bs civil engineering

I'm a murderer

I got my right thumb (and my right hand actually but the thumb was the one to have a bad fatality) murdered for the 5th time. The tradition of the Last-day-of-the-sem rush is still active.

I remembered the first it first happened at the last day of our (me and my classmates) 1st sem being in the BS Civil Engineering curriculum. We were busy doing our Electrical Layouts then and finishing our laboratory exercises in Surveying.

On our 2nd sem (last day of 2nd sem) we were busy doing our project in Building Construction, a complete plan of a house with additional estimate. I was so angry that time that I had myself comforted by ice cream from Ministop Mendez.  

On the last day of the 1st sem in our 4th year, we were rush doing the Surveyed Road along Kaytapos to Pangil, Amadeo. 

2nd sem of 4th year, I forgot what made us busy during our last day.. My classmates will do the thinking for me, I guess.

And for the 1st sem, being a 5th year student, I experienced the same thing, the tradition of the the last-day-of-the-sem. Because of the SuperDuperLaziness Attack happened to me these past few days, I got my thumb murdered solving and writing problems in Reinforced Concrete and Steel Design. Ye, it was I who murdered my thumb..!