A slur is not deemed a slur based on reflexive use. A slur is a slur when it’s used to describe others. If you’re “reclaiming” it involves it’s use as a blanket  term, thus it’s use on others, you’re using it as a slur.

Queer is not an identity. It’s ambiguous nature applies it to anything from an aesthetic to a pedophile. 

Queer is a slur. 

Queer’s target is homosexuals. 

Attempting to “reclaim” it if you are not L/G is to appropriate it. To use it when you have no right to it is to use it as a slur. 

Queer is not a blanket term. Nobody fucking asked you to make it one. 

To perpetuate it as a blanket term is not “progressive work.” It’s to ignore the history of an oppressed group, and it’s to ignore the wishes of many gay individuals in order to make yourself homophobic in the latest socially acceptable way. 

Dear BTIA+, the word is not yours to call me. Dear straight women with pixie cuts and flannel. It’s not yours to call me either. I know for all of you it’s been applied to you a few times. For the former I’m sure you felt validated as hell and for the latter I’m sure you were embarrassed or whatever. 

But none of you get it. None of you ‘get it’ as in understand, and none of you ‘get it’ as in get to use it without being on the same level as any other homophobe. None of you get it. 

It’s not yours to call me.