Boycott Love || Oliver & Anyone

Frustration. Oliver had tried on three different suits that he had rished to Berkhamstead from his closet back home. But without his mother to coach him through tying his bow tie correctly, Oliver’s grown restless and annoyed. After everything with Pixie, anything regarding the Spring Fling put Oliver on edge. Everyone was so hyped up and excited, and all he really wanted to do was go back to his too huge home, cuddle with his cat and lose himself in the crowd of the Kop in Anfield. But all his relaxing weekend plans flew out the window with one measly text message. His life was becoming less and less amusing to him. He was beginning to think that God was playing some sick twisted joke on him.

He threw the useless bow tie onto his dressed and pulled on the buttons of the dress shirt he was wearing and pulled it off. He decided that the Spring Formal wasn’t going to take too much of himself and decided to keep everything casual. He put on a black tank and pulled on a deep necked knit sweater, putting on his black blazer to top everything off. He didn’t care. He stopped caring. He paid no attention to Henry, who was fixing up as well and yelled out a careless ‘see you there’ as he exited the room.

He walked aimlessly around the men’s dorm, not really knowing what to do with himself and his currently depressing state. He found himself lurking the school’s pond, all lit up with fairy lights, making it look a lot less dingy than usual. He had a completely sullen look on his face, but in the silence of the twilight he noticed footsteps and he instantly perked up. He cleared his throat and squinted his eyes, “Erm… who is that?”

First Date || Archie & Erin

All the possibilities of what could happen tonight swirled in Erin’s mind. Strangely and surprisingly enough for her, she was nervous. She’d never been this kind of nervous over Archie before-kind of like wanting to run away but at the same time so excited to see the fellow irish lad. It was nerve-wrecking and made her feel like vomiting but preparing with Dakota helped her calm down a bit and keep her composure. The two spent hours fixing their hair, make up, and dress, talking endlessly and making jokes all the while at it. In the end, Erin had on the red-violet strapless velvet dress she bought the other day that went down to her knees, complimenting her body frame perfectly matched with black high heels, black hexagon earrings, and bangles wresting on her left wrist. Her dark, wavy hair was pinned up with a few loose strands out and Dakota had helped her put on light make up. There were many nights she’d have to dress up back home for some important dinner, gala, or art exhibit opening yet she’s never really been confident at making herself look “perfect”. Either way, she couldn’t do anything now and this would have to do. She tried not to think too much on whether Archie would like it or not.

When she heard the knock on the door she was just fixing one of her earrings. She looked back at Dakota, nervously biting her lip. Archie had texted he was on his way so that was definitely him. Erin went over to her best friend, kissing her on the cheek and wishing her a good night with the yank before going over to open the door. 

Drown Me Out || Self Para

Surely it wouldn’t take long for a guy to get a drink-Archie was really taking his time with it. At first Erin thought maybe they ran out and he was waiting for it to be refilled but it was just taking a long while. She wasn’t the type to really cling to a guy and be nosy or anything but she was starting to wonder. Erin left her spot and went over to the tables where the punch was and Archie wasn’t there. She turned around and went about the area, looking for the blonde boy and squeezing through some of of the crowded places but he really wasn’t anywhere. He probably took a piss or something, Erin thought, giving up her search and was about to go back to the place she said she’d wait. But as the song became more upbeat and the people on the sidelines cleared to move to the dance floor, she saw him. He was seated on one of the cushioned seats, lips tightly in lock with Celine’s, her hands cupping his face, both their eyes closed.

She’s felt a flood of emotions before, it wasn’t a strange occurrence with everything that’s happened to her but that doesn’t mean she’s ever gotten used to it. Her fingers clenched to a fist and her jaw tightened-she wanted to rip them apart and punch the lights out of Celine, even Archie. But the anger was being battled with confusion. Why would Archie do this to her? Profess his love, act so sincere, care so much then leave her to go to Celine?! Maybe he’s finally had enough, Erin, she heard in her head, maybe he just doesn’t want anything from you anymore. “No,” she said, grasping her head. The voices can’t be back. They were supposed to be gone, everything was suppose to be alright. But it wasn’t. Erin turned around from the sight of the two and went out of the place that suddenly seemed too tight, just wanting to drown everything out.

Break her Soul | Self-Para

Callum couldn’t get the stupid text message from the anonymous A off his mind. Erin has already gone through enough. The Irish girl would probably explode any time now. Unconsciously looking at the ground every now and then and running his hand through his hair, he felt restless. A few people were on the dance floor dancing to the DJ’s mix. Callum turned his head looking for Kylie and saw her sitting on the table in the corner of the room. Taking a deep breath, he started walking towards her. Not really sure how to do this, he suddenly stopped. “Callum, take this as an opportunity to pour out what you really feel. You have to do this. Do this for Erin”, Callum said to himself. He was so used to cursing people in his head whenever things went wrong or they didn’t follow what he said but he never really said those things out loud afraid that people would lose respect for him.  "Or else Erin will end up in a far worse place than the rehab centre", the message read. Callum would do anything for Erin right now, the poor girl was finally starting to get better. Gathering all his courage, he slowly continued walking. 

When Callum reached Kylie, his heart was pounding in his chest like crazy. Kylie looked up at him with a small smile on her face. “Hey there Callum”, she greeted pulling the chair beside her inviting him to sit with her. This made Callum feel more reluctant to do this. He hated hurting people but tonight, it was a must. Inhaling one more time, he kicked the chair Kylie pulled out making her jump in surprise. Callum looked at Kylie, trying his best to look furious and pissed off. “You little shit. Do you really think people like you? You’re such a fucking child”, he shouted at her. Fortunately, the music was loud enough and people didn’t look at Callum except for a few waiters standing near them. He could feel Kylie’s change of emotion from confused to hurt. She started to inhale and exhale deeper and tears were running down her face. “You aren’t as great as you think, Kylie. You’re just some spoiled princess always depending on daddy. Fucking grow up”, he exclaimed before heading out the door. Hearing Kylie cry loudly behind him, he started to pick up his pace. If he was really honest with himself, the things he said were true and what was really in his head. Kylie would often forget to bring things for projects and she would refuse to do anything about it except cry in a corner. 

As soon as he got out, he put his hand in his pocket and got his phone. He looked for Erin Heathcote on his phone book and sent her a message, “Is everything okay, leprechaun? Just checking”.