KEVIN EASIN: Is there one car that stands out for you down the years? Your colleague in rock-and-roll Chris Rea is mad about the 1961 Sharknose Ferrari in which Phil Hill won his championship.

GEORGE: I loved the Mercedes W196 from the 1950s (driven by Fangio and Moss), the Lotus 25 (driven by Jim Clark in 1962) and Lotus 79 (the 1978 world championship-winning car for Mario Andretti), the Brabham BT52 (Nelson Piquet’s world championship car of 1983) and the Brabham BT46B (the infamous fan car banned immediately after Niki Lauda won the 1978 Swedish GP) and the McLaren MP4/4 (in which Senna and Prost won 15 of 16 races in 1988).

-Interview with The Times, March 2000


01 — The boost gauge is a sign of the 1.5 litre, turbo GP formula, what a goody it was…

02 —- The Brabham BT52 BMW took the world title in Nelson Piquet’s hands in 1983, the cockpit shot is a BT53 during the ’84 British Grand Prix weekend.