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For anyone wondering about the whole Jeff thing, here’s a post explaining wtf happened.

Jeff is a guy from billboard/interviewer who is cool with BTS. So today there was a podcast with his 2 friends. His friends said the DNA MV was “’tacky”’ and “”adobe premiere effects”’ ‘”low budget.”” They said Namjoon looks like 14 year old in the video. They dissed Jimin’s voice and imitated it in the worst way possible. They made fun of JK’s english (him saying charlie puss). They made fun of V’s voice. And you know what, Jeff, an intellectual, who is supposedly cool w/ BTS and supports them, did? HE JUST SAT THERE DOING NOTHING. He didn’t say anything back. Worse, he laughed. I don’t know if that was a laugh of awkwardness or agreement but he did, nonetheless. 

If you want to listen to what exactly they said: 

dissing NJ, jimin’s voice, jk’s english

Armys found the girl’s twitters and found out they were gonna diss BTS from the start. If you see their previous tweet, they were throwing shade towards BTS. 

BTS doesn’t deserve this disrespect, I don’t know where tf to start. We aren’t doing better on some of the charts too. I’m not sure if billboard top 100 is even possible, we only have like a day (or some hours?) left to stream. I really hope we’ll be able to achieve it. It’s their dream, to enter top100. If you’re still reading this, please keep streaming. Stream harder.  Please RT if you see this, spread this. We need to win. 


happy birthday to our sweet namjoon!
thank you for being our galaxy 


happy birthday to our dearest jungkook!
thank you for being you 


‘The sand storm was kicking up so hard, and I just remember laying there, buried waist deep in all this gear, I remember I was inside the helmet, and I just had this great moment of gratitude. What a privilege it was to be able to be there playing this guy, with the calibre of people I was working with. I just say ‘Wow man, what a cool deal. What a cool suit, what a great crew, what a blast. Tony Stark.’  – Robert Downey Jr – Iron Man Behind the Scenes