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mabonqueen  asked:

Can a hearth fire just be a candle that you light daily in honor of hestia? Or can you offer some other ideas for honoring hestia? :)

Hello there! A hearth fire can absolutely just be a candle you light daily! You could also use the following:

  • Oil Lamps
  • Seven Day Candles (because they burn a long time) 
  • LED Candles
  • A Candle that smells like home (for me that’s cinnamon or anything hazelnut)

As for ways you can honor her that go farther than just lighting the Flame, you could:

  • Cook a meal in her name
  • Clean the House
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Put together a puzzle (this has super Hestia feels for me)
  • Eat popcorn and watch a movie
  • Knitting!!!

Basically anything that revolves around your home, your family, or fire are good ideas for her! It’s hard to find historically attested stuff because household worship wasn’t recorded as well as public ceremonies were. And since Hestia is entirely surrounding the Household, there’s not very much information available on her. Go with your gut though!

anonymous asked:

Your Daddy is a rape apologist and her stories are abusive. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s abusing you too from the way she spoke to you on those posts. Come find a Daddy who doesn’t want to physically hurt/borderline rape you and dump the trash already.

Look. I really don’t appreciate you coming onto my very friendly blog and introducing your intentionally incendiary, incomplete arguments about my personal life. It’s unwelcome, unsolicited, and hurtful. But I’ll address you. 

Your suggestion itself, while insulting on so many levels, is hypocritical in nature. Where you believe the world exists in a dichotomy of “good” and “bad” that you yourself have determined for me, suggests I have no concept of autonomy or higher decision making faculties. According to your logic, what you’re actually requesting is really only a switch in who controls me? Is that correct?

More importantly: How dare you? Anyone who believes they have the authority to dictate how others interpret and express trauma is a disgusting, delusional excuse of a fellow with common sensitivity and decency. And to insert yourself into a consensual, loving, trusting and healthy dynamic is abhorrent and destructive. 

I don’t traditionally like to swear. I think it’s lazy 1/3 of the time. But it does have it’s appropriate situations. I think you’ve given me one. So from the bottom of my heart, anon, fuck off. 

I’m legitimately sobbing. ofc i want Jaemin to get better and he needs to. but this poor bb only got to be part of one song.he’s such an amazing dancer so i hope he gets to be part of future promotions or their next comeback. BUT HEALTH COMES FIRST IDOL OR NOT SO IM SENDING HIM GOOD VIBES SO THAT HE GETS BETTER SOON. MAKE SURE THAT YOU CONTINUE TO SUPPORT JAEMIN AND THE REST OF NCT DREAM OKAY????

I called him a baby but hes literally older than me rip

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Does this say ‘weird’?

You asked me not to let go

hanging from the top of the building, 

where you let me bleed the night before

The blood in my arms still hasn’t dried

from the scars you left behind,

but this time I put up a fight;

the only thing you taught me.

This time you want my help,

but how can I give it to you?

This time you hold on to my arm,

and this time I let you go.