Suddenly, it feels like the grandmasters of the game are purposely pitting Camila and Lauren against each other. The two IT girls of 5h, and eventually, the two girls with the biggest potential to be successful soloists.

IKWYDLS was their way of knowing if Camila would make it. I have a feeling that if that collab flopped, their label would then try to test Lauren’s bankability. (If I’m not mistaken, BTM was recorded for a while before it was released)

But then IKWYDLS soared high, and the label saw that Camila could make it. And the rest is history.

Of course, if Camila becomes a solo act, the label also need another next big thing from their milking cow – errm, I mean 5h – so who’s better suited than the former initial it girl, LMJ, right?

When Bad Things came out, Lauren’s collab with Marian Hill was released soon after. And despite the huge advantage Camila had (radio-friendly genre, rigorous promos etc), it’s like it’s Lauren’s turn to test the waters, and see if she could compete with the rising solo star that is Camila. And she did. Even if Back to Me didn’t trend as much as BT, it was still a success considering it was barely promoted, and considering the genre wasn’t mainstream in the first place, it still made waves, bigger than most indie acts. They still saw the pull Lauren has when it comes to her fanbase.

And now, Camila has just released CITC/IHQ, and it’s perfect timing that Lauren’s collab with Halsey was released. And fans loved it. Magazines are praising Strangers. And we all know that some magazines are paid to hype up an artist or a song. And both CITC/IHQ and Strangers are being hyped af rn.

I know it’s Halsey’s song (and I’m not downplaying her pull with her own fans etc) but Lauren has as much impact in this even as just a feature, and it’s already obvious seeing those mags and articles praising “Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony” etc etc.

Obviously, Camila would still be first priority, since the label already spent a chunk on her. But Lauren’s seemingly paving her sweet way, steadily and surely, so when the time the cow has been drained and milked for all its worth, Lauren would be ready.

This is not me playing along the “narrative” (a much-hackneyed word in this fandom) theories and all.

This is just my observation as a music fan and as a harmonizer.

I’m not complaining though. Camren slaying the world? I’m sold. 👏🏻👏🏻

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Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Genre: Angst

AU: Mafia AU!


“Are you okay?”

“No. No I’m not.”


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You gripped the large bag in your hands as you walked upstairs to your room. You kicked the door shut with your foot and quickly stumbled over to the bed. The multiple glass bottles inside the bag rattled as you set them down. You felt like shit. You hated the world you lived in, and you hated a majority of people in it.

You had called your parents to lie to them that you were leaving for a job overseas and all they said was a halfassed good luck, needless to said you were less than happy and told them to never contact you again. You hated everything. That’s why you went to the nearest store and bought at least five bottles of wine before returning back to the house.

You couldn’t give two shits about what Sehun or Yixing thought as they saw you crying as you carried the bag upstairs, or as they heard the door slam. You couldn’t care one bit. You needed to forget everything, and everyone. You popped off the wooden cap of the red wine and put the glass to your lips. The alcohol burned your throat but it calmed your mind. You sighed as you pulled the bottle away from your lips. Gazing out the window in front of you as you let out a sob.

You had managed to go through a bottle and a half within an hour or two, you didn’t know nor did you care. Despite your drunken state you began to put the bottle to your lips and drank. You gulped down the liquid as if you were dehydrated. You sighed and pulled the bottle away from you, the memories of being forgotten and being treated like shit came back to you. You picked up the empty bottle next to you and chucked it at the wall, watching as it shattered into tiny prices against the flat surface.

You didn’t even register the sound of your bedroom door slamming open. You barely even acknowledged Chanyeol’s presence, the only sign of you knowing was your eyes flickering towards him for a split second. You didn’t want to see anyone. You didn’t want to talk. You didn’t want to be yelled at. You didn’t want to exist.

You could see Chanyeol in front of you, his hands on your shoulders as he crouched. His mouth was moving but you weren’t listening. He waves his hand in your face and you finally hear what he’s saying.

“Y/N? Y/N? Oh my god! Don’t ever do that again, it sounded like a gunshot. But why is there an empty wine bottle? Why do you have another in your hand? Y/N are you okay?” Chanyeol’s mouth spewed questions left in right but you only understood the last question.

“No. No I’m not.”

