 1996
  • Hometown: Busan, South Korea
  • use to live in New Zealand 
  • speaks english
  • Suuuuuper smart 

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • Full name: kim sangjin 
  • position: lead vocalist, main dancer
  • December 22nd, 1996
  • Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
  • one of his nicknames is afer a fox
  • the 4d member of the group

Originally posted by taebinnie


  • full name: Choi Eunsu
  • Position: Leader, rap 
  • February 12th, 1997
  • Hometown: Ansan, South Korea
  • mom of the group
  • also this happened…….

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  • Full name: Kim Gukheon
  • Position: main vocalist 
  • April 15th, 1997
  • Hometown: Bundang, South Korea
  • dad of the group
  • an amazing voice tbh just wow

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  • Full name: Shin Junseob
  • Position: rap, vocal
  • February 4th, 1998
  • Hometown: Gongju, South Korea
  • his nickname is “no jam” which basiclly means no fun but i mean look at that gif he’s fun
  • has been a replacment for some live stages 

Originally posted by xi-heon


  • full name: song yubin
  • position: main voalist
  • April 28th, 1998
  • Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
  • we know a lot about him lol
  • the first thing everyone said about him was that he looks like Mingyu from Seventeen but plz move on from that lol
  • already has a mv up 
  • has an instagram
  • already has some ost
  • pretty much the most popular cause he’s already debuted technically
  • owns dogs but is allergic to them lmao

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  • full name: park minjun
  • position: vocal, maknae
  • January 8th, 2001
  • Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  • tallest member but still our baby
  • one of his nicknames is Moomin i cri
  • best eye smile
  • took a break to heal a shoulder injury so was gone for a while and people started to wonder if he was going to debut with myteen BUT hes back and ready to debut and lookin cute af as always

okay and then just a personal tidbit, i literally dont even know how i found myteen, but i discovered them around oct or nov of 2016. like when you googled myteen maybe two sites came up regarding them and then the rest was about how “my teen got pregnant” and i was always :’) and here on tumblr there were like two other myteen blogs so im so excited to see how they are getting more popular!! my year has been very busy so i wasn’t able to follow them as closely as i would have liked but i know enough to say that they are a wonderful, talented, cute, funny group and you won’t go wrong getting into them! the few fans they do have are all wonderful people and everything is just so much fun! i hope you love them as much as i do!!! 

alright and lastly blogs that you should follow:

@saeoong like i mentioned before lol @with-myteen @xi-heon @fy-taebin @princejunseob @xiheonsgf @softsnuper @taebinnie @minjunniie @formyteen 

~ Admin H


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