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Sorry for the wait everyone, the finished Smash Collab piece is FINALLY here! Thank you to everyone who participated, it was hard work but a blast. Most of the individual pieces can be viewed right here on this tumblog, but a list of participating artists is under the break!

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On September 30th 1921 Hollywood film star Deborah Kerr was born in Glasgow.

She spent the first three years of her life in the nearby town of Helensburgh, where her parents lived with Deborah’s grandparents in a house on West King Street. Kerr had a younger brother, Edmund (“Teddy”), who became a journalist. He was killed in a road rage incident in 2004.

Deborah was a ballet dancer,appearing at Sadler’s Wells no less, before switching to acting when she became too tall. The theatre would become her first love, despite her enormous movie success, and she returned to it time and again.

Despite numerous nominations Kerr was to spend her career withonly one major honour ( a Golden Globe) from the various ceremonies she attended, 6 Academy Award Nominations, 4 BAFTA Award Nominations, and 1 Primetime Emmy Award Nomination, her credits would include some fantastic films including, from here to Eternity, King Solomon’s Mines, Separate Tables and Julius Caesar, her costars read like a who’s who of Hollywood greats, Marlon Brando, Spencer Tracy, James Grainger, Hayley Mills and Cary Grant amongst many others.

For me there are two films that stand out for Deborah, the first, From here to Eternity and THAT beach scene with Burt Lancaster, where they were said to have had an affair, and one of my mums favourite films, The King and I, it’s a pity she didn’t have the voice to sing in the film, they were dubbed over, but the chemistry between Kerr and Yul Bymer was a joy to watch, he won best actor, Kerr had to make do with a Golden Globe, her only award in her career.

Deborah Kerr has been described as “an artist of impeccable grace and beauty, a dedicated actress whose motion picture career has always stood for perfection, discipline and elegance.” and in 1994, having already received honorary awards from the Cannes Film Festival and BAFTA she would finally get her hands on a coveted Oscar, albeit an honourary one.

Deborah Kerr passed away October 16th 2007 in Suffolk after suffering Parkinson’s Disease, her husband of 47 years, Peter Viertel died of cancer less than three weeks later.

I was going to post a pic of Deborah Kerr with Yul Brymer but after watching the Youtube tribute to her have decided to go with this very fitting video, the song, My Soul Remembers is beautiful, just like the lady herself.

anonymous asked:

My mom died last april 28th. I've been away from... the whole world since then. Would you please give me some news from our boosh boys?

Oh no! I’m truly sorry for your loss, Anon. I’m wishing you a lot of love, comfort, support, and peace. <3

As for the Boosh Boys, well. They have done a few things in that time! I’ve tried to give you something comprehensive, but I hope if I’ve missed something, somebody will point it out. This should be a decent overview, anyway, and plenty to get immersed in.

  • Julian was in the television series Flowers, with Olivia Colman and Will Sharpe, and it was painful and brilliant and good. It’s also been picked up for a second series! You can see lots of pictures and gifs and find out more here.
  • Julian is also starring in the movie Mindhorn, which just had its London premiere (which Noel, Dave, Tom, Paul King, and others of the Boosh crew attended!), and which is going to be screened in a few weeks at a film festival in Leeds. More info and pictures about Mindhorn are here.
  • Noel was in the film Set the Thames on Fire, which was released last month. You can see more pictures and info about that film here.
  • Noel AND Julian were both featured in the film Brakes, directed by Mercedes Grower, and you can find pictures and info here.
  • Noel was also in The Entire Universe, a Christmas-special musical about the birth of the universe, featuring Professor Brian Cox and Warwick Davis and written by Eric Idle. (Yes, really.) It’s been filmed, but won’t air until the holidays. More info and pictures here.
  • Noel and Richard Ayoade have filmed another episode of Big Fat Quiz, and two more episodes of Big Fat Quiz of Everything have aired featuring Noel. One in a team with Eddie Izzard, and the other as a team with Richard.
  • Noel did this odd but adorable little ad/video with Keith Brymer Jones.
  • Noel was named the Curator for this series of the Museum of Curiosity, and you can find info and links to listen here.
  • He’s also done some other podcasts.
  • Noel did an exhibition of his paintings at the Port Eliot Festival.
  • There’s a new Loose Tapestries album, and it’s awesome.
  • Noel released his live comedy album of An Evening with Noel Fielding, and there was a signing and Q and A for it at Rough Trade. You can find pictures and stories here, and watch a video of the Q and A portion here.
  • There’s a “Boosh Club” exhibition currently on at The Book Club in London, marking the 10th anniversary of the first Boosh tour, and they’re having several events there for fans as well. It features a lot of Dave’s behind-the-scenes photography, as well as art from Noel, Ivana Zorn, and others. You can see some great pics and find more info here.
  • Julian actually took a selfie and tweeted it. And Noel tweeted back!
  • There have been numerous bagellings.

Noel Fielding has a surprise for Keith Brymer Jones!

“Gender parity continues to be a topic of discussion, one we are taking action on in our company.  In the spirit of continuing this important conversation, Omnicom has formed Omniwomen, whose mission is to serve as a catalyst for increasing the influence and number of women leaders throughout the Omnicom network.

”…Omniwomen will host a panel with the five Omnicom network CEOs – Chuck Brymer, CEO, DDB Worldwide, Andrew Robertson, CEO, BBDO Worldwide, Dale Adams, CEO, Diversified Agency Services Worldwide, Daryl Simm, CEO, OMG Worldwide and Troy Ruhanen, CEO, TBWA\Worldwide. They will be sharing their perspectives on the importance of women’s leadership in the 21st century with moderator, award-winning journalist and author Diane Brady.“

At least the moderator is a woman.

I sure hope they really understand the role they all play.