bsc championship

BCS Championship

Wow. I’m speechless!!! For all of the dedication and hard work that the LSU players put in this year, it’s hard to see that their Coach Les Miles threw it all away in one night by keeping J. Jefferson in the game when all of Louisiana could see that he was not fit to play tonight and shouldn’t have played to begin with. What happened to suspensions for wrongdoing. Yep Thank you Miles AND Jefferson for throwing away the BCS in our own state.
I do however want to thank JARRETT LEE for bringing LSU as far as they have come this year. 13-1 season is not bad at all and if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have gotten this far. Shame on Miles for sitting you out when you earned the right to play your last game in the Dome. Bless you Jarrett Lee.
Reblog if you agree…..I’ve lost a lot of respect for Les Miles :(