“Why? What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? My life is what’s wrong! For fucks sake Chanyeol, my parents hate me, I’m no longer in contact with my parents, I’m in a fucking mafia, my life is complete shit and I hate myself. So that’s what’s wrong. Now please, leave me alone….”

You couldn’t help but get angry, You just couldn’t do it. You sighed and looked at Chanyeol as a single tear rolled down your face. Your eyes showing pain and sadness while his showed worry. Chanyeol grabbed the bottle from your hands and set it on the ground. His large arms enveloping you as he pulled you close to him.

You broke down crying in Chanyeol’s arms while he comforted you. Your tears made you sober again. Eventually you passed out from exhaustion, the stressfulness had caused it. It was the first sleep that wasn’t restless, when you awoke the next morning you felt horrible because of the hangover.


You sat at a large mahogany table, nine other men surrounding you. Each of you had a folder, the layout of the building, the plan, and more was what the folder contained. You looked at Jongin nervously and he gave you a small smile, calming your nerves a bit.

“I have to go to a party with a bunch of rich people including our target, Kim Joohyun. Mr.Kim deals mainly with drugs and human trafficking. As all of use know, I will not stand for human slaves in my territory. He’s going to be at the party which is held at his home.”

Junmyeon paused and looked you dead in the eye before he continued to speak, “From the information that Baekhyun and Jongin found, he’s going to have a new purchase. This time he has a mother and her child in the 6th room on the left of the 2nd floor. Y/N you need to seduce him and take him to the 7th room, where he will be vulnerable. While he isn’t paying attention take out your gun and shoot him, make sure it has a silencer.”

You nodded your head. You focused on the papers in front of you. A mother and her child are being held captive, you thought bitterly, a child has to go through such intense torment and is barely even alive. You could hear Junmyeon telling everybody what they had to do; Chanyeol had to disable the cameras, Sehun and Minseok would be Junmyeons bodyguards and would take out Mr.Kim’s bodyguards. You looked up and saw Minseok staring at you, you gave him a thumbs up to show that he was going to do great.

“Junmyeon, I understand that bringing Y/N along is part of the plan but there has to be a reason why she is there.” Jongin pointed out a flaw Junmyeon had missed, making the leader stop in his tracks. “I tell them that she’s the CFO and the others couldn’t make it because they were too busy or sick.” Junmyeon replied after a minute. It sounded believeable.


The sound of light chatter surrounded you as you stood next to Junmyeon. All of the guests were unaware that the cameras had been shut off, they were unaware that you had a gun with a silencer on it in your purse, they were unaware that Junmyeon, Sehun, and Minseok all had guns on the inside of their suits. None of the guests knew about the mother and child only a floor above them. None of the guests except the four of you.

You put on a faux smile as a middle aged man approached you and Junmyeon. You recognized his face almost instantly, Junmyeons grip on your shoulder tightened.

“Ah Junmyeon! Long time no see!”

“Hello Mr.Kim.”

“Who’s the beauty standing next to you?” Kim Joohyun looked you up and down, his lingering eyes making you shift slightly before you spoke. “Hello Mr.Kim, I’m the CFO and Junmyeon is my boss.” You spoke with a slightly higher voice to seem more innocent. You could feel Junmyeon remove his hand from your waist and continue the conversation with your target.


The moment Mr.Kim was alone was the moment you decided to pounce. You are a predator and he is your prey. You slowly turned the conversation more sensual, touching his arm or hands; slowly dragging him into your trap. As you walked on the second floor you began to count the doors before coming across the room you were meant to.

You instructed Mr.Kim to turn around while you undressed, when in reality you were getting your gun out before you began to put the silencer on it. Once the silenced was secure you turned around and pressed the gun to the back of his head.

“Au Revoir, Kim Joohyun.”


The moment his body hit the floor, you put your gun back in your bag and walked away. Outside the bodies of his bodyguards were bleeding out onto the floor. You looked up and saw Sehun and Minseok smirking at you, you gave them a thumbs up before walking to Junmyeon and making the excuse that you felt sick.

As the four of you walked out from the house, a calm atmosphere settled around you. You felt relieved, glad to have saved someone’s life despite ending another’s. As you slipped into the van that Kyungsoo was driving you couldn’t help but say what everyone was thinking.

“I’m glad that the mother and child are safe.”