So I work at a video game store in a mall and across the hall from us is this really nice suit shop. One day one of the guys came in an asked if they could use our microwave (the store they used to go to closed down) and we bargined for use of their bathroom in return since the mall bathrooms are like a 5 min trek.

So for like three months now we just have these men in really nice suits come in and talk while using our microwave and teach them about nerdy shit? Then I, the goblin king in various shitty tee shirts and paint stained pants, walk into their super expensive store and just get greeted with “Yo dude what’s good?” and talk about the pains of steaming silken dress shirts properly and it’s my favorite business interaction every day

me: im having a bad day can u walk the dog rn please i just wanna sjwoer

dad: if u can FINF THE LEASH.

Me: -looks- -gets ftustratef n upsey n anxious tjst im gonna get yelled at -starts sobbing- I CANT LOOK RN WSH CAN U WAIT IM SORRY

dad: w. wjhml. wbare u. crying?@?@

me: IM FINE -loccs self in bsthroom-