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black sails ladies meme // favorite scene/moment: miranda enjoying a moment of happiness while gardening

painted diya from @brianna-lei‘s Butterfly Soup!!!! please please play it, it’s one of the best games out there


“White girls should wear braids too!”
“Iggy is the queen of rap.”
“All lives matter!”
“I wish I could be ghetto like you”
“You mixed?”
“Some parts in the Light Girls docu.”
“I date outside of my race bc black men ain’t ish…”
“All dark skin girls look like roaches”
“Don’t you think that color is a little too bright for you?”

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You can win with Neji if you fought anyone however with Hinata lmao, hell no. Y'all know every fight she's ever been in she ends up getting fucked up I mean that's a fact. "Hamura chakra" you mean the OP SP gave her, wasn't her lion blue chakra why'd they give her purple ? Hinata can't win against anyone face it, she's not in Neji's level or Hanabi's they're powerhouses elite Hinata ain't shit. I like her but her hype is BS, a rock defeated her Pein did too, manga she didn't last 2 mins lmao.


You’re really pressed by this shit aintcha?

Yes, Hinata was defeated as a genin by her genius jounin level cousin who was better at her own style than she was after showcasing a level of taijutsu no other rookie was capable of.

Yes, Hinata was taken out as now a chuunin by a pseudo God who took out Jiraiya, the fifth Hokage, future sixth Hokage, and had the future seventh Hokage dead to rights until she interfered. This totally means she hasn’t grown in ability at all since Kurenai took her under her wing when Hiashi believed the then self conscious Hinata to be lower in ability than her younger sister. Nevermind the same Hiashi declared Hinata Neji’s equal on the battlefield and she then proceeded to outclass him in stamina and byakugan range, and combined her own jutsu with his strongest to amplify its power exponentially.

And lol at you so confidently declaring Hamura’s power up SP’s creation when Kishimoto created him specifically as the link between the Hyuuga and Kaguya and the script of the movie was heavily edited by the man himself and he stated with his own voice to me that its a power upgrade. But stay salty.

“Not like it matters”

What the actual fuck. How the fuck are they going to have a whole show dedicated to music and how it changes lives and how important it is to people then say that rock doesn’t matter. Just because Rock isn’t as big as Hip-Hop or Pop doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It matters to millions of people. It matters to people who look up to those artists. Not like it matters but rock means something to millions of people and has saved lives of millions of people. Not like it matters but fuck you MTV.

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There's going to be multiple parts to this & I'm sorry, I just need to rant, because I literally cannot take this bullshit that is going on in the fandom and it's not even about Larry or the fake baby anymore. It's about the way that they're treating H&all and all this harmful & negative attention they're creating. It's honestly such bullshit, and I literally cannot take it. Their team has literally tried their fucking best to destroy Louis image..

and it’s honestly the most heartbreaking thing that I have ever witnessed in my life, because H&L are the two most sunshine-y people that I’ve ever had the pleasure even KNOWING about, and it’s fucked up how they’re doing this, and I know everyone in this fandom knows (well I wouldn’t go that far.. but the larries and any person in this fucking fandom with some common sense would know something is almost definitely up) *next part will involve baby drama

any person with common sense in this fandom will know something has most definitely changed because of the way the boys (H&L) are being treated in the media. (notice how Niall and Liam are not involved with this. I wonder why) Louis is a family oriented guy and idgaf what anybody says but even if this baby (GOD FORBID IT’S REAL) wasn’t a product of love and was a product of a one night stand Louis would still fucking acknowledge it

people literally are not thinking, and it’s pissing me off so bad. why the fuck would LOUIS TOMLINSON— someone who loves and absolutely ADORES CHILDREN— ignore every single rumor about it and then ignore it two days AFTER it was born? he WOULDN’T. and what’s pissing me off most about this lmao is the people who actually believe everything said in this shitshow INCLUDING the goddamn antis  

like honestly, the antis have been more invested in this baby than Louis himself has, and they’re so ready to go ahead and say this baby is real and is Louis and ignoring the shit that he’s actually doing and his reactions to this bullshit and the way that literally NONE of this adds up, all because they think that it’s about larry, and they’re so ready to fucking disprove that they’re ready to trash Louis character as much as fucking management all the while saying we don’t care about the boys. all the while saying we don’t care about the boys because we are “forcing a sexuality down their throats”. if they had any fucking common sense and actually listen to what was said by the boys (zayn himself included) they’d hear Zayn talking about how shady management was and how he didn’t want anything to do with The Sun because they wanted to make him into something he wasn’t and “That’s not the real me” and they’d hear Louis say “Simon is the big guy and has final say in what we do” .. 

and they just automatically disregard that and come up with “oh zayn DENIED LARRY” zayn is still a fucking ally of 1D he isn’t just going to out them even if they are gay?? and they’ll just disregard those comments because of larry (when that’s not even what it’s about anymore) just to push their fucking agenda on proving Larry Isn’t Real™) and it’s so fucking frustrating because they don’t care about the boys?? and what management is actually doing to them ?? and they don’t find Louis silence on the matter fishy, 

and gOD people WILL JUST BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MEDIA FEEDS TO THEM INSTEAD OF GOING DIRECTLY TO THE SOURCE (L) and they don’t think the automatic and blatant and obvious and trying destruction of Louis character fishy lol because of course he was always portrayed as a party going dead beat dad and God I am so pissed oFF. like I just )):< anyway sorry if this is everywhere hahah I just rly needed to rant thank u 

I literally have nothing else to add, so I’m just gonna say…

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