Bigger Than All 3 Blog (Bio) 

We are a #younglove couple with parallel passion for all fields in design. Both resides in the beautiful city of San Francisco and have much pride in what this little city has in its 7x7 streets. Eduardo Zambrano (L) is currently a merchandiser manager/ stylist and is building his career in the fashion industry to become a world renown fashion editor. Derrick Prodigalidad ® is currently a senior project manager in the hospitality industry and is making his mark in SF city in one day opening his own successful restaurant. Not only are we well rounded in design but we are accompanied with the one and only beautiful super model Kate Moss…. well kind of. We have a young dog-daughter who’s  a French Bulldog, and as you guessed her name is Kate Moss. We both agree her name is quite suiting for our artsy family. 

BTA3 is a blog simply about our family and our everyday style. We want to inspire many fields in design, and be inspired. We can only hope this blog grows bigger than all 3 of our passions in the design industry.