shoutout to all my non-kpop friends who respect that I like kpop and who aren’t racist and judgemental about/towards it

Watch the how-to of me doing this ‘Highlights and Brights’ colour application on Periscope (search Anya Goy to follow). Hurry, re-play ends in 17hrs!! Click here to watch:

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Love love love

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Big News

The 4 week weight loss challenge is done! I’m disappointed I had no loss at my last weigh in, considering how my Saturday went and good I was with nutrition on Sunday. But there wasn’t a gain!

I took second! 

I’m happy with that because I really was thinking I wasn’t going to be in the top three. Those measurements are my overall change since starting with herbalife. That’s my coach Melissa. She has been very supportive and very instrumental in my lifestyle change. Thank you Melissa! 

Next up? Might as well keep going and go for an even bigger prize! BTC!

Body Transformation Challenge. It’s 8 weeks long. I’ll have 8 weeks to transform my body (total body weight % loss, best female before/after body sculpting, best female under 40 before/after, female grand champion) and hopefully win big money at the BTC payout in September. I’m going to need a lot of focus, and determination. I already know I have the support system around me. 

Also, I made it 4 days with no caffeine! Well, no coffee treats or pop. I broke down last night and had a pop. But I’m on another two week stretch of no coffee treats and had no pop over the weekend, which is when I would normally indulge and have extra. Go me! Making a lot of positive changes in my life. It’s just the right time. 

How to:

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Recapping the past season of Behind the Cover and looking forward to the future.

Questions for everyone:

  1. How do you feel about the new faces around here?
  2. What is the most unusual thing about you?
  3. Hottest office romance?
  4. Tell us a secret no one else may know about you?
  5. Who are you least closest too and why?
  6. Your most embarrassing moment this past season?
  7. Do you have any party tricks? If so what?
  8. How do you enjoy having your entire life on camera?
  9. If you could re do anything from the past season what would it be?
  10. Last but not least what do you see for you in this new season?

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