Florence and the Machine at BST Hyde Park this saturday. It was an absolut revelation. I went to five shows of the HBHBHB era and everyone of the shows was amazing but this one top the other shows by far. Somehow they just get better and better. And Florence is the best live performer by far at the moment. She has such a exciting and contagious energy. Florence and the Machine is a must see.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

I’m Goin’ In!

Last weekend I went to my very first music festival, British Summer Time at Hyde Park. I went especially to see JLo as I love her music. It was very cool to see her perform live. I had fun singing along to my favourites, ‘Goin in’ and 'Dance Again. I also got to see Lionel Richie! I love music!!

Shirt and Trousers both by Ralph Lauren

Shoes by M&S

Ear Protectors by Peltor