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When you tell them you're pregnant plus, insight to your future with them.

I’m just going off both of you are married and have been together for awhile now.

Eunkwang immediately would not be able to control his joy when you explain to him that you are having his child. Right, from the beginning he would want to go shopping for baby stuff and drive you a bit insane, but it’s a nice kind of crazy. He would definitely be a good father towards your two’s child always being a goofy dad and spoiling them, but with good intentions.

Minhyuk would love the idea that he gets to have a kid with the love of his life, immediately embracing you in a tight warm hug placing kisses all over you. I could see him from the start being prepared for such responsibility. He would undeniably want the best for his offspring being a balanced father with both rules and fun. You and Minhyuk would be a perfect little family.

Changsub at first would be a little shocked, but would quickly bounce back, lifting you up in one of those sweet spin hugs. He would for sure be an overprotective father looking out that his family was never in harm. Plus, he would make sure to do amusing activities with your guys’ youngster well educating them in the best way.  

Hyunsik would give you that perfect eye smile of his when you tell him the news and whisper in your ear I love you reminding you why you fell in love with him in the first place. Your child is sure to be a very talented young one being his father’s offspring and all. Hyunsik would do his best to make sure his family was happy and healthy. He would want nothing less, but to be an amazing father and husband. Lucky you.

Peniel that cheeky boy would be in complete distress at first not really sure what to say, do, or take the news. Then he would catch you off guard and pull you into a passionate kiss letting you know that he is happy. As a father, he would teach his child much about sports and a bunch of randomness. He would probably put his child’s happiness first over education, which is not all bad, but you might have to be the strict one in the relationship. No doubt about it your child would be spoil. Your little family is charming and full of life.

Ilhoon would be a little odd at first when you tell him, keeping up a good poker face. Don’t take it to heart though because the poor boy is just evaluating the situation, but the fact that he has you and the opportunity to raise a child with you would excite him. He would be a calm, stern, and quiet dad. Ilhoon would make it his life to making sure that his family was always healthy and happy putting you two first over him. You are sure to have a simply wonderful life full of love.

Sungjae at first might be in awe, but would be ecstatic that you two will get to say that you have a family. I could see him being a balanced father: pitting education and amusement equally. Your child would grow up to be a fine adult thanks to both of your nurturing ways. Your future would be lovely. You would both enjoy doing stuff as in going on fun family trips, cuddling with the fam during a film at home, helping each other grow up and become the best you can all be. How delightful.


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How'd btob call they're gf?

I`ll use English analogs of what they`d call her. They might actually give their girlfriend an English nickname, wouldn`t be surprised :D


Eunkwang: Just ‘baby’. However, I can see him jokingly calling her ‘brat’ if she was younger than him :)

Minhyuk: ‘Cutie’, ‘Muffin’

Changsub: ‘Honey-pie’, ‘love

Hyunsik: ‘Love’, ‘Princess

Peniel: ‘Sunshine’, ‘bunny’. Unlike the rest of BTOB`s maknae line, he wouldn`t tease her with funny nicknames too often. :D

Ilhoon: Also the classy ‘baby’. ‘Dork’, ‘rebel’ when he wants to tease her.

Sungjae: ‘Psyco’ to tease her, ’shorty’ even if she`s just a few cm shorter than him. But the most common would be ’cutie’.

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What did cube do now?

  1. cube has been telling people that they are fine they are doing fine
  2. cube is expanding to japan and china rapidly 
  3. but the new ceo is laying off loyal cube employees that were appointed by appa hong (which he made a promise to not to) 
  4. people are mad and taking sides 
  5. ihq (aka shady humans that should not be trusted) stepped in for emergency management earlier this month 
  6. people are worried (i mean they totally have the reason too
  7. it seems like ihq and new ceo are trying to get rid of appa hong entirely
  8. pentagon’s mv filming is pushed back 
  9. pentagon’s debut is uncertain now (when can those boys live jfc)
  10. there are also rumors about pentagon having rich chinese investor(s) but it was being denied 
  11. cube said they “will check on it” when asked about hyuna’s comeback plan
  12. will beast’s activities be affected? probz but most of the activities are pre planned too so maybe not that much 
  13. what will happen to btob and clc? do we know? we dont because cube themselves probz have no ideas or plans too
  14. js and noh jihoon are still in the dungeon
  15. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

It was true. His sweet touches made me feel alive and the way his personality was so effortless took my breath away. How could someone be so perfect and not even know it?

Eunkwang and I have been dating since we were sophomores in high school and I couldn’t be happier. However, are relationship wasn’t going to be so simple since we are now seniors and school is coming to an end.  Sure everyone waits for this big moment, but I am dreading it since Eunkwang would be going to South Korea for college while I stay in the States. I know I should be happy that we are both following our dreams, just the thought of being without him makes me feel sick to my stomach.

“Hey beautiful, are you just going to stand there with a stupid expression or get in the car so that we’re not late to school,” pointed out Eunkwang parked in front of my lawn now.

“Right, last day of school,” I responded with a small smile getting into his car so that we can head off.

“Cheer up babe tonight is our prom night,” he retorted placing a hand on top of mine for comfort.

“I’m fine, just a little tired.”

With that response, Eunkwang dropped the conversation and continued his way to school. It was obvious he could feel my uneasiness about the entire situation, but being Eunkwang he will surely do everything in his power to make our last days together count forever.

Ten minutes later and we were already in the schools’ parking lot heading off to class.

“See you at lunch,” stated Eunkwang now walking off towards the direction of his first class.

The rest of the school day I spent it in a state of numbness not really sure how to control all my mix signals. I could see that my vibe was getting a toll on Eunkwang although, he tried everything to lighten up my mood it was no use.

