btho tu

One of the greatest things I've ever read. BTHO tu!

‘twas the night before the big game and all through the south, 
not a student was sleeping or leaving the house. 
The student section was tidied with care, 
with knowledge that a great game would soon be held there. 
The Aggies were all asleep and in their beds,
while visions of touchdowns danced in their heads. 
12th man towels were ready, and TanneSwope too, 
a life long rivalry soon to be through. 
When up from college station arose such a clatter, 
Aggies leapt from their beds to see what the matter. 
When, what to his wondering eyes should appear,
but the fight'n Texas aggie 12th Man, Aggie band, and yell leaders were here.
With a proud Aggie spirit, so lively and quick, 
he knew in a moment this wasn’t a trick. 
More louder than death valley their voices they came,
They whooped, and they yelled, and they called them by name;
“Sing the Spirit, the war hymn, make them regret that they came. 
Farmers fight! Farmers fight! Let them leave in pure shame. 
From the top of our lungs 90,000 strong call, all for the 12th man ,12th man for all!