Burn the Night Away || Maia and Phoebe

Maia wasn’t sure how this had happened. Sure, she’d come over with the intent of doing something, but she didn’t think it would get this far. She wasn’t even sure if Phoebe swung that way. So it was normal that she was nervous. She hadn’t been expecting it, not tonight, and it had been a while. Not for the first time, Maia wished that she could have had some practice before tonight. She hadn’t been outright seeking sex. Not the whole time at least. For the first few months, she had been too overwhelmed with the fact that she was dead to think of anything even close to sex. But the novelty of the otherworld had faded, and there had been a dull ache forming for weeks now. It wasn’t even that she wanted sex, not really. She just wanted to be with someone. And the fact that the someone was Phoebe just made everything a little bit better.

And here it was, happening in a strange apartment, so similar to her own but still so foreign, with the threat of Eustace coming home any minute. Eustace, who was really the only reason she was doing this. She didn’t care about Phoebe, not in the slightest. She was gorgeous, sure, but the girl had drowned her and then started a fight. And Maia wasn’t too quick to forgive. That being said, Eustace was looking less and less like the end goal. With every kiss, every swipe of tongue, every needy grasp, Maia was switching her focus from side of the couple to the other. Eustace was nice, and attractive, and probably someone steady. But Phoebe was passion and beauty and love. Phoebe was someone Maia could fall in love with.
Except no, Phoebe was in love with Eustace. So she would not even think about something like that. This was sex, not even sex, though the promise of it was there. This was kissing between friends who weren’t even friends. Maia didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t love. Not even close.

She gripped Phoebe’s waist and pulled her back, placing kisses against her neck and chest. She made her way through the hallway, stopping every few steps to mouth over a new part of her body. When they were done, Phoebe was going to be covered in hickeys, and everyone was going to know who she belonged to. Fuck Eustace, and fuck Heath. When they were done, Phoebe was going to be Maia’s.

She opened the door, and glanced quickly around the room. Small, simple, quite a lot like her own. Except there was a queen mattress instead of a full- undoubtedly because there were two bodies occupying it, rather than just one. The thought of Phoebe sleeping in that bed, with someone else’s arms wrapped around her hit a very unexpected chord with Maia. So when she pushed Phoebe back against the bed, it was with a bit more force than necessary. But really, judging by the way Phoebe’s pupils were blown wide, it didn’t much matter.

“You sure you’re up for this? I doubt there will be another chance to stop.“

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