On Monday, I attended the “Cocktails and a Fitting” event hosted by Wacoal and b.tempt’d to get a bra fitting by a Wacoal expert! Best.  Experience. Ever! Wacoal –The leading intimate apparel brand—Held their event at the fabulous boutique style hotel– Prescott Hotel in San Francisco’s Union Square. Yes, it was wet and cold outside but it was all warmth and smiles in the cozy suite. There was lingerie galore, beautiful people and yummy cosmos to go around! After getting my first official bra fitting, I was pretty much amazed about how much I didn’t know about my correct size.  As I went through the different styles, I finally found one that fit like a dream!! I choose the Embrace Lace Bra in black! Not only did the fabric feel very luxurious and comfy, it was the correct size and had all the makings of my perfect bra!

I also chatted with Liz Smith is the National Spokesperson for Wacoal America, Inc. She is known as “The Bra Lady”, and is incredibly knowledgeable about bras and bra fit. She trains consultants to help women find the perfect for their body! Below are some of the top tips I learned from her.

  • 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong sized bra and should be fitted once a year.
  •  A bra should be worn once and then washed to extend her lifeand after washing and wearing a bra 100 times she needs to be replaced.
  •  The average woman has 27 bras in her lingerie draw and wears the same 2 bras repeatedly
  •  Most important tip I learned from the fitting – You must have a “Bra Wardrobe”.  These 8 bras should include:
  1. One seamed bra
  2. One seamless, unlined bra
  3. One contour bra
  4. One strapless bra
  5. One T-Back or racerback bra
  6. A push-up or minimizing bra (depending on your figure type)
  7. One sport bra
  8. One drop dead sexy bra

 Also on showcase was their new shape wear piece, the iPant. Pretty much a shape wear dream.“The iPant incorporates Novarel Slimâ, a new nylon microfiber constructed of tiny, porous capsules that contain caffeine, a well-known stimulant that increases blood flow and has fat burning properties. In addition, Novarel Slimâalso includes Retinol, Ceramides, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera as active ingredients. Novarel Slimâ reacts to the natural friction created between the garment and your skin during wear, releasing active ingredients and overtime visibly reducing the appearance of cellulite. The technology is hypoallergenic and will remain effective up to 100 washes.” See, I told you!

Big Thanks to Wacoal and  b.tempt’d for this amazing event!! Be sure to check out their upcoming events–they are always having fittings across the country!!!

I can’t wait to get my new Embrace Lace bra!!

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