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Ok, this is the first AND only post i’ll do about this whole “ace discourse”.

Many of my mutuals are sticky on this and i’ve read a ton, as I said before i am 100% neutral in this topic since both sides have gave me good arguments and I am still unsure on what sside to be, BUT i need to point at a lil elephant in the room.

Dear ace people, and this is something i mention because i’ve seen it, with all the respect of the world, it’s ok if some of y’all are sex repulsed, but stop treating people who IS sexually attracted like sinful and disgusting, ESPECIALLY gay people.

Making comentaries like (this is quoted) “ whyd u tell yr mom yr gay?? i mean, thats the same as describing how much you love anal sex!! its so graphic!!! no one needs to KNOW that ok?? leave yr bed life in the bedROOM!” is INCREDIBLY homophobic, and yeah, this comment was made by a cishet ace.

Again, i have nothing against ace people but PLEASE avoid being homophobic, those are the kind of commentaries straight people say to us all the time, don’t be part of that problem.

I wanna talk about Hestia for a minute here

As someone who no longer lives with their family, I’ve come to be able to appreciate what that term even means. And I was surprised to rediscover Hestia in a different sense, and to experience her in a different way then I ever have. 

Before, when I lived with my parents and siblings, “family” was kind of the focus of my relationship with Hestia. It was mostly about spending time with my parents, hanging out with my sisters, reconnecting with them after having moved away for a while. I worked on repairing our relationships, because when I moved out I did it on very bad terms. So, I found and experienced Hestia through my loved ones. 

Now, I live with Aubrey, and it’s something totally different. For instance, she is obviously my family now too. But when I spend time with her, it’s like…. well i don’t know. It’s not a Hestia thing. But when I cook for her, when I clean our home, when I knit or sew or we spend holidays together, or even just hang out together, i feel Hestia in a dramatic way. And now, when I spend time with my family, it’s even more meaningful. It’s a purposeful, deliberate gathering together for the express purpose of bonding and just enjoying each others company. 

My point is, before, I feel like I connected with this super….stereotypical idea of Hestia before?? It was more of an mental connection. But now, I’ve found this perfect combination of romantic love/family, and actual family. And I connect with her on a much more emotional and practical level. Now, I can understand when people say that home isn’t necessarily a place, but a feeling, it’s where your heart is. 

And anyways I just love her a lot. 

This is the only post I’ll do about the topic, there’s people who is asking me for my opinion on anon so i guess i’ll take a shot and p much go fuck myself.

Lauren isn’t my favorite SU storyboarder.

They are the funnier one, and i’ll give to them that, they have…something with jokes that makes them simple but funny, that is a point on her favor.

But I don’t think Lauren is my favorite boarder because they have a problem with phasing, I understand 11 minutes is a short time but even in long-term stuffs, Lauren’s phasing is always too fast. I think that was the major problem with the whole Lapidot/Amedot drama, Both relationships went way too fast but the difference is that Amethyst and Peridot one had much more screentime.

Do I blame the whole show because of this? FUCK NO, what I really am bitter about its people blaming the whole crew/show because of Lauren’s troubles. You don’t see people around messing with ALL adventure time because Xayaphone’s episodes are terribly build and awfully written.

That leads me to the question: Why are we like this? yeah, i mean WE as a fandom, when I go to AT’s fandom (I need to clarify is a show i don’t enjoy too much) they always blame it on the bad storyboarders and never in the show as a whole…

I just don’t get it, I don’t think is drama for the sake of drama, is it because the show has a better structure so it shows more? I mean, it could be!

