bs advertising

We’ve already told you that Roman gladiators were a bunch of corporate spokesmen cheerily peddling the era’s version of Air Jordans. But even that far removed and ancient time isn’t where advertising started. Consider your humble beer slogan. According to anthropologist Alan D. Eames – a man gloriously nicknamed “the Indiana Jones of beer” – the world’s oldest beer advertisement hails from a Mesopotamian tablet from 4000 BC. It reads: “Drink Elba, the beer with the heart of a lion.”

Naturally, the tablet also depicts a headless woman with gigantic boobs holding two jugs of beer, because sex has always sold, even back when people thought “STD” stood for “Sexually Transmitted Demon.” Moving forward in the annals of history, a wine jar found in the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun bears the slogan: “Life, Prosperity, Health”

It’s no “the champagne of beers,” but it’s pretty catchy.

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