After school I simply went home and took a nap before I had to get ready for prom, which to be honest I am not really looking forward to it.

Around four my mom woke me up to take me to the salon to get my hair, nails, and makeup done. It just seems so meaningless and expensive, but my mom pushed it on me and besides she paid and made the appointment in advance so I had no choice.

When I saw my final results of what they had created I was stunned to see myself so dolled up. I looked like a princess and it sort of made me feel a bit more excited for the dance.

I was seriously jumping in excitement for the silly dance after I went home and got my dress, shoes, and accessories on. If I feel like this I wonder how my handsome Eunkwang must be feeling.

It was now seven and Eunkwang was at the door waiting for my arrival. I got to have one of those fairytale cliché moments where I walk down the stairs looking stunning and all eyes are on me.


The dance was finally coming to an end. Eunkwang kept sliding his hands to my butt during some dances and placing kisses around my body in a sly manner.

“Alright, everyone grab your partner this is our last dance for the night,” announced the DJ. It was a beautiful slow song, and honestly, I could feel his heartbeat underneath my hands and we kissed softly.

He took me to his bedroom, unlike many couples that wanted a hotel room; we were fine with making our own memories.

He lay me down on the bed and took off my clothing piece by piece; lavishing wet kisses everywhere. He took me by surprise, and wrenched my legs apart, as if he couldn’t hold himself in any longer. It wasn’t the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last, but when he was inside me, it felt like nothing else in the world mattered, and we will make it through, no matter the consequences. He whispered he loved me, and the smile on my face was glowing, as we lay on the bed together, curled up in each others’ arms.

Are you guys still active? This blog is amazing u guys are amazing writers. If you take requests, can you write one about Hyunsik and Minhyuk fighting very roughly with each other over you?

Reader’s P.O.V.

“This is too difficult. How do you always manage to hit every key on the piano perfectly?” I asked Hyunsik as he gave me that perfect eye smile of his, while taking my hands and placing my fingers on the correct keys.

Beautiful music then rang throughout the room as I continued to play the piece with the guide of Hyunsik. His body was so close to mine that I could feel the heat from him warming me up like a cozy blanket as I inhaled that perfect scent of musk that is him.

“See, it wasn’t impossible,” he commented once the song was over.

“That’s because I have you. I always have you,” I replied looking down shyly realizing the words I just said.

“That you do,” he stated back lifting my head up so that our lips would meet.

Once I felt the impact of his lips on mine my body transformed into jelly as the butterflies inside my stomach felt as if they were in a wild mosh pit. The kiss was absolutely perfect until the door creaked open and in walked Minhyuk, face red in anger. We quickly broke the kiss to face him.    

“We’re a bit busy right now,” said Hyunsik pulling my body closer towards his to continue the kiss, but Minhyuk in one move grabbed a tight grip on Hyunsik pulling him right off of me and depositing him on the floor.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You knew I liked her and here you are kissing her!” yelled Minhyuk pinning Hyunsik on the floor with all his force as their angelic faces changed to pure hatred for one another.

Wait. Minhyuk likes me?

I didn’t really have much time to think further into the subject when both boys were getting at it, throwing fists around as they shoved each other around.

“Fuck you! Just because you like her doesn’t mean I don’t and that she is automatically yours.”

“What happened to the bro code of not going after the girl one of us said they already liked???”

“What are we, five? That’s stupid, just like you.”

Basically, their conversation went on and on in that manner, yelling at each other as they continued to cause physical harm.

Minhyuk managed to punch Hyunsik right in the nose making him bleed.

I ran between them attempting to stop them, but it was no use they were to strong so I ran out of the room to get some of the other members to stop the fight.

Right away, the other members busted into action grabbing a hold of Minhyuk and Hyunsik.

“What’s going on here?” demanded Eunkwang, furious with his members’ behavior.

“Why don’t you ask that asshole!” yelled Minhyuk attempting to get out of Peniel’s grip to get at Hyunsik again, but failed.

“He is just jealous that _____ likes me and not him!”

Hyunsik’s comment caused all eyes on me as I just looked forward with wide eyes not really sure what to do or how to fix the issue.

“You?” asked Eunkwang surprised.

I just stood there frozen like a deer in the headlights.

“Let go of me,” interjected Minhyuk elbowing Peniel to let go. The poor boy just simply groaned and held on to his side as Minhyuk made his way towards me.

“____ I know I never told you this before because I was too much of a coward, but I honestly do care strongly for you and it would be my honor if you allowed me the privilege to be called mine,” confessed Minhyuk, while holding my hand.

At that moment Hyunsik got out of Changsub’s grip and looked at me with a worried expression upon his sweet face.

“_____ please remember that sweet moment we had on the piano as I tutored you because I know I felt something and I know that you did to. I’m not crazy. I’m just in love,” he stated making me more confused then I already was.

Minhyuk saw the sad expression upon my face because he let go of my hand and stepped back to give me some room. Once more all eyes were on me as I looked at one boy to another not really sure who to choose, but knew I had to make a choice soon.

Sigh. I looked down at the ground and closed my eyes thinking of all the good times I had with one another. All the piano lessons and late night snack wandering around the town I had with Hyunsik. Going shopping and long walks with Minhyuk. Then it hit me how each one made me feel and I was able to identify that sure they were both special, but one in particular always made me feel as if I were in cloud nine.

I opened my eyes and looked up to both boys with an illuminating smile finally speaking up to state my choice.

“I choose…..”

[It’s up to you to decide who you want. ;)] 

Written by Admin Panda