Sometimes, coming up with… unique names for Boys, is a little more difficult. But not with! Some of the Boys’ names that our system produced are:

Stanson, Jasik, Markson, Korlin, Mylin, Stanlin, Dax, Hestoval, D’Vaney, Nikz (With a Z), Estefan, Lemand, Danrick, Lancer, Anthen, Richlin, Lanson, Andreese.

Dareik, Dendrin. Galloway, Keaton, Branlin, Adrey. Chadrick, Laurelton, Vandell, Willton, Colter, Jeffrin, Samilon. 

Brookland, Deenan, Yvonney, Jeffridge, Chadrey, Guston, Devrick, Gallow, Ethlon, Dexton, Clacey, Rearton, Rylin, Racer, Jada, Leslian, Lexter, Erwind, Jacquerie, Jerickson, Jarwin, Conlin, Bryley, D’Vond, Brockton, Cortayne, D’Vitri, Draylin, and Felix!


caleb: “what’s hard was letting briar name our child after a ghost…”
bryley: “caleb! casper’s not so bad and, anyway, it wasn’t on that list you made of names that we could veto…”
caleb: “we could go to the courthouse and change it. it’s not too late. he won’t even know the difference, he doesn’t know what a name is yet.”
bryley: “you know we can’t…*sighs* especially not after what she told us.”


reese felt bad. he always felt bad. and he felt like he deserved it. ronan was right, reese spent most of his time playing video games and killing time. his friends had made something of their lives. penelope and bryley were both married with children, with careers. ronan was becoming a doctor. reese was breaking his top score in his favorite racing game. 

ronan was paying the bills and then when he came home, reese was complaining at him. ronan’s mom had died, he deserved a break. and, anyway, he was right. reese was a waste. he was a waste of space; it was a wonder ronan even loved him.