Batman: The Animated Series: On Leather Wings

Here’s a still and palette from Batman: The Animated Series in honor of being on Batman: The Animated Podcast today. I was thrilled to talk to podcast host (and friend) Justin Michael about color use in the episode “On Leather Wings” (featuring Man-Bat). 

Check it out on iTunes and subscribe if you’re a Batman nerd. There are already a slew of fun and interesting guests and and I’m pumped to be sharing the episode with Andrea Romano the casting director responsible for some of my (and perhaps your) favorite cartoons including this one.


Earlier this week I chatted with Andrea Romano for a couple hours about Batman. She’s a legendary VO director and one of my all-time heroes and I forgot to take a damn picture! Thankfully @pjancy snapped one from the booth. She’s the best at her job and a very cool human to boot! #throwbackwhenever #BTAP

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