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Audience questions. Sorry not sorry..

Questions for Victoria: [ victoria-wirth ]

  • “I’m happy for Victoria. She seems to be enjoying herself and I haven’t see her do that before. Plus she is sleeping with one of the hottest guys at Poise!” So Victoria what is it like sleeping with the hottest guy at Poise and how come its taken you so long to let your hair down?

Questions for Logan: [ logancreerp ]

  • “Logan has a tendency to fall for girls who are in relationships. But then when they’re single he doesn’t want them anymore. Maybe the whole “want what we can’t have” is his thing?” Care to explain Mr Cree?

Questions for Sam: [ sammylheart ]

  • “Sam doesn’t seem to know when she has a good thing going, destructive should be her middle name. Doesn’t she know if she ruins things with Kade this time she wont get him back?” After everything you and Kade  have been through do you think its smart to be playing around with other boys?

Questions for Mini: [ mini-stratford ]

  • “Mini should really let loose sometime, being that up tight all the time must get tiring.” How do you keep such a professional head a;; the time? What is your favourite down time activity? Morgan doesn’t count.

Questions for Daisy: [ daisy-langdon ]

  • “With Daisy’s past sneaking up and finding her again where does that leave Mason? She should let him know what is going on or he might just take off again.” Miss Langdon… The past is always a thing that we try to run from, how do you expect to run from this and keep it from Mason? Where in fact does it leave him?
  • “Daisy has been un-usually quiet… Wonder what’s up with her?” So?

Questions for Morgan: [ morgansterling-btc ]

  • “With all the action you are getting around the office how do you ever find time to actually get any work done?” Do tell, I think we all want to know where you get your energy?
  • “If Morgan had to choose between Victoria or Mini to marry, I wonder who he’d choose.” Pretty self explanatory, what say you?

Questions for Matt & Hannah: [ hannahia & matt-delancy ]

  • “I think it’s great to see Matt and Hannah still going strong.” What is the secret to a successful relationship in this business?

Questions for Veronica: [ eroticawithveronica ]

  • “You write a lot about sex. But who here have you actually slept with?” Interesting question, we haven’t seen you blossom yet.

Questions for Carson: [ carson-wright ]

  • “Carson is so hot. But he doesn’t even try to be a playboy or a womanizer. How is that possible?”  Someone seems to think the only way to get some is to throw your weight around, how do you do it?
  • “I see some great chemistry between Veronica and Carson. I just want them to do it already!” Can we expect to see a little action?

Questions for Erin & Kelly: [ erin-ellingson & kelly-fenton ]

  • “Erin and Kelly need to have sex with each other ASAP.” Is there any possibility? What do you both feel for each other?

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