bt pranks 2

BTS REACTION: Pranking him pt 2

Rap Monster: Namjoon already had a serious fear that you were going to leave him due to his job so when you jokingly brought it up, it really made him really upset. He would start to overthink things, asking himself of this was real.

“I know it was a joke but.. do actually want to be here? Because if not, the doors over there.”

Suga: You thought it would be funny to see how Suga would react to you pretending to break up with him over text. His reaction would immediately call you over and over, only to get a laugh out of you. You finally answered and told him you were joking. 

“So is that what our relationship is to you? A fucking joke?” 

Jin: You had told Jin you needed some time, meaning that you needed to get some work done but Jin thought of it as breaking up. You then would tell him that you weren’t breaking up with him but it caused a riff in your relationship. 

“We need to learn better communication if this is going to work between us.” 

J-Hope: You told J-Hope you were going back home for the holidays and you remembered how he had purposely turned all your white shirts pink so you thought it would be funny to get back at him. You told him you weren’t going to come back home and needed to move on and J-Hope would lose it. You told him it was a joke but it wouldn’t changed his attitude. 

“You think that’s a joke? That wasn’t funny. Our relationship isn’t a joke okay?” 

Taehyung: You texted Tae to tell him that you were leaving and what you meant by that was leaving your place to go see him. Well, Taehyung thought you meant leaving him and he would start freaking out. You then explained to him it was not what he thought which really made Taehyung think. 

“Is it healthy to nearly lose your shit over something like that? Like am I overly attached to you?” 

Jimin: Now pulling this kind of prank on Jimin is just down right evil but you wanted to see how he would react to it. He would go into complete shock, not moving from his spot where he sat. You could see tears forming in his eyes. You would rush to him and tell him it was all a joke. 

“What made you think that was going to be funny? I love you and you treat me like that?” 

Jungkook: He would be rather confused as to why you wanted to break up. You couldn’t keep a straight face and he would catch on, still being a little frustrated at the fact you thought this was a joke. 

“I love you but we need to really talk about these jokes. They’re not funny, they’re mean.” 

BTS Hidden Camera Prank pt.2

A/N: ok so this is the part where you reveal to them that it was just a prank and you really don’t want to break up.


“Guys, please let me go tell him it was just a joke!” The boys all realizing that maybe this wasn’t a great idea to try and prank Namjoon. “Yeah, go, go.” You quickly ran across to the other studio. You opened the door and Namjoon looked up at you. “What? You said you’re part.” You walked over to him holding his hands. “Please, don’t be mad at me.” He looked down at you confused as you held a hand to his face. “What else could you possibly have to say to make me mad?” You tried to figure out the best way to tell him. “The boys, made me.” “So you broke up with me because the boys told you to? They made you do this?” He got angry, almost wanting to leave and find them all. “No, that’s not exactly it.” “Then what is it?” He looked at you impatiently, waiting for an answer. “I was just kidding, it was a prank.” He looked at you with his jaw dropped, not fully comprehending. “Surprise!” The other boys came rushing in and he quickly covered his face in embarrassment as you puled him in for a hug. “I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to do it!” He reluctantly smiled, pulling you in for a kiss, but not letting the boys off the hook too easy for the prank…


“Babe I’m not letting you just..” Jimin stopped when he walked into the studio filled with a crew and a bunch of screens. “What the heck is going on?” You looked around, not knowing how to respond. “Well, the boys, kind of thought, I should prank you.” You gave him an unsure smile and he looked at all of them, not sure if he should be mad or relieved. “so, you don’t actually want to break up?” You rushed over hugging and kissing him. “No! Of course not!” “Thank god!” The others boys laughed as Jimin kissed you, quickly pulling away to scold them. “I’ll deal with you all later.”


“Don’t hate me.” You buried your face in his chest as his arms wrapped around you. “I don’t hate you, I just want to know why you’re feeling this way.” “No, you should really hate me.” He stepped back, pulling your head from his chest. “Why?” You sighed as you looked to the floor. “The boys made me. They wanted to prank you.” A smile crept across his face as he began to laugh. “What? You think that’s funny? I thought you were going to be so mad at me for going along with it.” He pulled you back in for a hug, kissing your head. “Jagiya I could never be mad at you. It was just a prank. Now, them.” He pointed to the boys sticking their heads in the door. “I’m gonna go deal with them and I’ll be back.”


“Please, can I go in and tell him?” You pleaded waiting for the boys to get their fix with seeing him suffer. “Okay, now you can go.” You walked in and saw him pacing the floor, his face in his hands. “Babe. Are you okay?” “Why does it matter? We’re done remember? You can’t do this anymore, so don’t.” You walked over wrapping your arms around his waist. “Babe?” He sighed as he tried to hold back any tears that were threatening. “It, was a prank.” His head quickly snapped up and he pulled you away to face him. “What?” His eyes were so wide and you couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah, the boys made me do it. I’m sorry.” He began jumping up and down, smiling and cheering. “You’re not mad?” He stopped, rushing over to kiss you. “I could care less about the prank. I’m just happy that I didn’t actually loose you!”


“What do I do? Like he doesn’t believe me.” “I guess just go in and tell him he was right?” The boys and camera crew didn’t know what to do. You slowly walked back into the studio. He looked up at you with a half smile, unsure what to do. “So?” “Well, I have nothing to say to you.” “Oh come on babe. Why are you being like this? I take you seriously! I just don’t understand why you would want to break up?” “Like I said, I really have nothing to say.” He sighed not knowing what to say. “Because, you were right.” He looked up at you smiling. “It’s a prank?” You smiled shaking your head. “I knew it!” He walked over giving you a kiss and hugging you. “Did you really think you could trick me?” “I thought I could try.”


“Guys, I can’t believe you made me do this, I’m telling him right now.” You ran into the studio wrapping him in a hug. “Please don’t cry. I’m so sorry. They made me. I didn’t want to. But, please just stop crying.” He looked up at you, wiping his tears in confusion. “What?” “It was a prank. But I didn’t want to do it. I knew you were going to be upset, I’m sorry.” “A prank? They made you do this? This isn’t funny at all. I thought you were serious.” He chuckled a bit, letting you know he wasn’t as mad as you had originally thought. “I know, I feel terrible. I’m sorry.” He pulled you close to him kissing you. “I’m just happy that I didn’t actually loose you. I love you, event though you did just make me cry like a baby.”


As you walked back in, he just looked at you in confusion. “Please, can you just explain? I don’t get it.” You walked over and laughed at the look on his face. “Is it funny? Let me in on the joke, please.” You held his waist as you kissed his lips. “That’s just it. It was a joke. The boys had me prank you.” He quickly laughed falling to the floor. “Oh my gosh. Really? That makes me so happy! I love you so much!” “You’re not mad?” “Mad? I love it! You really had me convinced!”