I can’t stress this enough- go see the new ghostbusters movie. Sony took a big risk, doing this movie, and I and so many of us love it so much. It’s so amazing to have female unsexualized action heroes, but it has received so much hate  and is currently not doing well at the box office. Right now the budget is $144 million and the box office is only $75.4 million. This is really bad. If it doesn’t make back its pretty large budget, the sexist, racist internet haters win. Sony and other movie companies won’t try to keep making movies starring funny, unsexualized, likable, kickass women. So please, please see this movie, several times if possible. Even if you didn’t like the comedy or preferred the original- that’s fine- please help give us a future with more female heroes. Arguing with haters on the internet or showing our love here on tumblr won’t show the filmakers how much we love this movie- only ticket sales can do that.

Abolishing Gendered Slurs*
  • Feminists:We need to abolish gendered slurs
  • Man:*uses the word slut*
  • Man:...
  • Feminists:That fucking manwhore. He's a fucking dick. He didn't even fight back that girlyman. I hate fuckboys.
  • -
  • *only when it applies to women

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There wasn't just a spanish inquisition, it was a small part of the concept called "Inquisition". It is not an evil concept, it's the agenda that makes it evil. Like the spanish inquisition. Also the monty python joke wasn't at the expense of the people who suffered from it. Isn't it a little far-fetched to brand bioware as antisemitic? I don't want to come off as offensive, my family is jewish but I don't care much for religion

anon, of course there were multiple inquisitions. but let me be very clear with you: which one is the most famous? and do you really think that christian organizations that were created to deal with heretics didn’t end up fucking over the local Jewish populations?

the Spanish Inquisition is the most famous Inquisition in popular culture. it was also horrendous and absolutely devastating to the Jewish community, particularly the Jewish community in Spain.

calling an organization an “Inquisition” is a reference to an irl concept/organization that was directly responsible for the large-scale torture and murder of Jewish people.

you’re playing semantics and being an ass. the Monty Python joke confirmed that the devs knew they were referencing the Spanish Inquisition. it’s a joke, and i understand this. it’s the fact that they acknowledged that the Inquisition of Thedas is based on the Spanish Inquisition, a well known, absolutely horrendous irl antisemitic organization, that i’m not okay with.

it’s not far-fetched to say that basing an organization that you must lead, build, and grow and framing it positively when its concept is based on a real organization that murdered and tortured Jewish people in the thousands is antisemitic.

normalizing and sanitizing concepts that are responsible for murdering thousands of Jewish people in acts of genocide is inherently antisemitic. recognize antisemitism in media for what it is and criticize it appropriately.

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How dare you equate the use of gypsy to n***er. Gypsy has not be used offensively in at least 100 years in the US. Gypsy does not even get used to refer to a racial or ethnic group anymore. Black people are still abused and mistreated today and have the n word used abusively toward them. Shame on you for diminishing real current racism.

You’re really fucking wrong on that account, my dude. 

I have literally been spat on, shouted at, cursed at, and followed whenever I wear traditional clothing. I receive countless threats and hateful messages on this god forsaken website that throw that slur in my face (as well as others) almost every day. 

Anti-Rromani racism is real, current, AND immensely problematic. In fact, at least Black people have the benefit of anti-Black racism being mainstream and discussed. When Rromani people try to discuss anti-Rromani racism, we get shitheads like YOU trying to sweep us back under the rug. Go fuck yourself, bro. 

Hello everyone ! I’m finally back ! I’ll try my best to catch up all my late….I’m sorry if I miss something in the news or tweets but I’ll try not to miss anything ! Thank you for the support ! It means a lot to me !
(I’m sorry that my blog was gone from the 14th July to the 18th July but it got suspended for an unknown reason but as I had a little bit of Internet I managed to stop the suspension ! I’m again sorry…)

Bonjour tout le monde ! Je suis finalement de retour ! Je vais essayez de faire de mon mieux pour rattraper tout mon retard…Je suis désolée si j’oublie quelque chose dans l’actualité ou les tweets mais j’essayerai de ne rien oublier ! Merci pour le soutien ! Ça signifie beaucoup pour moi !
(Je suis désolée que mon blog ait disparu du 14 Juillet au 18 Juillet mais il a été suspendue pour une raison inconnue mais comme j’avais un peu Internet j’ai réussi à arrêter la suspension ! De nouveau désolée…)

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hi, i hope i'm not bothering you, but what are some signs of emotional abuse?? i think i might be in an abusive situation and idk i thought maybe you'd know some of the signs or whatever so i figured it couldn't hurt to ask for some information, cause i definitely don't want to start saying it's abuse unless i'm reasonably sure that it is bc i know that's just an insult to all actual abuse survivors so yeah idk

i can’t speak for every situation anon, but usually when you’re questioning if something was abuse, that’s a sign that something might be up.

emotional abuse is very common. and even if your abuse wasn’t “severe,” it’s still valid? for emotional abuse in particular, it’s often more about how smaller instances that don’t necessarily qualify as “abuse” on their own build up over time to create an abusive pattern/dynamic.

that being said, here’s a few posts i have that might help you out?

if you’d like to talk to me off anon, just let me know! i can always give u my opinion ^_^


[Images: Feed Nova Scotia sign that reads, “our food supply is critically low. please donate.” second image reads, “we are critically low on food. Nova Scotia, we really need your help. If you can, please consider organizing a food drive or picking up some extra items at the grocery store. Here’s what we need: canned meat, soups and stews, canned vegetables, cereal, pasta, pasta sauce.”
End images]

Feed Nova Scotia, the official food bank distributor of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada (under Food Banks Canada) has depleted most of their food stocks. Many grocery stores in the province are providing food bank donate stations, as well as slashing the prices on items on the Needs list to make it easier to donate.

As per their Twitter, they state they would prefer outright food donations over monetary, but monetary is always welcome, as are baby-themed items such as infant formula, baby food, and diapers.

If you are able to donate to Feed Nova Scotia, please do! I will be providing a link to their site below (and please pardon the ugly link, I’m a mobile user). If you cannot donate, please consider signal boosting this, as they are asking for all the support they can get.



Samurai Jack Panel Info 

Show moved to 2017 

Evil Cults &  Childbirth  in the first clip animated 

S05 will have 10 episodes as a 5 Hour Movie

This time we have one really big story for jack - we could tackle more of the drama of his storyline"

it’s going to be action-packed & very cool

A prototype of the opening sequence of is shown.

Gennedy showcasing prototype ideas for the aged Jack

The series will take 50 years in the future. It was originally a film, but became a new season

Adult Swim has no limits

The Scotsman is planned to return

A fan ask did if Sym Biotic Titan could return. Gennedy’s response: Never say never.

Gennedy got someone who can replace Aku  TBA


“Ulsanbawi” Music Video by M&D.

Le Clip de “Ulsanbawi” de M&D.