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could you do an analyze for chuuya and his feelings ect ?

…..Sure!! Thank you for the ask, I’m very honored!! Though I admit I feel a bit insecure when talking about Chuuya since I’m not exactly the most knowledgeable about him.

I think Chuuya feels at home in the Mafia, and that’s very heartwarming. For all the shit we’ve been shown with regards to the Mafia’s shady activities, this dark organization is still one of the pillars of support for Yokohama. We don’t have to agree with their methods, of course, but their army is one of the main forces that keep the city safe from foreign enemies like the Guild, and Chuuya is one of those in the forefront.

In terms of emotional content for Chuuya, I could find more to unpack in the light novel Fifteen than in canon itself. I was particularly intrigued by how Asagiri-sensei tied his emotional development and maturity with his artificially attached special ability. We haven’t got to the dirty details of the experiments carried out at the government facility where Chuuya had been, but I think Asagiri-sensei will give us that because it is an important aspect of the government’s attitude towards special abilities and their users. In Fifteen, Chuuya was pretty much the same as we know him in canon, kinda reckless, kinda short-tempered, definitely strong and independent. Young Chuuya, however, did not have as clear an understanding of choice and duty as he does now. He started off without an identity and a past, and Sheep was his first family. I think he stayed with them because they didn’t care much about his identity, or lack thereof. Sheep didn’t just want a family member, though. They wanted Chuuya’s strength as their shield. Chuuya stayed with Sheep for so long because they gave them a place to belong, but also because of that sense of duty and loyalty. Though in the end, because they both wanted his strength and became fearful of it, Sheep was bound to betray Chuuya.

Emotionally, I think Chuuya was already mature in Fifteen. He didn’t care much for revenge and he understood Sheep betrayed him to protect themselves. And though Dazai made it sound like a deal had been made to arrange for Chuuya’s joining the Mafia in exchange for Sheep’s safety, in the end it was Chuuya’s choice. I feel like this was the first time he made that choice to stay with a family he found instead of doing what was expected of him. Mori and the Mafia didn’t demand Chuuya’s strength in exchange for a place to stay; on the other hand, Mori expressed genuine gratitude for Chuuya’s dedication and determination to be a great leader in the Mafia. Mori’s thought of raising Dazai and Chuuya to become sharpened diamonds shows his genuine hope for them to become valuable leaders to the organization.

Chuuya’s attitude towards his ability is another important aspect of his character. I found it intriguing how Chuuya questioned his attachment to his own body, and even doubted that he was actually human. His immense physical strength also meant he would never have to defend himself at the verge of death, something that usually would make people realize how fortunate they were to be alive. Chuuya doesn’t experience that, of course. He had an abundance of power, which means he’s always in control. However, he feels that power is not entirely his. This is where Chuuya shares something in common with Atsushi: their powers seem to have a life of their own. But while Atsushi doubts himself and becomes fearful of his own power, Chuuya wields it when he needs to, but wishes to feel a bit more human when he doesn’t have to use it. Chuuya and Dazai also share the sentiment of their humanity slipping away, Chuuya due to his inhuman power and the fact that it was forcefully built into his identity, Dazai due to his intelligence and isolation.

Chuuya’s connection with Arthur Rimbaud is perhaps the most memorable thing about him for me personally. For all the shit he’s been through, Chuuya doesn’t blame Rimbaud for making him the way he is. If anything, Rimbaud made Chuuya understand that he was fine just the way he was. He didn’t have to keep questioning how much of his identity was entirely his, because in the end, everyone is just a frame for something (I think what he meant was our body is only a frame for our soul, but I’m not sure). Rimbaud also told Chuuya to live, not as a shield or a tool, but as his own person, with his own will and freedom of choice. Not as a weapon of war, but as a valuable member of the most powerful underground organization in Yokohama, a place he chose for himself. Chuuya’s sympathy for Rimbaud’s dedication and loyalty, his maturity and strength, both physical and emotional, and his willingness to forgive and move on (non-applicable to Dazai) is one of the things I like the most about him.

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Bruh, what kind of expression do you want to see on Dazai's and/or Fyodor's face? What will make you scream? What will break your heart lol


What makes me scream: When they literally do anything. When Dazai wore Fyodor’s ridiculous hat and was a bitch about it. When Fyodor put his hands together in a steeple and that smug I-am-God expression on his face. When Dazai caught Fyodor by surprise. When Fyodor caught Dazai by surprise. When they were “playing” in that basement and each had the best sinister smile on their face.

What will make me scream louder: Fyodor being seriously injured and still with an inerasable smile on his fucking face. Dazai being seriously injured with a meaningful, wry smile (already happened but whatever). Them both remembering what it was that left them broken in the first place. Fyodor actually being fond of someone. Dazai actually sleeping peacefully. Fyodor actually sleeping peacefully. Fyodor describing the first time he killed someone. Dazai remembering the first time someone tried to kill him. Fyodor actually being worried. Dazai actually being lost.

What will break my heart: Same as above. But also, Fyodor with a sad smile. Dazai with a sad smile. Fyodor’s voice cracking. Dazai’s voice fading. Fyodor actually calling out a name in despair. Dazai asking someone not to go and leave him behind. Basically, my entire existence is screaming and getting my heart broken about them D:

Rock The Night Masterpost

Rating: Teen 

Fandom: Bungou Stray Dogs

Pairing: Dazai/Chuuya

Warnings:  Rock Band Au, Slow Burn, Oblivious Idiots, Strangers to Lovers, Battle of the Bands. 


The Deadly Drive Music Fest is the number one musical festival in Yokohama. Only the best of the best can score an invitation—and Chuuya’s band has been invited. Chuuya’s determined to not let anything get in the way of their victory. What could go wrong?


He waited in the eclipsing darkness. The drums began their opening, the echo of each note ringing into the night. Claps and stomps filled the square in excitement, matching the beat. The feel of the bass filled his bones, the beat coming together in perfect harmony. Nimble notes of the guitar joined the melody as adrenaline coursed through his veins. The chants and cries of the crowd became louder—revving up in excitement…calling for him.  

But yet, he waited.

This rush was better than any drug. He could feel his heart beating, his skin tingling as he gripped his microphone in his hand, his platinum ring rubbing against the metal. He stood in the middle of the stage, eyes downcast, fingers adjusting against the mic, waiting for the perfect moment.


Chapter 1: High Hopes