Hi all.

George isn’t feeling well. Kate is having to make a tough decision.

Money should never play a role in determining the proper care for a loved one, be that loved one another human being or, in this case, feline. Let’s do our part to make her decision a little easier. I’ve seen our community do great things for each other time and time again, so let’s keep that ball rolling.

If you can help out, please click the picture to visit the ChipIn page that I created for Kate & George. No amount is too small and all of it will go straight into Kate’s Paypal account. Time is of the essence here, so please don’t delay.

Please reblog and share the link:

Thank you!

How awesome are you people? So awesome.

$500 was just an arbitrary number that I chose for the goal and we smashed through it. The ChipIn will remain open and active through the day today.

Thanks to everyone who donated and reblogged. We’ve proven once again that through the small input of many we can provide a big help to one.

Here’s the latest update on George. Let’s all send a wave of positive thoughts towards D.C. today.

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Ben Folds Five - Kate (steelopus cover)

This one was simple and fun. Under 2 hours to learn and record it all.

I think it might be my best vocal performance of the entire project so far, which is relatively surprising to me because it’s really at the top of my range for pretty much the entire duration of the song.

(25 down. 15 to go.)