WIP - for the fic Beneath the Jacaranda (by @geertruis)

If Fallout 4 was a Movie

Now I did a little digging and I had some recommendation. This is my personal opinion after all of that, so if you think of someone that you think would be better let me know! I tried really hard on this so be nice please. Here we go:

1. Emily Beecham as Cait - Beecham (28 Days Later) is an English-American actress from Manchester, England who has Irish heritage. I think it’s important to keep heritage similar at the least. Her eye color doesn’t match though ):

2. Eli Roth as Paladin Danse - Roth (Inglourious Basterds) has played tough guys before so he could kick ass as Danse. Little thin in the face but he’s got the “look.” Believe me when I saw it was hard to find a look alike for Danse. I was kinda feelin’ Ben Affleck too but he don’t got them eyebrows.

3. Anne Hathaway/Marion Cotillard as Curie - Personally I think Hathaway (Princess Diaries/Les Miserables/etc) looks more like Curie (except eye color) but Cotillard (Inception) might be the better bet seeing as she is French and her eye color matches.

4. Damian Lewis/Alan Tudyk as Deacon - Lewis (Band of Brothers) wins the look-alike contest HANDS DOWN. However, I recommend Tudyk (Firefly) because he is an American actor and he is known for his humor which is Deacon’s most distinctive quality.

5. Danny Shorago as Hancock - Sorry I went lazy with this one. Shorago (ACTUAL voice actor of Hancock) is so unique and crazy, I literally cannot imagine anyone else playing him. He is in a comedy group but has never professionally acted (to the best of my knowledge).

6. Krysten Ritter as Piper - Ritter (Breaking Bad/Jessica Jones) is the singularly best person I can think of for this role. She has a wide acting range and vocal ability, she could be an awesome Piper.

7. Lance Gross/Frank Ocean as X6-88 - UGH I had such a hard time choosing and I am still stuck between them. Gross (Tyler Perry…) and Ocean (singer/songwriter) are both 6′0 so that didn’t help make it easier. Gross has more of the body but Ocean has more of that pouty face.

8. Orlando Bloom as MacCready - Sorry after I saw tumblr user robert-joseph-macready my mind was stuck on him; LOOK AT THE PERFECT RESEMBLANCE! Bloom (Pirates of the Carriblean/LOTR) has that similiar boo-boo face even though his eyes don’t match. Oh well. Ppl will still drool.

9. John Boyega/Brandon T. Jackson as Preston Garvey - Boyega (Star Wars VII) is a new and young actor so might not be the best choice (but looks alike), whereas BTJ (Percy Jackson) has a similar likeness overall.

10. Tommy Lee Jones as Nick Valentine - I almost co-starred him with Sean Bean but we all know how that would’ve turned out. Jones (MIB, Batman Forever, etc) is famous for his role of being a snarky yet serious old dude that’s a bad ass. Plus it’ll be mostly CGI anyway.

 I see you in every single good thing—in the flowers that push themselves through cracks in dead, grey sidewalks and how the air tastes after a long rain and the sighing sound the wind makes as it goes running down the road, barefoot and proud and alive just like you. Everything you touch becomes warm. You are the sun, and I will love you forever.
— [BTJ: October 9th, 1944]