ANOTHER THING!!!!!!! taylor cares SO MUCH guys about each and every one of us!!!!!! like when meeting her shed literally talk and chat and ask questions and just HAVE A CONVERSATION and even though we ran literal HOURS late she didnt rush or anything, she just took her time with each and every person and made sure they got to say what they needed to say and ive honestly. she cares so much about every person she meets and appreciates everyone so much i honestly love taylor more than anything in this entire world. i just canntoir fjklbse;iowj’Q

• the 7 Second Challenge was phil’s idea: he shared the credit with dan

• phil won creator of the year BY HIMSELF: he wanted to share the award with dan

• Truth Bombs was phil’s idea: he shared the credit with dan

do not even try to tell me that phil doesn’t love and appreciate dan as much as dan loves and appreciates him

✨ minimalistic succulents wallpapers  ✨

three colors * quote or no quote  * universal size

I’ve recently reached 10k followers (omg thank you so so much) so I made these to thank you for following me and just as a little celebration. Hope you enjoy ;) 

Click one of the links below to download a JPG file:


▪️  yellow

▪️  black

▪️  pink


▪️  yellow

▪️  black

▪️ pink

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