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Tony stark!

  • sexual orientation headcanon bisexual or pansexual, he’s not picky about what you call him
  • gender headcanon he’s a guy, and sometimes he’s transmasculine
  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon bipolar (like his mom), ptsd, and anxiety
  • 3 random headcanons
    • tony learned to play the piano because his mom was teaching him, but he never really loved it until she had passed
    • tony keeps all the bots he’s ever built, even after their tech is long obsolete.
    • he talks to all his appliances, even the toaster, as if they have personalites

brynndowney replied to your post: people who go to the movie theatres by themselves…

Going to the movies by myself is one of my favorite things to be honest

It’s like you really get lost in it

in theory it seems like it could be nice but also: it’s Dark and there are Strangers Close To U With No Friend There To Be A Buffer and u can’t exchange Knowing Glances when things happen and u can’t be a menace and grab ur Movie Buddy’s Arm when a stressful thing happens and what if the strangers Notice your Existence when u bounce ur legs or cover ur face bc of Movie Excitement u have to sit still The Whole Time also it’s dark and there are Strangers


“I remember getting on the phone with him [Chris Evans] and strongly suggesting that he not shrink away from the offer [of playing Steve Rogers], I said, ‘Look man, you might not like the fact that you’ve played one of these guys before (in ‘Fantastic Four’), but you know, the thing is this can afford you all sorts of other freedoms.’ I also thought he was the perfect guy for the job.”

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Rules: Put your music library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up.

1. The Enemy - Dirty Pretty Things 
2. Bulls in Brooklyn - The Academy Is… 
3. I’ve Got All This Ringing In My Ears And None On My Fingers - Fall Out Boy
4. Get On  Your Knees - Nicki Minaj
5. Behold A Lady - OutKast
6. Cop - Wavves
7. La Cancion Del Tengo - Facundo Cabral
8. What Will You Do When Your Suntan Fades? - Beulah
9. I’m Yr Here-I-Am - Diane Cluck
10. Moves - The New Pornographers 

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1- lights on by shawn mendes

2- a day in falsettoland from the falsetoos revival

3- requiem from dear evan hansen 

4- roses by shawn mendes 

5- money by nathan sykes 

6- mercy by shawn mendes 

7- show you by shawn mendes 

8- totally fucked from spring awakening

9- touch me from spring awakening

10- words fail from dear evan hansen 

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