The other night I had an ‘Orwellian nightmare’ of sorts. I was living in a distopic futuristic society of sorts, everything controlled - kind of like a cross between 'Brave New World’ and '1984’ as well as some other science fiction books of that genre. Anyway, the people in charge 'controllers’ wanted everyone to have a group mentality - free of original and independent thoughts. I was causing them trouble - lashing out and fighting against their tactics, (even saying to them that I had no interest in group mentality and took pride in my individual thoughts). Of course, I was drugged, blacked out for a period of dream time, and awoke without any account of a segment of my dream. Alas, I was still unchanged though, so people were watching me at all times. I bought some fish and large exotic snakes - only to find out that the controllers were sending me messages through them, having the creatures being able to talk to me. I found the creepiest room, where people were having sex to make babies - selective breeding. There was no love allowed - you were partnered to mate with a specific person in terms of genetic makeup. Everything in there was so sterile and emotionless - a laboratory of mating. I got out of there quickly, and eventually found my way out of the controlled world altogether. I freed myself to find that everyone’s bodies were hooked up to machines and everything in that world was just a mental experience. I was able to free some people, and lost a few in the struggle.. and then I woke up.