Westernland by Duy Phan
Via Flickr:
Tokyo Disney Resort is the only Disney Resort that is not allowed tripod to be used inside the parks. This rule really makes a huge disadvantage for photographers to capture scenic moments of the parks. However, the parks does look much much better without tripods using all around the corners. I was really lucky to capture this photo; Since, BTM was momentary broken and it resumed after that, so I was the first guest to enter the queue, and no one was actually at Westernland because of its stop. I placed my camera on the fence and rock structure to capture this image, and since the queue is made by wood, it will shake if guests keep coming to the queue… luckily, no one was there. :DD You can see from my image, people were rushing to BTMRR when I did the exposure. Haha!!! P/s: When I finished taking this image, and few more, I had to wait 20 minutes to ride the mine train. After that, I checked the sign and it showed ‘70 minutes’. So you can imagine how crazy Tokyo Disneyland is!!


Iterations of concept art for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The top piece, by Imagineer Dan Goozeé, reminds me of the American romanticist art of the mid-1800s. In that era, paintings by artists such as Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt commonly depicted scenery in the American West with bold colors and deep shadows.