That one time the world ended and Lee was busy snarking at his dad instead.

There’s no denying that Kara Thrace aka Starbuck is one of the most powerful and compelling female characters to surface over the past decade. She’s strong and independent but is also vulnerable and very damaged. It’s also pretty awesome how the reimagined version of Battlestar Galactica took one of the most beloved male characters from the original 1978 series, and turned him into a badass female. The even more awesome thing is that female Starbuck retained a lot of the traits of male Starbuck. Both were cocky, cigar-smoking, hot tempered, and kickass fighter pilots. Because you know, women can do anything men can do and men can do anything women can do. That’s it. Show developer Ronald D. Moore has explained his decision to gender bend Starbuck was to avoid the cliche of the anti-hero who just so happens to have a softer side. By turning Starbuck into a female character with essentially all the same skills and flaws as her male counterpoint, this reboot of the show was able to both


The original Battlestar Galactica has been remastered in widescreen for high-definition and will be released on Blu-ray on May 12 via Universal.

The cult series will be available in two versions: The Remastered Collection, which includes all 24 episodes of the original series along with the 10-episode Galactica 1980 spin-off; and The Definitive Collection, which features those plus the theatrical edit of “Saga of a Star Word.”

Special features:

  • Over 3 hours of Deleted Scenes
  • Remembering Battlestar Galactica – a 45-minute retrospective documentary featuring cast and crew
  • Episode Commentary with Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict and Herbert Jefferson Jr.
  • Glen Larson on the Creation of Battlestar Galactica
  • Stu Phillips: Composing the Score
  • More to be announced
9x04, 5x16, 4x13, 7x14, 1x20, 3x08, 1x01, 1x08, 7x03, 8x23

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