Beautiful Show 2015 ending ments
translations by: @yongjunna
sources: @tiramisJH & @dreamboys1016 & @YSmile_XD

Doojoon’s ending ment:
Did you enjoy yourself? (B2uty: Yes!) Ah.. I’m really choked up. Now that we’re growing older every year, every day more than feeling flutters, we’re always worrying first, it is always that but yesterday and today (starts choking up) I don’t think of anything and I’m happy, extremely happy. Thank you so much for being with us yesterday and today, I hope we are together for a long long time. I love you.

Hyunseung’s ending ment:
Up till the last song, we’ve sung everything. Ah there’s one song left and it’s time for us to part but for me too now, my heart hurts and I’m shedding blood. Even my sweat is coming out red (due to his hair dye). In a concert venue like this, many people come to find us, always coming from far away for us, loving us, finding us.. No matter how I express my thanks, It’s extremely insufficient. (Fans screaming) What? Eh? Handsome? You’re prettier. I’m always thankful, thank you. Really, Yesterday too and today too. I’m always feeling this way. And it’s not definite that we’re doing a concert every year right? It’s not something that is definite, and whether we do it or not, it’s not something that we can guarantee. Always, every year, whenever we have a concert, that’s when I’m the happiest.

Junhyung’s ending ment:
At the end Junhyung said sometimes people forget what’s precious but Beast being precious to Beautys and Beautys being precious to Beast, let’s be people who don’t forget what’s precious to us. Let’s protect what’s precious. While saying that he choked up in tears.

Yoseob’s ending ment:
Can you show us the slogan event you prepared? “Just like now, we’ll be waiting for you”.. We are always thankful; when we do performances, when we do concerts, no matter what we do, you’re always waiting for us. You know that we’re working hard in order to be able to compensate that wait fully right? In the extremely long wait for our album, you gained an album. Right? And from the first concert we did at Kintex till today’s concert.. Really, Always, always waiting, and waiting again, seeing that my heart always hurts. I will trust in you waiting for us, and we will quickly come looking for you again with good music and stages. To the fans who came today, to the many people right at the back, to the staff who worked hard for this concert, thank you everyone. Thank you for listening. In the future too, I will sing for all of you. Please listen to me. Thank you. 

Kikwang’s ending ment:
Kikwang: (Beautys: I love you!) I love you too. What? Height? You want me to grow taller?
Yoseob: That’s impossible, please don’t wait for it
Kikwang: It’s supposed to be a serious talk but you’re making me laugh. Anyway, this is what I think.. We.. are like lovers, aren’t we? It’s been 7 years. Right? Always coming from afar for us, looking for us, singing for us, being excited for us (source couldn’t hear properly) thank you so much. I really don’t know how to express my heart properly. I’ll just do my best. Whether our throats are good or not, whether we sound good or not… We all think that way. Next year, and the year after.. Will we be able to fill up the venue..? We have thoughts like that.. Thank you so much to those who came. We’ll work hard on being able to come back soon with a suave look. Thank you. 

Dongwoon’s ending ment:
There’s only one song left and we need to say our greetings (goodbyes) but doing that hurts so I can’t start singing that song. Anyway thank you so so much. Even the word thank you doesn’t suffice to be honest.

beautiful show 2015 fanaccounts 2/?
translated by: @98_b2utyy 

Beast: “We know that when YeY Promotions started, there were many disappointments & hard times, so forget all of those moments today.. Take only good memories and leave bad memories here and we’ll clean them up.”
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When Gikwang watched Masked Singer, he immediately knew Prince of the Sea was Dongwoon bc of the way he walked & his height
Source: stin_28

Dongwoon: Let’s just die here today!!
Yoseob: But we have a lot of people coming here tomorrow? LMAO
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Junhyung: (sniffles)
B2utys: (screams)
Junhyung: I have a stuffy nose…
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Q. When do you feel mature?
DJ: I used to shave once every 3 days but now I have to shave once a day
DW: I shave twice a day..
DJ: Sorry..

During Fiction, Junhyung didn’t rap & Gikwang asked if he forgot the lyrics and YJH said “I was staring at B2utys bc they are so pretty”

Junhyung teared up while saying “if its for b2uties, i want to use all of my strength to continue singing”
Source: YSmile_XD & _GK_MJ

beautiful show 2015 fanaccounts 5/?
translated by: @yoseupnet

Yoseob’s mother said that they went to Beautiful Show and they saw Yoseob and fans crying and they were crying too. Yoseob’s mother also mentioned that other than Cube Family concert in Shanghai, there will be other concerts coming up, and the boys’ mothers have the intention of going together. She also said that Yoseob has always wanted to go to China but he has a lot of schedules~ 

Hyunseung: Say yeah~
B2utys: Yeah~
Hyunseung: Say yeah~
B2utys: Yeah~
Hyunseung: I love you~
B2utys: (scream)
Yoseob: Eyyy~ When we say I love you, you all must follow and shout I love you alright~ again
Hyunseung: I love you
B2utys: I love you~
Yoseob: (satisfied) That’s right~!