The Sound of Rain

The sound of a drop of rain woke her up. Ahhh, she thought. It just has to rain first thing in the morning. She listened as the sounds of the drops increased; the soft sound of the rain hitting the roof of the castle and the way they slide down the roof, splashing onto the ground. Even though it was quite relaxing, next to her groaned a sleepy Saizo.

“Ngghh…” Saizo groans, still half asleep, reaches out his hand from under the covers to caresses her cheek. “Up already are we?” His voice mumbles.

Mc bit her lips, not wanting to tell him how sexy his voice sounded mixed with the sounds of the rain. Well even if she doesn’t, Saizo can read her face like a book so what’s the point of hiding it?

“I just woke up.” Ms smiled at Saizo, touching the hand that was just caressing her cheek. “We should get up… It’s almost time for breakfast.”

The moment Mc tried to get out of bed to fix her kimono properly, she was stopped and pulled right back into the bed.

“Not yet…” Saizo whispers seductively in her ears. “Don’t leave me…” He grins as he traced her skin with a finger, feeling her body tensed up a little.

“S-Saizo…” Mc blushed and looked away. “Not now… I have to go make breakfast.”

“Do you now little lady?” Saizo then smiles gently, a hand ranking through her hair, but his hands soon stops and he sighs heavily.

Sitting her up, Saizo reached over and closed the gap of her kimono, fixing it properly before the doors suddenly burst opened and a wet Yukimura stormed in.

“O-Oh!” mc startled the moment she sees Yukimura. She then pulls herself away from Saizo and looked away, hiding the blushes on her cheeks.

Being a tense Yukimura like he always was, Yukimura paid no mind to what was in front of him. Or he had no idea what was going on.

“SAIZO!” his voice screams Saizo’s name, shaking the room. “Come on! Let’s go train!” Yukimura’s voice switched from intense to sweet and soft.

“In the rain little lord?” Saizo asked, uninterested.

“what else?” Yukimura smiled cheekily bstore turning to look at mc. “Good morning mc! Did you slept well?”

SLEPT WELL?!?? MC thought as she even blush more, thinking about how WELL she slept last night. Not knowing what to say mc stayed silent.

“Well of course the little lady slept well Yukimura dear.” Saizo spokes before pulling mc in his arm. “I’m sure she always sleeps very well with me. Even if she doesn’t sleep I’ll always make sure she sleeps well.” Saizo then grins at Yukimura.

Yukimura looked between Saizo and mc for a few minutes before his face suddenly starts to turn red.

“GAA-!” He almost screamed but covered his mouth.

Mc sigh heavily, there is never a day where Saizo will never stop teasing poor Yukimura. Whatever was going on in Yukimura’s mind is actually what he is thinking. There is NO way he would be thinking of something else.

“I-I- I’m sorry!” Yukimura then bolt to the door. “U-u-uh! H-h-h-ha-have a good morning!”

And he’s gone, just like that after slamming the door shut.

“Saizo!” MC turned to Saizo and began to scold him. “Don’t you think you should stop teasing Lord Yukimura for once?!”

Saizo frowns. “Now do I…” He says before laying back down on the bed, sighing as he listens to the sounds of the rain.

Mc looked at Saizo before sighing too. She knew how much he hates the rain and it hurts her if she ever leaves him alone on rainy days. Instead of getting out of bed, she slowly lays down next to him in bed and wraps an arm around him.

“Not getting out of bed today little lady?” Saizo asked, his arms making their way around her waist.

“Not today Saizo.” Mc smiled and looked up at Saizo. “You need me here don’t you?”

“Says who?” Saizo mumbled out with a small laugh.

“Says the liar himself.” Mc laughed. “I’ll make you some dangos when we get up. I’ll also make you a rain-ghost so it won’t rain anymore.”

“Are you now.” Saizo grins, pulling mc closer.

Smiling, they both fell back into their deep slumber, entering the world of dreams and the sound of the rain that followed.

Because I just feel like my blog needs some update 😭😭 And sorry for such an edgy/cringe story. And sorry that I’m not good at writing. And no I haven’t abandoned Hearts of Bittersweet Tears.

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