bs screencaps

There’s obviously a lot to talk about in today’s BTS video, but look at these boxes in the background:

Food Arts Research Technology Systems… FARTS!

My current BS tiny headcanon: Link is a food scientist who creates unique food combinations (inspired by Will It?) for FARTS. Rhett is his hipster husband who is more than happy to try all these foods and give him feedback (inspired by our pleas to feed Rhett).

Today’s BPD character of the day is: Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild

(submitted by alienhovercraft!)

Btw all you stans and antis out there who are saying that you will disavow TLJ/not watch it/jump ship from Star Wars altogether (especially the bnf ones) either now or in the future if things don’t go your way, I just want you to know I’ve taken note and I’m holding you to it and I will mock you mercilessly if you continue to hang around.