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ID #32529

Name: Sofia
Age: 17
Country: Portugal

Hello! My name is Sofia and I’m a female from Portugal. I don’t know many people with the same interest as me and I’m very shy and introvert so that’s why I’m writing here.
So about me: when it comes to music I have a weird music taste. I like twenty one pilots, Melanie Martinez, Panic! At the Disco, Troye Sivan and those are the ones I can remember now. I like kdramas and kpop (surprise, surprise BTS are my favourite). I like to watch movies and tv series. Marvel and animation and some musicals. Doctor Who, Supernatural, Riverdale, Sherlock, Shadowhunters, Game of Thrones, etc. I like to read. Mostly fantasy. I like harry potter, everything written by rick riordan, the mortal instruments (haven’t read the prequel nor the sequel), john green books, etc. I also like anime and various youtubers.
I don’t have any talents, or at least I haven’t find mine yet. I can’t draw and I envy (in a good way) people who can. Same thing when it comes to dancing, playing instruments, acting, etc.
I speak Portuguese fluently and I think my English is pretty good. I’m trying to learn Korean by myself so if you would like to help me in any way, please e-mail me.
I would like to get to know asian culture since it’s something that I’m not familiar with and I’m interested in it. Also idk much about other countries and I would like to know.
I wouldn’t like snail mail. It’s expensive to me. I would like to “move on” to instant message at some point. I would prefer someone around my age and with some interests in common so we could have good conversations and not only small talk.
Oh and btw I’m fujoshi. And a big fangirl.

Preferences: People between 15-25 years old


“[+35;-0] I feel like they’ll go for a long time. I was surprised seeing how they call their dorm “home”. They live together in the dorm very freely and look like a real family.”

son of a ceo

how did seokjin keep that secret for a very long time?

i find it amazing how he still persevered to be a part of a boyband despite this. going through a hard time training, staying in a little dorm with 6 other boys, having a limited budget (possibly) despite his financial status.

kim seokjin is one of the most perfect examples of humility. he never bragged about being the son of a ceo, he even treats members food, etc. where can you find a man like that? an idol with such talent, such beautiful face and an added bonus of being a son of a ceo?

anyway, hours ago, twitter blew up and the amount of jin on my timeline was unreal. it was fun until i realized that he was never talked about this much when it comes to his talent. it’s kind of disappointing how some “armys” are now appreciating him because of the issue. maybe that’s one step to them finally appreciating jin because of his talent? i hope so. i hope we talk about him because he’s talented, humorous and funny, and a caring member, and not because he’s the son of a ceo.

also, please do love each member of bangtan equally. it’s all or nothing when it comes to them. xx


56 / 365 days of my sunshine (feat. Tae)

Along The Boardwalk


Summary: They always said Kim Taehyung had a you-shaped hole in his heart.
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff + light Smut, Skater Boy AU
Word Count: 12,819
Author’s Note: Inspired by those Taehyung left version concept photos and mainly sparked by a conversation I was having with @an-exotic-writer so naturally I drafted this as a token of my love and no I am definitely not writing this because talking to Missy certainly does not give me heart problems whatchu mean. I’m also tagging @kimvtae because we were screaming about the concept of a skater boy Tae together.


You’ve always had a very peculiar habit of being drawn towards the things you couldn’t even imagine yourself doing—although you could argue that’s exactly why you found yourself naturally gravitating towards them in the first place. Unlike most people, who might have been taken by an envious desire to take on certain challenges and obstacles that were most likely out of their league, you found a natural peace chasing after something you couldn’t quite obtain yourself.

Maybe it was your own self-awareness or the fact that you never felt confident enough to branch out towards something that was so clearly on the opposite end of the spectrum from what you were normally use to. You’ve always just been content watching other people take on their passions while you remained on the sidelines with your own hopes and dreams and aspirations. It always excited you to see people participating in their interests—so much so that friends would always humor you that it was always the people rather than the activity they were indulging in that drew you in towards them.

That’s probably why you accepted your best friend’s invitation to leave your apartment for once and drive down to the pier, taking refuge across one of the many skateparks that planted themselves across the oceanfront, beyond the cool sand and ocean breeze of spring. Jeon Jungkook always reprimanded you for rarely having the time to come out and see him perform his new spins and flips, which is probably why he seems much more animated than usual at the prospect of finally getting to show off these new skills to you.

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