@ummenneske tagged me for a selfie but I look like crap cuz I’ve been doing yard work all day so instead here’s my first and last selfie of 2016! Im tagging @tarinya-quinn @fleshbutt-apocalypse @a-touch-of-tipton @blodbranddod @punkpayton @unchain-the-colours @through-byzantine-hemispheres @just-one-more-bridge-to-cross @we-could-be-starlight and @chaoticlawful. Here’s to the death of 2016

I’m legitimately sobbing. ofc i want Jaemin to get better and he needs to. but this poor bb only got to be part of one song.he’s such an amazing dancer so i hope he gets to be part of future promotions or their next comeback. BUT HEALTH COMES FIRST IDOL OR NOT SO IM SENDING HIM GOOD VIBES SO THAT HE GETS BETTER SOON. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CONTINUE TO SUPPORT JAEMIN AND THE REST OF NCT DREAM OKAY????

I called him a baby but hes literally older than me rip

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mabonqueen  asked:

Can a hearth fire just be a candle that you light daily in honor of hestia? Or can you offer some other ideas for honoring hestia? :)

Hello there! A hearth fire can absolutely just be a candle you light daily! You could also use the following:

  • Oil Lamps
  • Seven Day Candles (because they burn a long time) 
  • LED Candles
  • A Candle that smells like home (for me that’s cinnamon or anything hazelnut)

As for ways you can honor her that go farther than just lighting the Flame, you could:

  • Cook a meal in her name
  • Clean the House
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Put together a puzzle (this has super Hestia feels for me)
  • Eat popcorn and watch a movie
  • Knitting!!!

Basically anything that revolves around your home, your family, or fire are good ideas for her! It’s hard to find historically attested stuff because household worship wasn’t recorded as well as public ceremonies were. And since Hestia is entirely surrounding the Household, there’s not very much information available on her. Go with your gut though!

the ‘First and last’ series

Pairing: Yoongi/Jungkook + side!Vmin
Rated: E
Author: rosiex
Length: 5 parts/stories

A follow-up series to another series about Taehyung/Jimin/Yoongi/Jungkook. This series centers around Jungkook/Yoongi and shows how their relationship develops after it being ‘just them’. You might want to read the other series to get a grasp of what happens. 


anonymous asked:

Can you talk about your relationship with Hestia?

Can I?!? You mean… WILL I EVER

I adore Hestia, because she has brought out this better part of me. I can honestly say that even two years ago, if you asked me how I felt about being tied down, making a home for myself with someone, being satisfied with living in this little town in Ohio, I would have slapped you silly because (like my blog title used to be) I am a Wanderer still wandering. I’ve got so much wanderlust and all I want is to travel everywhere, see every beautiful part of this earth, or at least this continent. I’m a quarter way through my life and I still havent seen the oceans. I’ve been to a mountain range once and I was too young to appreciate it. 

Anyways, becoming closer to Hestia has brought to me a new meaning of home and family and happiness, and I thank her every moment of the day for what she’s given to me. Everytime I crawl in bed with Aubrey, everytime I’m cooking dinner, every time we talk about  our future, every time I realize how much I love this town despite it’s short comings, I say a little thank you in my heart. I’ll always want to travel and have an urge to climb out of my skin to explore new opportunities, but Hestia has shown me how satisfying it is living in the now and being happy with what you have. That is a major part of my relationship with her. 

Also I just finished a little knitted place mat thing for her shrine so that’s nice and I got a cool oil lamp too but I don’t like the way it smells and so I’m considering trying to use olive oil because I gets thats flammable!?!?


[170217] First and last performance_Music bank

anonymous asked:

I was wondering how you give, and dispose of libations. My mom bought soap that is literally named Home and Hearth, and I thought I'd offer that (with other things as a libation), but I'm not really sure how to do it. Also could you tell me what else to put with it? Thank you so much!

Hello there! Because you said “Hearth and Home” I’m going to assume you’re talking about Hestia! If not, let me know and I’ll let you know! 

If youre asking me personally, For Hestia and most Ouranic Theoi, what you’ll do if offer part of a libation to them, and then drink the rest! I feel like maybe this stems from the idea that they didn’t want to waste foods. That’s not historically attested though, at least by me. What I mean is, at the moment I don’t have a source for that! You don’t have to put anything else with it! Although I would recommend maybe a prayer or hymn, of course :)

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