bs super mario usa

Early in the Super Mario Bros. series, Bowser briefly handed over the evil spotlight to Wart, a giant frog king out to rule the dreamland of Subcon because he’s “mischievous.” Mario and his buddies won by forcing vegetables down Evil Slippy’s throat until he died, saving Subcon and reminding us all that health food = evil (if they’d killed him with cake, we’d be the fittest generation since the cavemen invented “sitting down”). The entire Subcon adventure was then revealed to be Mario’s fever dream, and Wart has been cast aside ever since. Except years later, Nintendo decided that Wart was real, and Mario didn’t dream him up. For some reason, they only mentioned this once – in a 1996 Japan-only sequel called BS Super Mario USA. … The real meat is in the plot, which involves Wart escaping Subcon, invading another dream world to recover and prepare for revenge, and finally re-invading Subcon. So … Wart can’t die, he can jump from dream to dream, and he causes actual, real-life damage (notice how Mario doesn’t wake up when you lose). Not only is Wart real, he’s Freddy Krueger with an army. And Nintendo has taken advantage of this exactly zero times.

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