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The Edge of Seventeen Tag

rules: reimagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I love backstories and I kept thinking what Brynn was like as a teen. Brynn was always a romantic at heart and that all started in high school. In her small town, Brynn was never one to shy away from standing out. Whether it was her big bell sleeves or her shiny lipgloss or her love for the boys and girls. Prom was all she ever dreamed of and she ended the night as a princess and even got to kiss a frog. Here she is in her normal off dress code everyday look and on prom night.

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Everyone's mad at Brynn but forgets how edited the show is. They're purposely trying to make Brynn look like the only bad one cause they're pissed she left. They did the same with Chloe

dont be fucking stupid

we literally saw it HAPPEN all over social media

thats not fucking editing, we saw it live


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