Art Style Appreciation!

I’m calling it that because the art styles I have attempted to imitate are by people who are amazing and fantastic artists whom I look up to and as well as I consider my friends. 

By all means this is not everyone who I look up to and/or are my friends. I only had time to choose a few. Perhaps when I have the more free time, I’ll attempt to draw in more artists’ art styles.

I really hope I did your art style justice! The art styles are as follows:

1) @red-eclipse-moon
2) @fnafandmore
3) @confusedbutcreative
4) @ickyrainbows3245
5) @rosepetalbones
6) @inverted-mind-inc

The one on the far left is my own art style that I placed for comparison.

I don’t own the art styles that are numbered above, they belong to their respective artists, but I do own my BTD OC Teo Dominic Lucia.

i’m out of my head of my heart and my mind
‘cause you can run but you can’t hide, i’m gonna make you mine.

tbh this picture wasn’t even supposed to happen and it took me sooo damn long to finish 
so i suck at backgrounds and its supposed to be an alley with streetlights 

Strade belongs to @gatobob
Vincent belongs to @electricpuke