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Some Great Things I Saw Tonight

So tonight I was at a protest my university (Texas A&M) was holding against Richard Spencer. Keep in mind that I was only there for about an hour because I had a final at 7 pm but this was going strong from about 3-9pm at LEAST. Anyway here’s some great things I witnessed first-hand:

- so so many black lives matter shirts

- trans voices matter shirts

- a lady who had to have been at least 90 with a rainbow sign

- a huge dude walking around with a boombox on his shoulder blaring MLK Jr’s I have a dream speech


- a sign that said “love may trump hate but I sure do f*cking hate Nazis” (that may have been my favorite all evening)

- a huge group of people in uniform, white and poc, holding signs that said “veterans against racism”

- I watched a guy dancing (very skillfully) with a Mexican flag around his shoulders for a solid minute before I realized hey that’s my friend

- people were in outrage because Spencer was speaking in the Memorial Student Center, which was built as a memorial for students who fought in WWII. There were a lot of signs yelling about that.

- two friends, one Jewish and one a black man, telling off one of the like five Nazis in the crowd

- people adapting traditional yells from football games for the protest purpose (BTHO Racism was popular) we used the pass-back signs and everything

- did I mention my anthropology professor was holding a sign that said “anthropologists for cultural diversity”

- a guy set up in the street playing old protest songs like “Ohio” on guitar

- so much drumming it was beautiful

- it was clear that this was a faculty-approved protest. I saw a lot of professors there with signs representing their departments with snazzy sayings. (Again, anthro was REPRESENTING they had a ton of people)

- like I said, some people had finals at 7 pm. They were lab finals, and for ochem alone that’s like 1,000 people. So a lot of people had to leave when I did, and they were passing signs to people they didn’t even know who were just showing up after their finals. We were like on shifts.

- while waiting in the building for them to let us into the test room, there were all these breathless people walking in shoving pride flags and Mexican flags and signs back into their bags and pulling out their books to cram because they blew off last minute studying to protest

- this is just what I saw with my own eyes. There’s a lot of great stuff on the campus snapchat story and things I’ve heard from friends. I know that only ~60 people showed up to hear spencer talk and of that group many were protesters that snuck in and stood silently with signs the entire time.