bt graphics challenge

‘surrender’ movie poster: requested by tehcharissard

for five years, they’ve lived across the hall from each other, but never spoke. the first time they speak is the night his girlfriend breaks up with him and she’s stood up on a date. they spend the entire night talking and soon he finds himself falling for her. he can never find the nerve to tell her though. however, things take a strange turn when he’s killed in a car accident, but finds that while he is dead, his spirit is not. in death, he begins to fall even more in love with her. with some help from some other wandering spirits, he learns to move on, he must let her go. but can he? 

‘red flag’ movie poster: requested by anonymous

in a futuristic world, a single government has taken over and controls what is left of civilization. outside of the city walls lies destruction. inside though, things don’t seem to be much better. people are homeless and starving. rumors of a rebellion begin when four strange men arrive, making promises to help the people. the four men are only known as pestilence, war, famine, and death. however, whether these men intend to do good or make things worse remains to be seen. whichever it is, people are choosing sides and war is imminent. 

‘this is how it goes’ movie poster: requested by nothing-but-fire

diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a man is forced to look back at his life and question if he’s made the right choices. to him, the diagnosis only seems like the latest thing to go wrong in his life. after attending a support group, he meets three men, each diagnosed with a different life-changing disease. sick of being held back in their lives, they decide to pack their belongings and travel. together, they set out on a whirlwind adventure across the globe, hoping to reclaim their lives.