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it’s so infuriating to see how there’s STILL endless amount of abuse for the yogscast ladies, especially kim. honestly it’s so sickening, it’s all over youtube comments and also on reddit too. it’s not even the fact that there’s that kind of comments because that’s not surprising, the internet is full of trolls etc - it’s the fact that the kim-hating mentality is so popular and well-supported amongst the community - like with literally hundreds of up-votes on those disgustingly awful comments. it’s just completely unreasonable and unjustified (the internalised misogyny is so far up their arses that i don’t think there’s any hope) and kim (or any of the other yog members/especially hannah and zoey) does not deserve any of this!! like honestly, what the fuck has she done wrong?!! not to mention those kind of comments tend to go hand in hand with the SJIPOS circle-jerkers who follow sips like the bible and think he can do no wrong…

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Awww look at B, being a Gwen fan and feeling protective of Blake instead. These are the kind of fans I love. Not being a fan of other one just got the relationship. Being a bf/gf is enough for many of the stans. Love open minded ones. Despite being a BSer, I literally fight off so many Hoefans who bad mouths Gwen on YT. It's so good to love them both. The more the merrier.

I did feel super protective after what ML put him through! I would honestly say I am equal parts Blake fan and Gwen fan these days. I always knew how great Gwen was but, wow, Blake is such a talented guy. He blew me away in concert. Right now I’m sitting in a restaurant with my checkerboard vans and BS hat. 😂 And I love open minds too!

- B