bsb girls

ew i just (accidentally) turned on E news and they were bitching about boybands/girl groups and saying the reason “none of them last is because they aren’t committed to each other, the relationships aren’t real, and they’re all in it because it’s a platform to get to the next solo album.”


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#32 - TEAM

How to survive long 21 years?

Not many pop groups lasted so long in music industry, for many reasons. At the beginning, many people said the BSB were another pre-blocked, good-looking group made for teenage-hormonal-crisis girls, they said they wouldn’t go far and that their music was just a ephemeral style.

They were so damn wrong.

21 years later, they’re still here and now you can see at least 2 generations in front of their stage. Their music is a style…but an endless style.

Their secret? They’re a team. They put the best of every single in the group, together they’re stronger. They survived thanks to each other.