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imagine bts as dads | ☁

request: Hi I’m wondering if you can plz do a bts as a dad au - @kookietrash101

a/n: OMG I’m so sorry for not finishing this earlier 😅 I’ve been so busy and such. Again my apologies, I hope you enjoyed!


• he’d be the most loving dad

• showering kisses 24/7

• he’s the type to tear up and take loads of pictures when his kids go to school for the first time

• b r a g g I n g  r I g h t s

• “look at this. my child won first place”

• teaches his kids how to make delicious deserts

• he can never bring himself to punish his kids

• if he does, the worst he can do is a time-out

• will buy anything the kid wants

• “honey, as long as he/she is happy, I’m happy.

• has a ritual of saying I love you every 5 seconds

• “have I ever told you that I’ll love you forever?”


• the intelligent but goofy dad

• looks like a hipster professor

• wants to impress his kid and kid’s friends

• but ends up looking like a dork

• “hey, wanna see a magic trick?” accidentally drops cards

• but other than that

• he’s a genius

• the kid always comes home with an A or A+ from a project

• all with genius namjoon’s help

• wants his kid to be successful

• always supportive

• “dad, I’ve been meaning to tell you this…”

• “I know, and it doesn’t make a difference”


• the laid back dad

• is always appeared to be calm and collected

• even if he’s dying on the inside

• though he’s a busy man

• he never leaves his child out of reach

• does his best to raise his child

• will teach his child piano as soon as they can talk

• reminiscing and telling stories about when he was a famous rapper

• “back in my day, way before you were born, I was so famous my fans sued me because I was talented and good looking”

• since his own dad was strict and tough

• he wants to be close to his child and form fond memories

• will slap some sense into anyone if they dared to comment negatively about his child

• “oh, you think my son/daughter isn’t talented enough? at least they’re smart enough to know they can do better than talk bad about someone”


• the hyper dad

• is the type to cheer out loud at his kid’s soccer game


• others pointing out how much his child and him look alike

• same eye smiles

• straight nose

• flashing smile

• and dimples

• he’s very active with his kids

• the kids won’t be the only hyperactive one in the house 


• for some reason I imagine him being really casual?

• his kids would be such angels

• he’d quickly break up any sibling rivalries 

• no child shall go hungry under his watchful eye

• “eat, it’ll help you grow taller”

• loves his kids to death

• such a soft dad

• would honestly cry seeing his little girl/boy being independent

• doesn’t know how to punish very well


• the type of dad that would do everything with his child

• a true goofball 

• to make his kid stop crying, he’d legit pull his face into the funniest expressions

• would sing his kid to sleep

• “hush little baby don’t say a word~” 

the most extra dad out of all 

• I have a feeling he’d get his kid a bowlcut hairstyle

• would try not to wear his signature white shirts when around his kid


• let’s be real here

• he’d be that really comedic dad

• but at the same time he’d be that one artistic dad 

• would take a million pictures of his child(ren)

• has mini photoshoots in public 

• affectionate af 

• “you see these moles on my arms? if you pinch the middle part, you’d see an elephant. cool huh?”

burns the pancakes when being in charge of breakfast

• his kids would take after his good looks I swear- 

• that one dad that every mom swoons over at soccer matches 

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District!AU - Seven shops, seven owners, all of them mysteriously good-looking, rather close-knitted and pretty god damn talented.

  • jimin: yoongi hyung’s an animal in bed
  • bts: …the fuck
  • yoongi: hey! park jim-
  • jimin: if i had to be specific, then it would be the koala i'm talking about, because he can sleep twenty two hours straight when he’s in bed.