brynn hazlewood


Edmund: “This is going to make a great place for our baby to play. Lot’s of room to run around and we can build a little play ground over there.”

Brynn: “I’m a little concerned that we’re on an island. What if they run too close to the edges?”

Edmund: “We could get one of those invisible electric fences that comes with a collar.”

Brynn: “I don’t think they make those for children, dear.”


Edmund pulled away and knelt before her as he reached out of thin air in his back pocket and pulled out a black box

Brynn: “Edmund-?”

Edmund: “Brynn, I want to spend every evening with you and waking up every morning to you beside me. I want to spend the rest of my life losing myself in your eyes. Brynn, will you marry me?”

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In response Brynn excitedly hopped up and down incoherently squeeing in what sounded like happiness. (Or maybe it was coherent since simlish is incoherent to me anyway.)

Edmund: “So, is that a ‘yes’?”