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what do you make of bryony's distaste for youtube(rs) and her continued friendship with deppy? obviously they've all been friends forever, long before deppy went the route of making youtube their careers but i always wonder if there's tension there because B has critiqued "big" yters and the phandom itself. ik i'm basically asking u to be speculative but i guess i wanna know how u think those views affect deps and their friendship w/ B (& wirrow)? & do d/p internalize or agree w the criticism?

I think they probably feel like Bryony’s got more than enough personal firsthand experience with youtube (and with some of the worst sides of it, both based on her own fame and decision to walk away from it, and her occasionally awful treatment by the fandom) to have earned the right to her own opinions. I mean - she was literally senpai to them, both of them list paperlillies as one of their biggest youtube inspirations.  

And I feel like there must not be tension there - or if there is, they acknowledged and laugh through it - because Dan and Phil are so, so selective about who they spend time with. Bryony and Wirrow are the ones they choose to socialize with most regularly, and if Bryony made them feel bad about their success/careers then I don’t feel like they’d continue hanging out with her. 

Basically, I think Bryony must be proud of them on a personal level aside from her opinions on the field in general and Dan and Phil are self-aware enough to probably have a sense of humor about the ironies inherent in their whole situation. 


K: Little one. I just wanted to tell you how very proud I am of you. You did good there, Bryony seems like the most lovely and stunning lady. Then again, it was her who picked you first, I suppose. Which doesn’t mean I’m less proud.

T: Thank you. I’m not sure if I would’ve been brave enough to talk to her if it hadn’t been for you, Kobi. I still can’t believe this just happened.

K: You better! I’m sure there’s ways in which she can help remind you…

T: Okay. Don’t make me take back what I just said.

Hiii! This is the first tag game that I’ve done in a while :oo I’ve been super busy with school, I have tons and tons of concerts coming up and so I’ve been so super tired lately! 

This has been sitting in my drafts for about two weeks and jeez, I’m just like…. why have I not posted this? I dunno. I’m still busy. I also didn’t want to tag anyone at first lmao. but anyways, I was tagged by @nam-tarn ❤︎ who made hers all super pretty! (I, on the other hand, don’t feel like being as aesthetic. ahaha)

Name: Bryony!
Age: 20 (just like you Sera 😊)
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Ult bias: Lee Jooheon, my loveee
Nicknames: Mainly Bry, but I’ve also been called Bee and Brownie through the years
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Favorite fruit: Peaches, pears, honeydew melon, canteloupe, watermelon, and strawberries!
Favorite season: Spring
Favorite color: dark green, dark blue-green, blue-green
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Tea and hot cocoa? I’m not that big of a hot coffee fan unless there’s tons of sugar and cream
Favorite animals: Horses, cats, dogs, cheetahs, eagles
Dream trip: New Zealand, or a Europe tour? I want to travel a little but I’m a homebody ahaha
Number of blankets you sleep with: Not counting the bedsheet, two; a comforter and another lil soft blanket to wrap around my shoulders
Dogs or Cats: Ah! Hard! But cats I think
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When did you make this blog: I think that my tumblr sat empty for a long time before I started using it for rp stuff back in June. Then in December it became a Monsta X blog and then a multifandom blog!

Let’s see, I tag @yeo1, @hyunqvwon, @kingkihyunnie, @wonholyangel, and @pink-kyun! You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or already have~

:・゚✧ TEXT  →  BROLLY 🌂
  • Bryony: Yeah, fine, whatever.
  • Bryony: Not like anything I say will stop you anyway.
  • Olly: Wow, sure glad I'm almost a pro at translating Bryony-speak at this stage of my life!
  • Olly: "Gee, thanks Olly! It'd be good to see your adorable face and get stuck into that ice cream!" 😊😊😊
  • Olly: There are probably a few things that'd stop me, but I won't give you any hints because I really do want to see you!
  • Olly: If nothing else, I'd like to have some of this attitude thrown right at my face - it sort of loses its sting via text.

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🌷 + 🌚 !! X

🌷 = favourite blogs

i was gonna tag some Aesthetic People i follow but like i didn’t want to tag any non mutuals bc i dont wanna b that one weird person u feel

🌚 = talk about my crush
aAAAAA ok ok ok so ??? her name is bryony she’s like five foot ten idk she’s Really Tall and she’s rly pretty and she’s like?? highkey the nicest person i know & she’s so talented ??? like ?? she goes to a proper drama school now (& she still says im good??) also she made me a yellow cake for my birthday last year bc she found out i wasnt doing anything for it and like ?? she’s so so nice and she was lowkey rly gay with me last year and im like ok Eyes Emoji but also As If That Would Ever Happen