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Current and Future Nurblrs

Recently one of my best friends graduated from Nursing school. We started out at the same university together when her dad had to take a new job. We promised to keep in touch and that was 4 years ago.

About two or so weeks ago she texted me and asked me to pray for her because she was taking the NCLEX-RN. Of course I was happy to do so. NCLEX-RN does not give you a score as soon as you leave. Therefore, you must wait 48 agonizing hours before knowing your score. I’m sure the anxiety is overwhelming.

Once she had taken the test she texted me that it was one of the hardest tests she’s ever taken. The test didn’t cut off at 75 like she wanted. At least a third of the test was select all that apply. Every other answer she had NO clue how to answer.

Now, I graduate in December so I have NOT taken the NCLEX-RN. But I’m going to give you the same advice I gave her. (I’m hoping I’ll be able to take my own advice when the time comes!!)

There is no way that you are expected to know EVERYTHING there is to know about nursing.

The purpose of the NCLEX-RN is to protect the public. It is designed to test that candidates are able to provide safe and effective nursing care.

You’ve literally has years worth of knowledge, experience, and research crammed into your brain in approximately 2 years time. If you have to retake the NCLEX, that’s the worst case scenario. Nursing is hard and there is NO WAY you have come this far and worked this hard to give up now.

After a little bit of talking I told her to text me when she found out. She was happy to talk and was feeling a little better about the test.

Two days later she texted me exactly what I expected: “I PASSED!!!!!”

I was so excited for her and so proud that she is now going to be doing the job she’s wanted for so long!

My purpose of posting this isn’t to scare nursing students or potential nursing students. I want people to know that you may have some bumps in the road. You’re going to experience anxiety. There’s a chance you may fail a test. You’re gonna have sleepless nights. Your “A’s” may turn to “C’s”. This isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

Your biggest enemy is yourself. You’re not stupid or dumb. You’re not “not good enough.” You’re not “never going to get it.” Knowledge comes with experience.

Don’t let negativity bring you down.

Think positive thoughts. Give reassurance to classmates. Give yourself a pat on the back when it’s deserved. Remind yourself that in a few years you WILL be working as a nurse. Keep your dream alive.

My hope is that this may be the message someone needs to get them out of a funk and remember the end goal!

My love goes out to all Nurblrs! You are all amazing and smart!!! Keep up the hard work!❤️❤️

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