We all know that time of year it is…

Shout out to all the nonbinary people who have more ‘obscure’, ‘unusual’, or ‘complicated’ genders.

To the nonbinary people who are told by other nonbinary people that their gender isn’t real.

To the nonbinary people who have to create new words to describe their gender because none of the existing terms fit.

To the nonbinary people who create their own pronouns and are ridiculed for it by trans and cis people alike. 

To the nonbinary people who don’t feel like they fit anywhere, because even the people that are supposed to be supporting them mock them.

I love you all, and I’m so proud of you.


hi tumblr pals!!! this is so strange to say but i wrote my very first book! i’ve spent 9 months working on writing it and am making all of the books myself (printing the pages and covers, cutting them, binding them) which takes roughly 3 hours to do for each individual book :o the process is tedious but i love it because it’s very personal and raw :) anyway, if you’d like to grab a copy you can on etsy here! it’s $10 + s&h and helps me out a lot as a young artist :) if you can’t/won’t pick one up that’s cool, but a reblog would really be appreciated (it helps get my name, *cough* brynn sanders *cough*, out there)! <3

hey i beta tested pokemon go and i have some tips to share with you all:

  • you can use incense and multiple lure patches (on different nearby stops) at the same time
  • if you spin the pokeball around, you get a cute little animation with stars 
  • if you get the pokeball in the colored hoop you get a bonus (”nice”, “great”, “excellent”) which gives you extra exp. the bonus is based on how small the hoop is.
  • pokemon will get stuck on your radar a lot. it’s good to restart your game if you suspect the pokemon is stuck, though usually if you’re moving the radar will at least somewhat correct itself
  • triangulate to find pokemon most efficiently; keep walking around in triangle areas until the little footsteps decrease. usually once a footstep has decreased i keep walking in that same direction
  • that said, i find the best way to approach this game is not to seek out specific pokemon, but just to keep walking in one general area and see what pops up.
  • evolving pokemon usually doesn’t do much to power them up, and most of the time you can just find evolved pokemon in the wild already, so if you’re going for power you can probably just save your candy for when you find an evolved version. the exception is i suppose if you spend a lot of candy powering up one pokemon first, then evolve it, then power it up again, but even then im wary if its worth it
  •  hatching eggs gets you waaay more candy than catching pokemon
  • use your infinite incubator to hatch the 2km eggs if you have them, hatch everything else with your other incubators
  • you can beef up your teams gyms’ by fighting against them, plus you get more exp and badges that way, so do this thing. 


hypocrisy of Jill and Kendall