Hey all!

Sorry for being a little absent around here lately. Things have been busy on all fronts, between cons, commissions, and moving! But, to make up for it, here are a few doodles I’ve posted to my Twitter, plus a photo of one of the biggest recent additions to my life!

Everyone, meet Bubba! He’s a 6 year old German Shepherd mix, and he is probably the best decision I have ever made. Expect lots more doodles of him, haha. He’s been keeping me busy, but once I’m all done moving I should be back to updating here more regularly. :)

In the meantime:

My Etsy is, as always, open! If you’d like to support my work consider picking up some goodies as Christmas gifts! New things get added periodically even if I don’t always post about them here.

Bring Them Back! Is still well on track! I’m setting the release date sometime in Spring 2016. The script is getting a huge overhaul, but I think you guys will really love the results.

I also have another exciting announcement that’s getting its own post, so stay tuned!